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Nov 3-5. PH, awak, XS w/ pictures

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by boo, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. This was a typical, short weekend trip since we go pretty often. I usually take pictures but since I’ve never written a trip report before, I just threw in a couple pictures from my other trips. On Friday, I worked until 10 at night and then grabbed a quick bite at In-N-Out with Nov and June (my Vegas buddies) before heading up 15 North. A little over 3.5 hours later, we pulled into the Planet Hollywood parking structure. I have no idea why but as we were unloading the car, we decided to pop the goose bottle and started taking shots next to our car haha. After a couple shots and a smoke, we walked through the miracle mile to get to the lobby. Now that I think about it, this walk was probably why we decided to have a couple shots and a smoke before checking in.

    Before checking in, I always slip a $20 between my ID and credit card. I don’t expect to see it again whether or not I get an upgrade as a way of not feeling disappointed in case I don’t get an upgrade. I’ve never been turned down the “tip” in Vegas but I have been in Hawaii and I was somewhat shocked and was unsure of what to do; they gave me the upgrade but refused the cash. Anyway, the clerk knew what was up when he saw the bill. He smiled and said he’ll try to see what he could do for me but didn’t have high hopes since he claimed they were at 98% capacity (very doubtful). I was comped in a resort room but the only options available were a high floor strip view Hollywood hip or a low floor mountain view resort room. I was slightly disappointed since they have put me up on the top floor suites (I could see the bottom of the PH sign outside through the window) and corner suites (resort vista) before but I took the resort room since I prefer bigger rooms over premium views (pictures included just for fun). He was apologetic and slipped back the bill into my keycard envelope but I told him to keep it and thanked him for trying.

    PH top floor where you can see the “y” in Hollywood (previous trip) -

    PH corner suite (previous trip) -

    We continued drinking goose in the room as we had no particular plans for this night since we were getting in so late. After getting a nice buzz while unpacking, we wandered on the strip for a bit and ended up at Bill’s for steak & eggs. I like going here since we never have to wait because they honor line skips for TR members but I think this was probably the last time I will eat here. I used to be able to stomach the steak but don’t think I can anymore. I gambled a little bit at Bill’s, playing quarter DDB VP and won about $80. The other two were tired so we walked back to PH. I wanted to gamble more so I stayed in the PH casino while the other two went upstairs to get some shuteye.

    I had seen someone post a picture of their $50K jackpot playing 10-play quarter STP and I wanted to give it a shot. It took about ten minutes before my initial $500 was down to $185 so I decided to move on. The multiplier only came up twice and didn’t get much use out of it. I think the best hit on that machine was a 4OAK Kings on a single line but since I was playing 10 lines, it went by pretty quick. I moved over to a single line multi-denom machine and selected $2 DDB. I fed the machine ten Benjamins and settled in with a cigarette. I had planned on playing for as long as I could because I rarely have time to gamble anymore. My recent trips have mostly been filled with drinking and clubbing (day and night). Anyway, I lost about thirty hands before I was dealt 3OAK 7s. I had been dealt 3OAKs twice earlier playing the 10-play and came up empty handed (that’s 20 draws) but I was able to redeem myself by pulling that fourth 7 this time. Less than ten hands after the 7s, I held a single ace and without thinking much of the hand, hit the draw button. The draw was 3, A, A, A! All of a sudden, I just felt really tired. The long day of work, the drive and the alcohol all caught up to me and I just wanted to sleep. My ID was checked but I guess they have my info tied to my player’s card because they didn’t ask for any other information. Was paid out in cash, grabbed my TITO and went upstairs. I thought maybe my friends would still be awake since I was only downstairs for 30 minutes but they were both knocked out. I threw everything into the safe and passed out with a smile on my face.

    AWAK -


    I didn’t wake up until almost 1 in the afternoon and the first thing we did was shots of goose.

    We realized the diamond lounge was already open so we got ready and went downstairs for more goose. I like PH’s lounge because they have the higher end alcohol, better than even Caesars. I also like the lounges at Harrah's and Paris just because you can order directly from the bartender. I asked for as much goose as possible and June had the same. The server gave us about 3 shots worth in a glass. I get drunk very fast, especially on an empty stomach so I was pretty buzzed after this glass. We ordered another one to go and left. June went to eat with Nov but I wanted to gamble so I stayed behind. I had a $185 and a $1,120 TITO from last night. I decided to start slow and see what happens. I inserted the $185 into a single line multi-denom and started off at quarter DDB. I was building it up so I switched over to half dollars. I got it up to almost $400 but cashed out at $350. It was a relaxing and fun time (still buzzed) but I was starving. My friends had bought me a carne asada burrito so I went upstairs to eat it. It was a little cold but in my state of mind, I thought it was very tasty haha. Watched a little bit of “Book of Eli” on TV until food coma hit me and then I took a nice nap.

    PH diamond lounge drinks (goose neat) -

    Saturday Evening

    Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to club. We continued drinking goose but switched from orange juice to energy drinks. We got ready and took a cab to Encore. Our driver was humorous, telling us how he hated people, thought the people who attended EDC were cheap and other random stuff. Arrived at Encore and it was a breeze getting into XS even though Afrojack was spinning because we had presale tickets. We finally met up with some friends who we were trying to meet up all day but it just didn’t happened. At clubs, I like going to the same bartender because I hope they remember me and pour generously. I went up to the bar and was about to order when the bartender pushed back 3 singles to a group of girls who had just finished getting their drinks. The bartender and the group had a few words because I guess the girls were trying to tip $3 on a $117 tab but the bartender wasn’t feeling it. If the bars at these clubs weren’t so crowded, I would probably have left and ordered from someone else but I didn’t want to wait again. I ordered 3 shots of patron and a goose on the rocks. Total was $72 and I tipped well hoping she’ll recognize me next time. The next two rounds, I ordered the patron on rocks too so that there was more room for her to be generous haha. I kept the tips up and at least I was served quickly. Not only do you have to wait behind a mass of people at the bars until a space opens up but you have to get the attention of the bartenders once you're up front because they just seemingly serve people at random. Whenever I got up to the bar, she would serve me right away and for the last round, she was busy but said something to her coworker who then came to serve me so the tips worked in my mind haha.

    In between the rounds, we got a lot of dancing in and had a great time. During the more popular months, XS would have to close off the indoor part (crowd control) when a headlining DJ was spinning but they kept it open all night tonight. I liked how it was crowded but not overly so which meant we could dance on the dance floor and also take smoke breaks outside. We were in the front when Afrojack walked down the stage and into the crowd for a bit. He was having a good time too, taking swigs from a bottle haha

    Afrojack @ XS -


    I woke up at 8:30, still a little bit drunk. The other two woke up as I was packing and we all got ready to go. Went downstairs to get Earl’s but I was feeling ill by now so I didn’t eat much. I’m looking forward to my next trip now because it was my first time trying their Tuna Melt and it was pretty good so I want to try it again when I’m not feeling so bad. I almost forgot I did this but before we left, I randomly went into the sportsbook at PH and put $100 on a 2-leg parlay on Broncos and Giants. Broncos covered but Giants lost but it was interesting to follow the games on my phone during the ride home.

    It was a short trip and I had a lot of fun. I think the short duration of the trips is what keeps me coming back because I don’t get burned out. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I enjoyed writing it so I think I’ll start doing reports for all my trips now.
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  2. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
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    Enjoyed the report and congrats on the quad aces hit.:thumbsup:
    Our 36th anniversary, an Oct tradition
  3. vegasdrea

    vegasdrea Buckle Bunny

    Nov 29, 2004
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    Looks like a great short weekend trip! Good job on the hit!! :beer:
  4. boo

    boo Guest

    Thanks! Heading out there tomorrow and I can't sleep haha
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