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MGM Grand March 1-5

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by wiggum, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. wiggum

    wiggum Tourist

    Dec 16, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Just got back from our trip to Vegas and had a great time as usual, wish the weather could have been a bit nicer but at least the rain from a couple days earlier had cleared out.

    Flew out of Spokane about 30 minutes late on Southwest, if their prices weren’t so cheap and the only direct flight from GEG-LAS I don’t think we’d use them. I swear the boarding process for people that don’t fly much is too confusing, it took forever to get a high school sports team loaded on the plane.
    Checked into MGM Grand as wife was there for WPPI conference, I had 3 nights booked through my MLife in a Grand King and then a fourth night in a Suite through the conference. I was hoping to upgrade to a suite for the first three nights (since MLife can’t guarantee a suite ahead of time which is retarded). When we got to front desk, she said the suites were all full so they gave me a good deal if we stayed in the Grand King for all 4 nights so I was happy and saved a bit of cash.
    Went to Michael Mina’s Pub for dinner, wife had the burger with truffle oil on it and I had the peanut butter crunch burger, probably the best 2 burgers we’ve ever had, even if the bill came to 70 bucks with a couple drinks. Walked around MGM and did a bit of gambling to ease into things, I hate to take a big loss on the first night and then gamble scared the rest of the trip. Didn’t make a thing but got my dice arm warmed up after a long hiatus. Walked to over to Excalibur after wife went to bed and played a few slots, had one win on a Flaming Sevens quarter machine for 200 bucks so I took my money and ran.

    Wife was at the conference today so I took the Deuce down to Fremont street and dropped a few hundred playing BJ, craps and Wheel of Fortune slots. Never had one good run on any Wheel of Fortune machine anywhere, and didn’t see anybody else either. I remember before they went all digital I used to love playing them and people would get some big wins, now I swear they must be some of the tightest machines on earth. Went to the California to check it out, it was so warm the cocktail waitresses were sweating. But I kind of like the atmosphere, very laid back and the dealers were all friendly and chatty. On the way back I stopped at the Pawn Stars shop, smaller than I expected but some pretty amazing stuff for such a small shop. A super bowl ring for $100K and Willie Mays baseball uni for $80K, wow! None of the guys from the show were there that day but it was still packed and a lineup about 40 long to get in.

    We went to the Grand Wok in MGM for dinner, wife had sushi and I had duck/roast pork combo, it was good but felt a little like PF Changs or a similar chain restaurant. Thought it would be a bit better for the prices.
    After dinner we headed over to dueling pianos at NYNY and had a couple drinks, the first 2 guys were awesome and had the place jumping. Then they changed for a break and the new guys sent people filing for the exits, felt bad for them but that’s show business haha.

    When we got back to MGM all I wanted was a $25 BJ table but they were all full, so I wandered through the "semi" high-limit area and the pit boss saw I was looking. I asked him if there were any quarters or just 50 and up and he said "I'll let you play here for a quarter if you want". So I had an open table and started winning, I was up about $300 and asked for colour. He said where are you going, I said thats good enough for me, he said I could play 2 squares at $25 if I wanted. I called him a used car salesman, he laughed, and I headed to the cage.

    Wife was in conference all day so on her break we went to Mandalay Bay for a lunch buffet I had from MyVegas, it was average at best and don’t think we’d go back. I did some gambling at MGM and went through the trade show with her, overall a pretty low key daytime.

    I bought tix for Terry Fator at the Mirage so we headed up there on the monorail to Harrah’s, had a quick bite in Mirage and went to the show.
    I have to tell it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, there was a couple times everyone in our row had tears because it was so funny, he’s very quick and witty. I wasn’t a big fan of his singing and choice of songs but the rest of the show makes it well worth it.
    Went to Toby Keith’s Bar for a quick drink on the way back to monorail, there was a country band playing which is right up my alley, but it lacked atmosphere I don’t know why. Waitresses there were extremely hot, one guy even tipped a waitress and then took a picture of her ass, classy!!! Wife didn’t appreciate that and so out of Toby Keith’s we go…

    For the second morning in a row I was having coffee in the room on back side of MGM and could see the USAF Thunderbirds practicing up at Nellis. They were practicing their routines and formations, quite a ways away but you could see the smoke and tell what they were doing, very cool indeed. I looked on their schedule and see they have NASCAR on their sched this weekend.

    I took everyone’s advice and headed over to the Gold Coast and then Palms for the day, and sure glad I did. It was only a $12 cab ride from MGM so not even worth taking shuttle from Bally’s. Got into some good VP sessions at the Gold Coast and had a nice win, 8X multiplier on 4 aces – if only there was a kicker!

    So I took my $300 bucks and headed over to the Palms and the VP Gods smiled on me for the first time this trip. I could not lose at the Palms, every VP machine pays well and I swear if you know your strategy (thanks Wizard of Odds) you could live in this place and make money. I had a nice hit on a dollar DDB and came out with over $1700 for the day – woohoo!! I love the Palms and might think about staying there next time, had buffet dinner comped on my player’s card and it was so good, put Mandalay Bay to shame.

    That was it, back to MGM for a few drinks and flew home the next morning. Made a few bucks to offset the room and had another good trip, good food, good gambling.

    Sorry about the pics, I can't figure out how to insert or rotate.

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  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Of course they pay well when you hit things like 4's with a kicker. Or 4 Aces with 8X. :evillaugh But can play 9/5 DDB with those progressives on the Strip too. A "good machine" is 9/6 DDB and even better is 10/6 DDB, which Palms actually has unlike the Strip.

    But nice hits nevertheless!

    And where is this waitress pic? :evillaugh
  3. TheCanoe

    TheCanoe Low-Roller

    Apr 2, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm not easily offended, but it really bothers me when people use the word "retarded" to describe something they feel should be better. I only point this out so hat you may know using the word around certain people could make you appear a certain way. Ok, sorry!

    Great TR. the Palms is definitely on my list next time I get to Vegas, haven't been yet
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