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My latest poker tourney experiences--MC, PH, TI, Harrahs, Mirage

Discussion in 'The Poker Room' started by KKB, Aug 7, 2016.

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  1. KKB

    KKB VIP Whale

    Aug 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Was in Vegas July 27-Aug. 3. Played 10 tourneys & chopped 5--best showing I've had for a few years.

    BUT it didn't start off well. I had more bad beat stories the first 5 days of the trip than I probably have had in 5 years! As cracked by Js. As cracked by JQos. Ks cracked by Qs. AK cracked by K8 (and the guy next to him says, "Hey, I had K8 too) and the list goes on...I KNOW I welcome this play, but it was a rough few days.

    Monte Carlo--very small tourneys, one didn't even get going on Weds. eve. 2 tables on Thurs afternoon...play was mostly very poor; many who had no idea what they were doing. It's cheap so that explains it some.

    PH--Thursday 4PM. Several tables. VERY loose play--2 bad beat hands in a row.

    TI--only played Sat. eve--VERY loose play here, too

    Harrahs--played Sat. 9AM & chopped. then played 3PM & 9AM Sunday; the play here is the worst I've seen. Too big of pre-flop raises ($600 when blinds are 25/50?)--it was nuts.

    Mirage--11AM is a pretty solid tourney. Fairly tight--which meant I could take advantage of that a bit. 2PM brings a few more loose players but nothing like I saw elsewhere. Mirage brings a lot of middle age men looking to enjoy some poker--to PLAY, not gamble.

    I realize that the feel of a game can vary at any give time depending on the tourists that have chosen to play there at any given time. Last year I played 3 Caesars tournaments in one day & found it to be some of the loosest stupidest play I had seen in a while (blinds 25/50, raise 600 preflop, 5 callers).

    Mirage I chopped 5/6 I played, so am very very pleased with that showing.

    I hit Vegas 2-4x/year. A couple years ago I hit a 2 year drought where i did not cash ONE tourney & I really evaluated why. I determined that I was choosing tourneys based on convenience of time or location. Once I focused my play on tourneys with the best structure for the price (as the above ones are), I have been doing better again.

    Last month I outright WON Mirage Friday 7PM Bounty & TI Sat 11AM--the play was super loose during the WSOP & I was patient & lucky enough to find perfect spots to take advantage of a couple players that I could roll them.

    So now I realize that the structure AND the play at Mirage fits my play style best!
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  2. mjames1229

    mjames1229 VIP Whale

    Mar 5, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    How was the PH? Last year we played and the room was in the mall entrance near Earl of Sandwich and was unplayable due to the noise. A friend of mine said that they moved it again, but he couldn't describe the location in a way that made sense to me. Our poker crew had previously liked the PH games but won't go back to the mall entrance.

    Also, overall, how were the entries for the early morning tournaments. Last November, one of our guys went to the Flamingo for the 9:00 AM tournament and had only six players. Our flight leaves at 4:00 PM on a Tuesday this year, so we'll have to get into a game that starts by 10:00 AM to make sure we are done in time to get the rental car returned and to the airport on time.
    2017 Poker trip!
    Super Bowl or BUST!
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