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Need list of "unlisted" meal deals from casinos.

Discussion in 'Restaurants & Buffets' started by salemorevegaslover, Apr 13, 2014.

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  1. salemorevegaslover

    salemorevegaslover Low-Roller

    Feb 8, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks in advance for your response.
    Will be in Vegas again in June ( 1st - 7th) with wife for the second time in 3 weeks. Love it man! Did not do well gambling wise but Vegas is the only place I can lose money but yet still enjoy watching my money disappear.
    Question......where and when are the "unlisted" ( need to ask waiter) meal deals many of you have mentioned at the various casinos? I do know about the steak special at Ellis but where are the other deals?
  2. heatherlovesvegas

    heatherlovesvegas VIP Whale

    Mar 22, 2012
    Woodland Hills, CA
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    The only ones I can think of are the lunch special at Milos... Not exactly a secret, but this is an exceptional deal. This is all they offer at lunch.


    Their dinner is through the roof expensive! So a good opportunity to eat at an exceptional restaurant.

    Then the gamblers special at Hard Rock Mr. Lucky's Steak and shrimp for $7.77.

    Actually I googled and found this list:

    Not much left on the strip these days. Any of the off strip joints usually have some exceptional deals.
  3. paperposter

    paperposter Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    u mean like the hard rock 777 luckys special shrimp and steak

    or the friday lobster i belive 18.99 special

    stuff like that
  4. Texas Gramma

    Texas Gramma Low-Roller

    Nov 19, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Not So Secret List of Food Specials

    This list was submitted about 3 months ago, but some may not have read it....I love Las Vegas and I love good food. I spent 6 days in Vegas downtown in late December and compiled this list of food specials downtown by casino... so when I got hungry at any casino, I would know which specials were nearby to me. Some are expensive, but are an extra good value. In 6 days we usually eat 2 really nice dinners. Most are things I would eat for a light lunch or just a regular dinner.
    The “D” Casino and Hotel...
    Andiamo Steak House ... 5-11 pm. Comp basket olive bread, breadsticks, spread of olives and eggplant...Steaks great, their signature Tomahawk 32 oz. steak... $65. Crab-Lobster Louis, $17, shrimp stuffed with crab, lobster risotto, bisque ... $3.95 banana fritters,
    The D Grill... appetizers good. Mango relish coconut shrimp. Crab cakes, horseradish cream, jicama slaw.... french onion soup, ribs, reubens, sliders.
    American Coney Island.. Detroit style hotdogs
    Binion’s Casino
    Binion’s Steakhouse... steaks, prime rib, chicken fried lobster, lobster bisque. Binion’s Cafe ...chop steak dinner w/card $4.95 Best hamburger $4.95 w/potato salad... Chili dog, fries, $3.75... ordered side of bacon and grilled english muffin one day... the bacon was enough for 3 people and cooked just as I liked... Bennie’s Bullpen M-F 5pm-1:00 am Sat-Sun 9am-1:00am Hot dog $3.50, combo chips-beer... $4.95.
    Nearby is ...
    Mermaids... 99¢ Nathan's hot dog. $5.49 White Castle or chicken sliders, drink, fry, 99¢ fried twinkies or oreos. Dupar’s $2.99 giant shrimp cocktail... this one is a meal in itself with crackers. Take out at Luna Rossa’s by zip line... pepperoni pizza, crostini dellas tradizione toasted crispy bread, mozzarella, prosciutto, butter, sage.
    Fremont Hotel-Casino...
    2nd Street Grill...5pm-10pm closed Tue. Wed. king crab legs..$38 ask for american style. T-bone dinner $22. Surf and turf... 6 oz. filet, 8 oz. lobster tail. Card. Paradise buffet seafood night, $15.99: Tue. or Fri. Fremont $2.00 beersl Lanai hot dog-coke, $2.95
    California Club Hotel-Casino...
    Redwood Grill.. $24.00 ...porterhouse steak, 18 oz., soup or salad, starch, apple dumpling, ice cream, rum sauce. Reservations. King crab legs $40. Don’t order 16 oz. sirloin in error. Boyd card. Closed Wed. Thurs. California Market St. Cafe 4-10pm $9.95 Prime rib 8 oz. cut, veggie, soup or salad, starch, cherries jubilee. California Pasta Pirate Steak & Lobster ... $18. 7oz. sirloin Steak, 4oz. lobster tail, glass house wine, fresh bread zuppa di pesce seafood soup...can “up” to filet $8. open 5:30-11 Closed Mon.Tues. Boyd card 40%
    Golden Nugget...
    Chart House Seafood....11:30 am - 11 pm 75M gal. aquarium. $8 - 3 sample chowder, lobster bisque, gazpacho $15... grand marnier souffle for 3 $16... crab avocado & mango stack $21 ... iced seafood tower lobster, king crab, shrimp, oysters. Grotto Happy hour $3 peach bellini 2-6 M-F
    Four Queens...
    Chicago Brewing Company... Mon-Fri 11:30-1:30 am Sat-Sun 10:00 am - 1:30 am Happy hour 5-7 daily. Homemade root beer, good sandwiches, beer sampler. Hugo’s Sunday thru Sat. 5:30 -10:30 discount at club booth, use points to pay. Be 30 min. early, at bar, enjoy house wine complimentary pate, nuts. Magnolia’s Veranda... Prime rib dinner $9.95 4-12 pm. Eggs ’n ham steak, hash browns $6.50. Philly steak sandwich. Noon - 11 p.m., All need card gotten at players club booth for discounts. 2/1 for birthday people.
    Main Street Station...
    Main Street's Garden Court Buffet Regular Buffets... Breakfast Buffet $6.99 7-10:30 M-F Luncheon Buffet $7.99... Dinner Buffet Sun., Mon., Wed. 4-9 pm $10.99* Special Buffets... M-F Champagne Brunch $10.99 Sat Sun 7-3 Tue. 4-9 pm $13.99 T-Bone Steak... Thu. 4-9 pm $13.99* Steak-Scampi... Fri. 4-10 pm $21.99* Seafood Buffet ... Sat. 4-10 pm $13.88 Prime Rib... Triple 7 Brewery Happy Hr M - F 3-6:00pm, $2 Drink Specials Wine-Well drink 16oz micro-brew beer $4.99 Food Specials Calamari, Fried Mushrooms- 20 Peel-n-Eat Shrimp, Cheezy Garlic Bread- Chili-Quesadilla -Cal. Roll, Philly Cheesesteak, snacks. Gambler’s Breakfast 2 am-7 am also available
    El Cortez Hotel-Casino
    Dlnner... Flame Steakhouse Specials Wed – Sun 5-10 pm $16.95...Idaho Trout $26 20 oz. Porterhouse or $7.99 Prime Rib, piano music. Café Cortez Special $7.99 Prime Rib Dinner, great breakfasts. Horse race sports-book Sat- Sun 10 am-6 pm. $2 Bud $1 Hotdogs. Gambling Gourmet...don't risk win streak just for a bite to eat? Dine game side. Food, beverage at table. Late Eve.. Parlour Bar small bites. Top Shelf 2 /1 Sun.-Thu 5-7pm-Elvis 6-10 pm Fri. Sat.
  5. vegasvic

    vegasvic VIP Whale

    Mar 13, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Jerry's Nugget prime rib.
  6. dmr

    dmr Registered Abuser

    Feb 18, 2011
    Somewhere in Middle America
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Is there something unlisted about this? I thought all three cuts were always on the menu (and sometimes on the specials board).
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