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Slots New Games coming from G2E

Discussion in 'Slots' started by LukeDWyatt, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. LukeDWyatt

    LukeDWyatt Tourist

    Jun 22, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey Everyone,
    I was at G2E this past week and thought I'd mention a little of what I saw.

    Some new branded games coming include:
    Downton Abbey, Seinfeld, Tim McGraw, Sharknado, Jurassic World, plus reboots of all the popular ones:
    titanic, willy wonka, wizard of oz, game of thrones, house of cards, orange is the new black, walking dead, etc.

    A big theme seemed to be machines where you can pick between 4 or 5 popular ones. They are all massive touch screens now.

    I played a new baccarat slot where it dealt 5 baccarat hands out and you could bet basically any combination of the cards to make hands 100+ different ways.

    The progressive seemed insanely difficult to progress through, even on the demo mode.

    Seems like more levels of jackpots too. One aristocrat machine had something like 6 different progressive levels, ranging from $25 bucks to a million plus.
    I played (again, on demo mode) for about ten minutes at $5 a spin and never even hit the mini jackpot :(
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  2. Richard Alpert

    Richard Alpert LOST

    Jul 22, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    "No soup for you!" at the end of a losing spin would be pretty awesome!

    Thanks for the look at what's coming around the bend in the way of slot machines!