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MGM May 29-31st! Brothers Birthday Bash! Bringing Down Beachers!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by kboltwkreations, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. kboltwkreations

    kboltwkreations Low-Roller

    Jun 20, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Epic trip for my brothers 40th birthday bash! Hopefully I can remember everything!

    Friday May 29th!
    Left out of Midland on the early nonstop. Flight was about 1.5 hrs late which is always a bummer when heading to Vegas, but there were 20 of us together at the airport so we had a good time waiting for the plane. Decent flight, nothing exciting. Flight attendants were pretty lenient with all our charades and picture taking! Arrived at LAS around 12:45. Airport wasn't too busy, got our bags quick and met Mike with Vegas VIP downstairs with this bad boy. I guess the shorter the ride, the longer the car! Headed to the MGM!

    Check in at VIP was smooth, although I don't think they were too impressed with all the people hanging out in the lounge for the rooms! Was comped in an executive king suite for 2 nights. Not too picky about the room this trip as we were not planning on spending much time hanging out in there (I didn't even get my morning room service we were so busy!) I do prefer the spa suite over the executive king for the big bathroom though. Pretty much the same room set up other than that. Neither rooms are "real" suites, just bigger. Took bags to the room, didn't even unpack and headed down to play a little. Grabbed a quick bite to eat at Wolfgang's (I had the wedge type salad and it was fabulous, hubby had pizza and it was good as always). HL slots were not so nice to me this trip so started out losing a little before we headed down to the Wynn for the VMB HL slot pull!

    We were really excited to meet everyone and had a great time trying to win the BIG ONE! The slot gods were just not on our side that day! Thank you so much to everyone who helped put it together and for the suite hospitality! We had a blast! Hopefully next time we will all be big winners! See other trip reports for pics, I was bad and forgot to take any!

    Headed back to the MGM for birthday dinner. Had both back rooms reserved at Hecho en Vegas for a big meal. I have to say this was the worst part of the trip. Food was only mediocre at best and those party rooms and not very pleasing. Really small, very ORANGE, with nothing to look at. Really kind of depressing actually. Wouldn't recommend this place. We did have a set menu for so many people, but nothing was impressive. Also service here took WAY too long! After dinner, we played a little but ended up going back to the room around midnight.

    Saturday May 30th!
    Pretty great day to say the least. Really wish we could have slept a little longer, but we were up by 5:30. Headed down to Starbucks for a little breakfast/coffee and to play some low limit slots. Still didn't have any good luck. Played a little more BJ but only got up from the table with what we started with :thumbsdown: I headed over to play some roulette and hit a pretty good streak winning about $500. Hubby had snuck off to the slot area and hit a handpay on a $5 lion machine for $1500.
    Found a few from our party playing some $1 lion machines over by Cherries Julbilee. Hubby built one up to $400 before handing it over to me, and I ended up cashing it out at $2200! These machines were paying GREAT! Major progressive was all the way up to $10,500 so it was hard to walk away knowing they were about to hit (ended up paying in the EARLY morning on Sunday, sometime between 3AM-5:30AM). There is a bank of 8 machines and we were playing 4 of them. Had them all built up to over $1000 before cashing out to head to the pool at 10AM. Always fun to start the day off with some wins!

    We usually aren't much for the pool scene and with the heat supposed to be 103 didn't plan to spend all day the the pool, but boy were we wrong! Best pool experience we have ever had. Reserved cabana 14 for the day and its the best in the place in my opinion. Right by the lazy river to see all the action, and right by Wet Republic. Calvin Harris was there for the day and we could hear the music just like we were there (WITHOUT having to wait in that STUPID crazy line)! Cabana service was awesome and prices were reasonable. Actually had a hard time meeting the minimum even with 8 people, and the buckets and food flowing generously. Took some nice dips in the lazy river, as it didn't get super crowded until around 3pm. Cabana stayed in shade most of the day so it was never miserably hot, even though some laying on the lounge chairs closer to the pool looked pretty miserable. Was a definite nice change to have some heat after all the weird weather we have been having in Texas.

    After pool, we went up to change and get ready for the night. Brother stopped in HL as we were headed up and hit a nice handpay for $2400 (I think his first). Got ready for the night and had a few hours to kill before our first adventure so decided to play a little 3 card poker. BEST RUN I have ever went on in this short of time. Hit 4 of a kind on the 6 card bonus, then 3 of a kind, and then a straight flush all in an hour! Great wins!
    big win.jpg
    Had a few drinks in the lobby bar before meeting everyone (40 of us) out front for a trip to the Vegas sign. When we are by ourselves in Vegas we never do too many "tourist" things so this was a nice change. VIP limo picked us up again. The guy taking pictures at the sign is so nice and funny, he made it a blast!
    lv sign.jpg
    Took a little limo ride down the strip and then back to the MGM. Had an hour before BEACHERS MAD HOUSE, so hubby and uncle played a little craps. I got bored, went and cashed my chips in from earlier then met them back at the craps table. Hubby cashed out with $550 and handed me the 2 green chips. While walking to Beachers, I stopped by a $25 roulette table, put a green down on #23 and I'll be danged if I didn't hit it!! Guess luck was just on my side! Paid $875!
    Brother had been to Beachers a few times with small groups on other trips so he wanted to do it big for his birthday, and BIG we did. Had 4 tables reserved right up front. People, this place is A BLAST!!!! The acts are hilarious, non stop dance music. You cant help but have fun! The costumes are great and all the people are awesome about taking pictures with you, etc. Its pretty much ANYTHING goes. Service at the tables was great, my glass was NEVER empty! They were always on top of it bringing bottles of anything requested and did the champagne toast right at the end of the night and it was great! I would for sure request a table on the front row if possible to be able to see all the acts. People are dancing nonstop on the bar right behind the front seats. After partying nonstop till 2AM we were exhausted and dreading our flight out at 7:55. Thought about staying up all night but decided against it. Grabbed a few hours of sleep and headed to the airport at 6AM.
    Super quick trip through check in and security.

    We have done one other 2 night trip before and I think it is just not enough time when you are with a group. We were constantly doing something with not much time to relax but had a blast! Already ready to plan the next trip! Until next time VEGAS!
  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report!
  3. Elf70

    Elf70 Low-Roller

    Aug 20, 2013
    South Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report. Beachers sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing.
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