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NYNY 5/10– 5/12 , Solo, Rolling Stones

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by chitownjohn, May 15, 2013.

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  1. chitownjohn

    chitownjohn High-Roller

    Nov 28, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Here's some trip notes from my very short (Fri-Sun) but action packed trip.

    Trip started on a positive note when I received a first class upgrade. :banana: Three guys ended up spilling their beers which prompted the motto “if you’re not spilling you’re not drinking fast enough”. :beer: Nice flight and good to start the trip with a little buzz.

    First time staying at NYNY: Arrived around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and check-in was very quick. I reserved a basic Park Avenue room and I didn’t try the $20 trick because I was just looking for the basics. I was assigned room 1880 which is a long way from the lifts but on the positive side it was very quite at that end of the hallway and away from the roller coaster. Overall it was a nice room for my purposes.

    First Bacc experience: I heard from other posters about a $10 mini-bacc table so I thought this is as good a time as any for my very first bacc experience. One of the girls at the table was tracking the numbers on her card which slowed play a bit because the dealers would pause to see if she was playing or sitting out. I thought this was a little silly since there is an electronic board which tracks the results of the current shoe, but I'm just a rookie so what do I know. Anyway, I didn’t mind the slow play because I wasn’t in a hurry. Ended up playing a 1.5 hour session on a $100 buy-in. I was up $80 at one point, down $30 at another point but rallied to finish dead even after paying the commission on the last shoe. I enjoyed it and I will definitely play again.:thumbsup:

    Craps notes: I played in 5 sessions during the trip at various casinos: Excal, NYNY, MGM. Overall it was very choppy play with no monster rolls, but it was fun. The only memorable note was at the MGM. We had decent roll going when one of the dice landed on tilt between two chip stacks - most players saw the 2 which was gave us a 6 for a point line winner but the boxman saw it as a 3 and SEVEN-OUT .:grrr: It’s like WTF, how do you call that seven-out? There was an uproar the table with everyone screaming at the boxman and most of us just colored up and left. :wave: I asked him if we can get a review from upstairs and he said no way that’s going to happen. Despite the bullshit call, I still love craps.

    VP notes: Played 25 cent bartop VP at the NY Center Bar for several hours on Friday night. Overall the place had a good vibe and it was a fun place. :drunk: Usually you need to play max credits to get comp drinks but the group I was sitting next to were playing just one credit and still getting comped. In fact the guy immediately next to me put in $10 and I don’t think he drew more than twice over a 2 hour period. I'm not sure if it's that way all the time, but next time I'm looking for free cocktails I know where I'm going.

    Hookers: After playing VP at NY I went over to the MGM to try my luck there. I’m playing bartop VP and the seat next to me opens up and shortly thereafter a very attractive girl grabs the seat and shoves a few bucks into the machine and immediately my hooker radar goes off. There must be some sort of hooker school because all hookers follow the exact same script …
    Hi there , how’s it going? Translated: This is the door opener to see if there’s any interest. Note: If you reply in sign language they immediately leave.
    Are you winning? Translated: Are financially qualified?
    Where are you staying? Translated: Are you a local or are you a visitor with a logistically close room?
    Are you alone? Translated: If you are with a wife or GF you are useless.
    Do you want some company?:kiss:

    If I was starting a company that required direct sales I would recruit Las Vegas hookers – they can follow a script, they can quickly qualify their leads, they can take rejection, and boy can they close.:wink2:

    Rolling Stones: The old guys can still play and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert! :thumbsup: It cracks me up when I watch Jagger work the stage, despite what that other song says nobody moves like Jagger , he’s truly a unique performer. Katy Perry was the guest performer for beast of burden which was a nice surprise.

    It was my first time at the MGM arena and I thought it was a great venue with excellent acoustics. Most other places make you dump alcohol before entry, but at the arena they were handing out plastic cups so you can bring your drink in. I like the fact that it’s a bowl shape without all the various club level tiers that most other venues have. I was midway up the top level and it didn't seem very high.

    Casino’s visited: NYNY, MGM, Excalibur, Luxor, Monte Carlo. After staying at CET mid-strip properties the last several trips it was a nice change of pace to be back on the south end.
    Gaming: Mini-bacc, Craps, VP, slots, sports book
    Starting bankroll: $1,000
    Ending bankroll: $400

    I dropped a little bit of cash, but I had a great time. :thumbsup:
    Going to Vegas, I won't back down
  2. djcoach

    djcoach Low-Roller

    Dec 15, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    very nice TR. I almost spit my drink out thinking about starting a sales team with hookers, then got angry cause I had never thought of it :thumbsup:

    If you need a VP of Sales I'm in
  3. Blueberries

    Blueberries Low-Roller

    Apr 21, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    chitownjohn: It was my first time at the MGM arena and I thought it was a great venue with excellent acoustics. Most other places make you dump alcohol before entry, but at the arena they were handing out plastic cups so you can bring your drink in.

    MGM let you bring your drink in? Nice!
    Enjoyed the trip report, thanks for sharing.
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