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Mini TR from 1 night at Mohegan Sun 11/23

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by etm117, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. etm117

    etm117 Low-Roller

    Jan 9, 2011
    Baltimore, MD
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So I wanted to drop a quick note on a one night stay at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

    My wife and I stayed the night of Black Friday and our main purpose was to see Trans Siberian Orchestra and a side effect was I could check out a new casino. I was in Connecticut visiting family for the holidays, so this was not 300 mile a trip just for the show and a few hours of gambling. Below is a quick list of my thoughts from the trip.

    It was packed on Friday night. I am sure the show (sold out) had something to do with that though.

    The TSO show was so-so. I was exhausted though so it could have been me being biased because of that.

    I did not gamble in the evening, I just saw the show and hit the sack after a long week working and travelling. Everything below is based on Saturday morning.

    The casino had a slight Vanilla scent which was a little strong especially in the hotels floors.

    They don't serve booze in the mornings like Vegas (don't judge me ;-))

    JoB 9:6 at quarter level is around, just look for it as there is a bunch of 8:6 and even some 8:5. I played a good amount at 9:6 and broke even.

    $5 craps but I didn't notice max odds since I didn't play. I did notice the box crew was weak as 2 different tables they were trying to clarify who had bets where.

    $10 blackjack in morning 3:2, S17, 6-deck ASM. I played some BJ at $50/hand and got slaughtered. I prefer not to rehash it :cry:

    They have a large Asian section with Asian table games, Asian restaurants and even a lobby shop with Asian snacks instead of things like Twizzlers and mixed nuts. The area was much quieter than the rest of the place.

    And right next to the Asian section was a non-smoking section which was cool.

    In the end I like this place better than Foxwoods which I visited last autumn. It feels classier than Foxwoods did.

    Thanks for reading.
    - Erik
  2. dunebug81

    dunebug81 VIP Whale

    Feb 15, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've only been to MS a few times and Beverly have stayed there but it's a nice place. Plenty of selection and I've found the slots to be playable unlike some Native American casinos out west. I love that they have 30+ baccarat tables. I've found the dealers to be friendly and able to deal the game well. That also can't be said for casinos in Oklahoma.

    We have never stayed there but next time we go for a concert or a long weekend we will. Last time we were there we ate at the Michael Jordan steakhouse and I must say it was pretty good. Turns out that Bobby Flay was at his Restaurant that same night...if only we would have known!

    MS compared to Foxwoods is no comparison. Other than pure SQFT of the casino FW has nothing on MS.
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