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Newbie questions about cards/comps/points

Discussion in 'Comps' started by goldengirl, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. goldengirl

    goldengirl Tourist

    Sep 30, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    DH and I made our first trip to Vegas a couple of years ago. Did not get players cards and played all over the strip. My mom is a big fan of Biloxi and The Grand. She loves getting her comps and was so mad at me for not starting points on cards. I made a trip to Biloxi with her for her birthday last month got my first players card. She also made sure we were there on a double points day to play. DH is in Vegas for work (airline crew)1 night on average of 3 to 4 times every few months. I had him get a card at MGM last time he was there. Why? Because mom said so.....LOL He will play about 50.00 everytime he is in town. Anyway this month we are making a trip out there for a 5 night stay at MGM. We splurged and reserved a really sweet suite for our anniversary. What do I need to know about using our players cards? Right now they are not linked to each other. Does our expensive room count as anything.../do we need to link to a card? At this point we only play slots...maybe around 200.00 a day for us total then play what we win and pocket what we started with. How do we find out about freeplay and or double points days...... or is that just a Biloxi thing (mom gets flyers in the mail) Do we need to pay for all food on room card or does that do anything for comps...and can our room card be used at all mlife hotels? Sorry, guess I am rambling but I really do not understand the whole card thing and wonder if it is worth dealing with like my mom says...:rolleyes2: I guess I need to know everything about the players cards....!!!:eek: Any help would be greatly appreciated:beer:
  2. gpenguins67

    gpenguins67 High-Roller

    Oct 29, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    So here is what i've seen with MGM cards (anyone correct me if I am wrong with any of this)
    One question for you; Did you tell them you and your players card #'s when you made the reservation? (they may have a discounted room rate for you)

    1) you get it given to you at the beginning of the trip based on the corporate offer you get or if its the month of your birthday they might give you some depending on your level of play. You need to activate your card with the players club booth when you get there. If you have any freeplay they will tell you (or maybe you should ask them).
    2) You will earn freeplay in addition to express comps as you are playing and over a course of time when you accumulate so many points you can use them. And obviously you use the express comps to pay down your bill at the end.

    Use your cards for anytime you purchase anything at an MGM property. Purchases will count toward teir credits although it wont give you express comps or freeplay. Also, I would charge any meals to the room if you are staying at a property b/c there is a chance they will comp some of it in addition to your express comps.
    Most of the time you are not going to use points directly from your players card, you will charge it to the room and at the end they will remove it from your express comps. You can go to any restaurant at any of the mlife hotels and charge the food to your hotel room. It does not have to be the hotel you are stayting at.

    Double points: I dont think I've ever seen that in vegas. Thats more of a local casino thing. But keep in mind, express comps and freeplay accumulate quicker in vegas than they do at biloxi b/c biloxi is considered a local casino

    Linking cards: now i'm not expert on this, but i would say it is totally up to you. If you link your cards then you will be combining your play and possibly reaching a higher tier level which can accellerate the rate you get express comps. But if you plan on going back to vegas in the future you will get 1 offer better offer for free or discounted rooms/freeplay etc. Where if you keep your cards seperate you will each get your own freeplay and room comps. So if you plan on staying 5 days again, you each might get a 2 or 3 day comp and only have to pay out of pocket for 1 night. (someone please correct me if I am wrong about this--- does each person still get individual comped stays or is it just combined into one?)

    So to answer your main question YES, it is absolutely worth dealing with getting the card and using it. This is the only way they are going to track your play and give you free stuff or discount current and future room rates based on your play. At the end of your trip, go to the players club booth and see what they will give you. You might get one night of your room comped or a couple of your meals comped. Could equate to more $ savings than you realize.
  3. nostresshere

    nostresshere Mr. Anti Debit Card

    May 4, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You would be well served by reading through some posts from the past month or so. You will learn lots.

    As to husband playing $50 a visit. He will be considered a small player. Think of this as a business. If it were you, how much "stuff" would you give a player that is going to gamble only $50 when he comes into your casino?

    Freeplay, rooms, meals are based on your play.

    And, when making posts, try to break your questions out vs one long paragraph - that will help you get better answers
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