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NYE hotel with shuttle to strip?

Discussion in 'Off-Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by James G, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. James G

    James G Tourist

    Dec 23, 2012
    San Diego, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm looking to go to vegas for NYE. Dec 30th-Jan 2 (3 nights). Need help finding a room off the strip that would have a shuttle to the strip so I could party. I've never done NYE in Vegas so I'm not show what to do. I'm in my early 30th. I don't do the "CLUB" thing. But I would like to be able to have some drinks and listening to some music. Even if it was inside the casino, lounge, bar or area where a casino band plays.

    I know prices are very expensive during this time and I'm hoping find the rest rate I can get.


    :beer: James G :peace:
  2. charliepeete

    charliepeete Low-Roller

    Feb 6, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    have a great time i am older than your age and i stayed at red rock on a co mp..........we watched the fireworks from atop the rio garage.......just an insane party

    if you go near the strip........it was on our bucket list.......never again.........atlantis this year in the bahamas
  3. scottydoog

    scottydoog Low-Roller

    Sep 7, 2009
    Birmingham, England. But born and raised in Bonny
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I stayed at the Orleans in 2007, I,m sure the shuttle stopped on NYE when the started closing down the strip to vehicles which was about 6 or 7 pm I think. I went down in a cab about 9 pm, the driver dropped me off at the back of Caesars I think. It was pretty crazy, of course when I tried to get a cab back to Orleans around 3-4 am, it was a nightmare, I think I eventually got back around 6 am!! Check before hand, because I think it is difficult to get into a strip property on NYE now , I,m sure you have to show a keycard of that property? All in all it was a bucket list thing, but next time I,d stay off strip and watch the fireworks from there.
  4. Auggie

    Auggie Dovahkiin

    Jan 8, 2009
    Burnaby, BC
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Though the hotel you pick might offer a shuttle, you should probably expect to have to take a taxi. Shuttles are small, usually only 20-ish people per trip and I'd expect most rides to The Strip all day will be full. Also check the shuttles schedule when you get to your hotel: might not run its normal allotment of time.

    You'll also need to be thinking of getting back to your hotel at night: where you have to go to catch your shuttle, if they are doing trips that late, where you can find a taxi...

    Las Vegas on New Years Eve is not like Las Vegas the rest of the year.

    All bars are going to be packed. If the bar can close itself off somehow (curtain, has walls and door, etc) then it likely will and then be charging a cover charge to get in.

    Stores can't sell alcohol on New Years Eve so you can't just pop over to the nearest ABC and buy a can of beer or pick one up from the casino gift shop.

    The Strip closes to traffic around 5-7pm (actual time will be made public closer to NYE). When The Strip is closed getting around by taxi can be hard and expensive as they have to go all the way around the closure to get to the other side of The Strip.

    The hotels on The Strip close themselves to the public (set up barricades, have security out front) around 8PM. To get in to a property after 8PM you need to have a room key or meet whatever other requirements they have (some will let you in with certain level of player card, some will let you in if you show a monorail ticket from the same day and say you are going to the monorail station). The hotels will reopen around 1AM.

    If you are going to be driving most of the hotels will close their parking lots during the day, usually around 1-3PM.

    Downtown Fremont Street is closed to the public. To get out under the canopy you need to buy a wristband

    Don't forget to keep an eye on airfare: usually 1-2 months out seems to be when a lot of people start checking airfare, but for New Years Eve trips to Las Vegas this is when the prices start to go up (when we went a few years ago our normal airfare was around $220pp, by end of August it was up to $350pp, by mid September it was is $450pp and by mid October it was $750pp)
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