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Mirage Nov 4-8 2013

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by raspus, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. raspus

    raspus Tourist

    Jun 14, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I’m back from yet another trip to las Vegas. Once again I went with my wife and MIL and once again we had a great time

    Monday Nov 4 2013

    Even before we left, the trip got off to a rough start. We had booked the noon flight because this gives us time to take our dog to the kennel right before we leave. She doesn't want to spend the entire weekend there. Well United decided to move our flight back three and a half hours. Our dog was happy because she didn't go until noon but we weren't to pleased. I hate it when the airlines readjust the flight times after I'm booked and we end up losing over 3 hours of vacation time.

    Anyway we dropped off our dog and left for the airport. We flew first class to Vegas using frequent flyer miles. The flight was fine and we landed around 5:00 PM. We grabbed a cab and headed off to the Mirage. We had a very nice cabbie. Once at the Mirage he called over to the bellmen and had them bring a wheelchair to the cab for my MIL. The bellman just told us to stop at the bell desk to do the paper work after we were finished checking in. My MIL was happy she didn't have to walk, she got to ride in style. There was no line to check in. We were checked in very quickly. Since this was 6:00 PM I was sure there would be a long line. We went to the room, dropped off our luggage and were soon in the casino. I had no luck so we decided to get some food. We went to the Carnegie Deli for dinner. The corned beef was just OK. It's not as good as our local deli back home.

    After dinner we split up and I went to play blackjack. It was a $25 6 deck shoe game with S17, RSA, surrender and 3/2. It didn't matter as I couldn't do anything. Played for a while but I was getting very tired. The time change always messes me up but the hour change the day before really did it. Finally the guy sitting next to me started yelling at the cocktail waitress because she didn't bring him a water and the guy at the other end started yelling at the dealer because he thought he won(he didn't) slammed his fist on the table and stomped off. That pretty much did me in so I left the table. I then tried some VP but no luck there either. I went up to the room and went to bed.

    Tuesday Nov 4 2013

    Up early again. Went down to the Avis desk to rent a car. Ended up with a Ford Taurus. We drove over to the Gold Coast for their 9:00 AM bingo game. We got there early so I had some time to lose some more money at VP. I went to play bingo and low and behold I won a game. It was $50 but there 2 other winners so I actually got $17. After splitting with my wife and MIL, I ended up with a whole $6. It beats losing. After a stop in the liquor store so my MIL could buy some liquor we went over to Sam's Town. Even though she doesn't drink she enjoys giving the bottles as presents. We missed the start of bingo so we just decided to play in the casino. Once again no luck for me as I managed to drop $200 on VP. I got a text from my nephew who was also in town with his wife and another couple. They wanted to meet for dinner. I told him where we were (they didn't have a car) and decided to meet back at the Mirage in a few hours. We took the car back to the Mirage and realized that we were getting hungry. My MIL had 2 buffets with her offer and we had one from myVegas so we went to the Mirage buffet. I really enjoyed this buffet. They had creme brulee for dessert. I love creme brulee but I never find it on the lunch buffet. They had three kinds of it - vanilla, chocolate and pumpkin(I think).

    After lunch we took the tram over to TI. I found a .50 bdlx machine and finally got my first quad for $200. This was the first thing I won other than my $6 bingo win. In a happy mood we left TI and walked over to Harrah's. My MIL was looking for the Top Dollar machine that she won 1000 coins on our last trip. When we found it my nephew, his wife and friends were playing in the same area. I didn't win anything there but my MIL did. I don't remember how much or on what but I do remember cashing the ticket for her. While we were playing my nephew left after we made plans to meet later that night at the Mirage. Finally left Harrahs and went back to the Mirage. We went to the Roasted Bean and had a cupcake and something to drink. My wife and MIL then went to play the slots. I headed to my favorite blackjack table right in front of the High Limit room. After about 30 minutes my nephew found me. He took the seat next to me and his wife went to find my wife and MIL. I had a great time. We played together for the next 3 hours. At some point my wife and MIL stopped by to tell me they were going to bed. Apparently the computer system was down and they weren't able to cash their tickets except at the cashier. So they decided to call it a night. We kept playing and drinking. Finally my nephew realized he hadn't seen or heard from his wife in a while. He kept trying to call her but he wasn't getting a response. He finally left the table to find her but he couldn't. He came back to see if she had stopped by. She hadn't. So I left the table to help him. It took only a few minutes but we located her happily playing a penny slot machine. They decided they were hungry but I was mostly drunk and tired. We said our goodbyes and they went to BLT Burgers and I went to bed. Funny but after playing together all evening I won $45 and my nephew won $10. Well we had a lot of fun and didn't lose anything.

    Wednesday Nov 5 2013

    Up early once again. I felt like crap. I know it was because of the daylight savings hour change the night before we left but my wife thinks drinking had something to do with it. Anyway once I was up we went went to Southpoint for some more bingo. We found out they didn't have their ( AM bingo anymore so we went to the casino to play until the next session. All I did was lose. No wins on VP so I tried a slot machine - no winds there either. Went to play bingo and guess what - no wins there either. We were getting hungry so we left Southpoint and drove over to the Palms and had lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. We played awhile - lost at VP and broke even on the Willy Wonka slot. I got a Oompa Loompa bonus for 7000 pennies which brought me to even so I quit.

    We went back to the Mirage. We needed some bubble wrap for the booze we bought and Icy Hot for my MIL's sore back so my wife sent me to the Walgreens at the Venetian. My first time there. I was surprised at how busy it was. I got what we needed and went back to the Mirage. My wife and MIL then went to play and I stayed in the room to take a nap. I guess I was still tried from that hour change. After my nap I met up with my wife and MIL and we went to get something to eat. We miss the Caribe Cafe. I wish they would bring it back. Because the Mirage doesn't have a coffee shop we went across the street to Denny's. It's been years since I ate there. A sandwich and fries was just what I needed. After dinner it was back to the Mirage for some more blackjack. It was a good session and there were no arguments. It turned out to be my best session of the trip. Up $395

    Thursday Nov 6 2013

    Last full day in Vegas. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Up early again and off to Arizona Charlie's Boulder for some more bingo. Killing time before bingo I treated my MIL to a penny slot called puppy stampede. Cute game and we managed to win $20. I actually won another bingo game. $150 but it was a split so I won $75 which I split with my wife and MIL. After bingo we tried the same slot but lost what we had won. We had 3 Bellagio lunch buffets from myVegas so we went over to Bellagio. As always the first thing we did was visit the conservatory. We always enjoy seeing this. It's probably the one thing we do every trip (besides gambling).
    Then we went to the buffet. It was very good. After I stuffed myself we played for a while. I had my biggest slot win of the week on a new buffalo machine. I hit it for $225 on a bonus free spin.

    My wife wanted one more shot at bingo so we drove over to the Gold Coast. Well we gave it our best shot but there were no bingos for any of us. We went back to the Mirage and returned the car. We took the tram back over to TI. I tried some slots and a little VP but lost on all of them. I went back to the same Bonus Poker Deluxe machine I had won on earlier and got another quad for $200. We were headed back to the Mirage when we decided we were hungry so we crossed the street and went back to Denny's for dinner. After dinner we stopped at Harrahs to play some more slots. After I lost $20 I went for a walk. I told my wife I'd be right back. I came across a craps table which called out to me. I bought in and started to play. I must have been there 30 minuets or so when I remembered my wife had no idea where I was and might get worried. I quickly left the table (down only $21) and went back to her. They were just finishing up so I timed it pretty good.

    We recrossed the street and went back to the Mirage. They went to play some more before going to the room to pack. I went back to the blackjack table. The table limit on Tuesday and Wednesday nights had been $25 but on Thursday it had been raised to $50. I played for a couple of hours. I was quickly up $450 but it didn't last. Before I knew it I was down $500. I managed to claw my way back to even and finally quit when I was up $100. For what it's worth, after my binge on Tuesday I didn't drink any more bourbon for the rest of the week.

    I went up to the room to see what my wife and MIL were doing. They were packing. I felt a little tired when I sat down. Before I knew it I was exhausted. I had planned to go back to the casino but I never made it out of that chair. I barely made it to bed. Thus ended my gambling for the trip. I finished up a whole $141. It might not be much but it sure beats losing.

    Friday Nov 6 2013.

    Not much to write about today. We checked out and returned the wheelchair to the bell desk. We caught a cab and were soon at the airport. I hear lots of bad things about the cabbies in Vegas but both drivers we had on this trip were good. We soon were in the air and on our way home. We must have had a good tailwind because we landed 30 minutes early. We were happy about this because it gave us a slim chance to pick up our dog before the vet closed for the night. We flew through the airport, grabbed our luggage and headed home. We got to the vet at exactly the time it closed. My wife ran to the door but it was already locked. Fortunately some one was leaving and my wife was able to get in. They let her pick up our dog so she came home with us. It was a great ending to the trip.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. sam

    sam Low-Roller

    Jan 30, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for sharing your trip report. I especially loved the photo of your dog. I have a Pembrooke Welch Corgi named Scout and I am also from Ohio.

    I always hate to board our dog but what else can you do.
  3. JosieCat

    JosieCat VIP Whale

    Dec 10, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Agree with you on the flight changes. But I guess I shouldn't complain as Delta only changed my flight tomorrow to 30 minutes later - not 3 1/2 hours.

    Nice trip report. Thanks for posting it!
  4. bubbakitty

    bubbakitty Doing tirement again and happily so....

    Feb 17, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You have a wife that thinks like mine in some cases; it IS the time change, not the intake of alcohol that causes one to be off the proper time and be awake or dead on our feet.....I go in December and inevitably she will claim I drank too much the night before; not the time change thing in early November which will STILL be affecting MY consciousness.....

    good read and having taken my MIL to Vegas as well it is worth the trip for the accolades you receive down the road from both parties....
    We were just here!
    Birthday + Holy Rollers.
  5. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I hate flight changes that take away Vegas time; nice for your pup though! Congrats on bookin a win raspus!!
    Lady Gaga and Dierks Bentley Concert Trip
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