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One Man + 4 bathrooms = HELL TO PAY

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by BackInVegas, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. BackInVegas

    BackInVegas VIP Whale

    Mar 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report


    Place: Palms
    Weather: Hot, 105 degrees or so. Rained on Wednesday around 4 PM. I was inside for that
    Gambling: Football bets, Craps, Lion Share Slot at MGM
    Casinos: Palms, Gold Coast, Cal, MGM, Golden Gate
    Win or Lose: I am currently a loser, but it ain't over until the Show Shower Lights Fade Away, as my football bets progress, I keep losing more
    New Dining: Cortez Room at Gold Coast, Earl of Sandwich at Palms
    Any other new thing accomplished? I actually rode the Express Bus from Strip to Downtown and back. Rode the new shuttle from Palms to Caesars Forum Shops that started 4 months ago

    Warning!! Never tell your wife that you got upgraded when she is not with you. HELL to PAY!!

    Started off the trip on a bad note. In my Vegas wallet I only had 100s, I forgot to add some small bills before I left. Nothing smaller than a hundred. I ask the cab driver if he could break a hundred and he said no. He had just gotten on shift and I was his third fare. He was kind enough to wait while I ran in and changed a 100. He did not tunnel me, he politely asked me how I wanted to get there, and trusted I would come out with cash. I tipped him 15 bucks for me being an idiot.

    I book my own reservation on my comp but they ask if I want an upgrade? I asked if the room had a pool and was told no. I asked will my comp cover it, and they said they thought so. I thought about it, and finally decided to say yes not having any idea which room they were talking about.

    Just me, four bathrooms, eight TVs, and six phones. A steam room, the Show Shower, a couple jacuzzi tubs, a shadow window, jack and jill bathrooms, walk in closet, bar, and a fireplace. There might have been more phones and I just overlooked them.

    What does 4 grand per night get you? The Celebrity Suite at Palms. How can you not like a hotel room when the final cost is ZERO?

    The safe is well hidden or I just did not look hard enough or, actually, I never looked for it. I will admit that I did not open every drawer or search under any benches or behind any pictures.

    I did not use the Creston controller for the TVs. I used the remotes for the TVs. One TV I could not find the remote so I left it off. I did have on seven of the eight TVs. Some on CNBC, some on ESPN, some on NBC for the Giants - Cowboys game so I would not have to search for them again.
    I did not have any Luxury Sales Assistance. I did not get any nightly turndown service that I am aware of.

    I apologize for the movies. I am wearing my ASICS running shoes but it sounds like I am a giant clodhopper walking around. Maybe I actually sound like that and I just don't know it.

    In the movies it is my actual hand doing all the stunts. I could be a hand model.

    First, you must ring the doorbell for entry.


    I am talking on my cell phone when I hear a sound, I remember saying to the other person, "I wonder what that sound was?" I wander into the main room and someone enters the room and it is the head of housekeeping. Luckily, I am dressed. I ask if she wants to see my key and she responds, "Sir, if you are in here before me, I do not need to see your key."

    Sunday I sort of walk around to get betting sheets and look at the changes at the Palms. I also had to figure out how to make the COMP work as I am now on a computer in the Club Palms and I have to explain to the Club Palms people what to do after the first person explained it to me.

    The new Cantor Sports Book is RED and BLACK. They want you to open an account and do all your betting from handheld devices or from your own smart phone. Which is good for the younger gamblers, but not the older gamblers.

    Non-smoking. That is a plus. I was not there for College Football Saturday, but on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday it was not that busy. To be fair, I did not spend much time in there.

    I decide to eat at Simon's and drink some wine. This might have been a bad idea. I forget what I eat but I drank a few glasses of wine and I am feeling it. Heck, since I am here I should be gambling. And that is when it starts to get blurry.

    I wander over to get betting sheets from Gold Coast and Rio. On the way back I decide to play craps at the Gold Coast. I am pretty sure I wandered back at 3 AM. I do remember almost falling over in the entry bathroom and deciding that I am way too drunk. I also remember that I lost a tad bit at craps at Gold Coast. No one was ever really on a tear but I was pounding beers. What a dumb idea.


    Bad hangover.

    OK, I wake up the next morning at 6 AM Las Vegas time. Amazed I slept that late. Unfortunately, I do not have a COMP ticket for breakfast as I am supposed to get that from Club Palms and Club Palms does not open until 8 AM. I should have gotten it last night, but I am not used to the new way so I just suffer in quiet. OK, I decide to play craps at the Palms until Club Palms opens. I win back a tiny bit of my losses from the Gold Coast. Finally, Club Palms opens and I get a breakfast comp.

    Gotta take a shower after breakfast. Only one shower to choose, the Show Shower. No idea what I am showing, but I had fun figuring out the lights and nozzles. Note to self: When you play with the nozzles and you make them point up and towards the door, the next time you go in with clothes on to turn on the shower you will get wet. The Show Shower can hold eight comfortably.
    The Show Shower Disco Lights


    Ah, clean and revitalized.

    OK, this new way I am being made to get COMPs is a bit of a pain. I have been relegated to penny slot and nickel slot player status until I get re-rated. I have no host as I was an old Sports Book guy and obviously none of the hosts at Palms thought it would be a smart idea to try and recruit the Old Palms Sports Book Guys. I ran into quite a few of the Old Palms Sports Book guys at other Sports Books.

    I meet a new person over at the Gold Coast. Seems to be quite the character. He is a supposed long time Las Vegas resident. Lived in Las Vegas back when the south strip were fields full of jack rabbits. He knows Joe Namath, Mickey Mantle, Mickey Mantle's brothers that are twins, and Pancho Gonzalez. I have been unable to corroborate any of his stories via the World Wide Web. I will have to work on that for the next time I come out to Vegas.

    I go to MGM and play the Lion Share machine. Again, I boosted the jackpot. The jackpot only increased $22,000 or so since January.


    I go downtown to the Cal to play craps and attempt to get on the Golden Arm Wall of Fame. I maintain my streak by remaining on the wimpy arm wall of shame. I take the express bus back to Bellagio and then hoof it over to Caesars to find the shuttle to the Palms.

    As usual, I can never navigate through Caesars. I am fine in MGM, Bellagio, Wynn, or Venetian, but put me into Caesars and my inbred navigation system goes all hay wired. I did run into one of my old Vegas contacts who saw me and was saying my name but I ignored it. He said my first name three times, I kept on walking each time. He then said my last name and I knew they meant me. We chatted about some things and he gave me some scoop that I am working on corroborating about M Resort, Hard Rock, Palms, and Cantor Fitzgerald.

    I finally find the shuttle back to the Palms at the Caesars Forum Shoppes down below. Who knew there was another valet parking area at Caesars? Maybe there are even more. I think I found three in my wanderings.
    Since it was a hot day of walking around, I go back and shower and head over to dinner at Cortez Room at the Gold Coast. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the food, other than the appetizer that was displayed in the beginning. I was a guest of my new character friend at the Gold Coast.

    The Show Shower body nozzles



    This was the first time I ever ate at Cortez Room. I had a Prime Rib, Asparagus, and Mashed Sweet Potatoes. I would order the prime rib and Asparagus again, but I would skip the mashed sweet potatoes. I am pretty sure something else was added to the sweet potatoes because they were really, really sweet. Zero view. Zero cool vibe. Food was good enough, but nothing spectacular. The bill was picked up by my new acquaintance via his comp and I covered the tip.

    After dinner I bid adieu to my new Gold Coast acquaintance and go over to the Palms to watch the Virginia Tech Georgia Tech football game. It is just dead there. No one is there watching the game except me and the bartenders. I drink some beers, lose my money and call it a night.


    Yes, I wake up refreshed and not hung-over.

    The Show Shower Body Nozzle Controller

    I really want to play craps, but there is NO ONE playing craps in the morning at the Palms. It is dead again. Monday morning there were six or so players, Tuesday morning NOBODY. I walked by that table a lot hoping to get a game. I don't like when I am the shooter because I like the social aspect and when it is just me the dealers seem to gang up on me because I ruined their conversation.

    This is the day where I make my decision on my pro football bets. I have my sheets. I check the prices and compare the prices.

    I also make bets at Gold Coast. I remember to use my new Sports and Turf Card or whatever it is. At least, I will be earning comps at Boyd gaming because of my craps play and my football bets.

    There are quite a few craps players at Gold Coast at 7:30 AM. So I decide to join the game. A nice social table. Some fun.

    I do my usual and place a fire bet for the dealers for one buck. I also throw out two way yos on the come out rolls, sometimes it is two way craps, and if the point is an even number, I throw action on the hard way for the dealers. I try to sway the dealers, it makes them more sociable.

    This time, it worked, as the shooter hit a fire bet for five points and gave the dealers $250. Not to mention a couple of yos were hit as were three hard ways for the dealers. The next shooter hits four numbers so that was another $25 for the dealers. I quit after that. I left with recouping some of the craps money I lost on Sunday night, but I am way down because of the Virginia Tech game.

    I decide to not bet at the Palms this year. I found the best bets for the teams I wanted to actually be at the MGM. Even though I despise the MGM from the past, they got my action. I forgot to give them my MGM players card so I won't be earning any comps over there from my bets. I earned a few MGM MLIFE points from the Lion Share, but I doubt I will have earned a pot of coffee from that.

    I head down to the Cal for more Golden Arm Training. I lose a little more money there and head out. I remember that I said I would look for the Golden Gate and say Gaggles name there. I did not mention Gaggles name, but I did win back the money I lost at the Cal.

    Dinner tonight is at Gardunos. My farewell to Gardunos as they will be closed when I next return. The food was so-so, but the two fruity drinks I had were very tasty. I ordered the Mexican Seguas and the Berrieta. The Berrieta is basically an ice cream cocktail dessert. Delicious.

    The Seguas


    The Berrieta


    The menu


    I played some more craps, won some more money, did not drink myself silly. I was so bored I even played some money into a $1 video poker slot machine. I won money at that, but I am pretty sure that video poker is not my game. Called it a night.


    My final day. As you can see from the pictures of my room I decided I am going to watch the game from my room. The game is not until 5:30 PM so I once again look for a craps game at the Palms. DEAD. Doornail dead.

    I once again walk over to the Gold Coast and there are plenty of people over there playing craps. Two of their local sports book bettors, and the man that must be a local but was HOT yesterday. Again, he has rows of chips in front of him and he is having a really good time.

    I join the game, win some more and I figure that I am about even on my table games from my craps sessions at Palms, Golden Gate, and Gold Coast from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I lost at Cal and lost the first night at Gold Coast, but after that I was eking out wins in the other craps sessions. Made it enjoyable.

    I am trying NOT to bet on the NY Giants. The Giants and Cowboys were not one of the six NFL teams I was focusing on this year. The Giants play the toughest schedule and the Cowboys are not far behind.

    I just do the boring thing and get an Earl of Sandwich Sandwich and head to my room to watch the game from the Steam Shower.

    Watching the game, I am thankful that I stuck to my discipline of NOT betting on the Giants.


    Out the door by 3 AM. I remember from my January trip that TSA agents did not arrive until 5 AM. But I went anyway.

    Again, I score another American Cab driver. He gets me to the airport lickety split and I tip him $10 bucks. TSA agents will arrive at 4 AM now, but I am there at 3:40 AM like some other people. Why oh why does an international airport not have TSA agents for their continental airlines until 4 AM? What is up with that?

    I am through security and home on time.

    Now, after I showed my wife the movies and pictures of the room I have Hell to Pay.

    Room review

    What a nice room.

    I spent a lot of time in the room on Tuesday and Wednesday. Why is it that no matter what type of room you get the TVs and remotes don't seem to work properly?

    The marble floors are slippery when wet. The main drawback was the Show Shower Door there was no way to keep a towel on that first step. The door always would swipe it off. I could place the towel on the second step and on the floor, but be careful on the first step is all.

    The End


    The latest Dance Craze
  2. Royal Flusher

    Royal Flusher Savvy Gambler

    Feb 18, 2008
    Flusherville, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well shit, this was spectacular.

  3. Reed

    Reed High-Roller

    Apr 9, 2008
    East Central IL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the trip report! Wish you better luck next time at making the Golden Arm WOF
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