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MGM Grand (make that) Mandalay Bay - Dec 22nd – 26th, 2013

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mdee, Dec 29, 2013.

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  1. mdee

    mdee VIP Whale

    Feb 22, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    SWA Flights
    We flew out of Orlando landing in Las Vegas around 9:20AM. I watched the movie Kick Ass 2 on my iPad. The flight home on the 26th had a 30 minute delay and was filled with little rowdy kids and crying babies going to Disney World. And on that flight I watched the new Wolverine movie and I was very thankful for my Bose QC3 headphones! Damn little cry babies were loud!!

    MGM Grand - The Good the Bad and the Ugly
    We checked into a Stay Well room on the 14th floor. I was surprised they had a room ready for us that early. Once inside I felt the room was a tad small and it had a shower/tub combo which is a pet peeve of mine. A separate tub and shower feels more like a resort room to me while a shower/tub combo feels more like an ordinary hotel room. After we unpacked and freshened up we headed to the Avenue Cafe for breakfast. On the elevator ride down there were 3 or more guys in their mid 20’s and one guy started making a sound like a dog trying to yack up a bone. We hear – Whoop… and his buddy says; Don’t do it… Then another Whoop and again we hear; No don’t you do it… and just when the elevator doors opened we both stepped out and heard the guy Barf! It must have been ugly and I’m glad I didn’t see it but my Gal-Pal tells me later that she looked back and the guy had blown chunks all over his friend’s suitcase! Haha! On the way to the restaurant she breaks the “Bad News” to a cleaning lady while I made a mental note to avoid that elevator during our stay! :vomit:

    The Conversation
    Once we had been seated I happened to glance over and my Gal-Pal has a look of distress on her face and I say; What’s wrong? Her reply is; I can’t stay here. Me - Why because of that guy on the elevator? Her – I can’t breathe. Me – What? Are you ok? Her – Do you smell that smell? Me – Yeah the Coconut Perfume smell? Her – Yeah my throat is closing up and I’m having trouble breathing. Me – Yeah it’s coming from the Casino so you’re saying you don’t want to eat here? Her – Sorry but I can’t stay at this hotel. Me – We just won’t gamble here how’s that? Her - I smelled it in the room too didn’t you? Me – Not that I recall. Her – I tried to ignore it but I’m really having a hard time breathing. Me – Do you need to see a Doctor? Her – No I just need to get out of here.

    So at this point I’m thinking she’s over-reacting and going all Diva on me and I was getting a little pissed because I had been looking forward to staying at MGM so I say to her… So what does that mean? Her – I can’t stay here I need to go somewhere else. Me – Like where? Her – I dunno Wynn? Bellagio? Me – We just stayed at Wynn and we’ll be at Bellagio in February. Her – Where else can we get rooms? Me - We can stay anywhere but if we’re going to move then I want to go somewhere I haven’t stayed before to cross it off my Bucket List. Her – So where would you want to stay? Me – What about Mandalay Bay? It’s close by. Her – Ok. Me – So what happens if it has the same Perfume Smell then what? Her – I dunno. So I whip out my iPhone and try to log on to the MLife app but I could not remember my password and say; How about after breakfast we walk over to Mandalay Bay and give it a sniff test and if it meets your approval we’ll see about getting a room there ok? Her – Ok.

    The Sniff Test
    So after breakfast we walked over to NYNY first and hung out for a while and then we took the Excalibur Tram to Mandalay Bay. Once inside I smelled a faint Coconut Smell and I’m getting worried thinking it’s going to be a nightmare of a trip and I ask what do you think? Her – Let’s walk around a little more and maybe play some Slot Machines. So after awhile she says she feels much better and can breathe (Thank God) so we walk over to the MLife Players desk to inquire about our comps and a room. Since I booked MGM I could not book MBay because of the 3 day overlap rule they have but she had enough points to get 2 nights comp’d and 2 nights at a rate of $51.00 a night plus $150 in Freeplay and $75 in Food and Beverage Comps. The gentleman behind the desk was very helpful and even called the front desk and booked our rooms for us and said the room was ready and all we had to do was go to the check-in desk and pick up our keys. I tipped him a $20 for his help and we headed to check-in.

    I have to say she has allergy problems and so I really do not fault her for any of this. In fact I can't be around people wearing heavy cologne or perfume but for some reason that smell bothered her more than me.

    Mandalay Bay
    We had a room on the 18th floor with a view looking all the way down the Strip so that was cool. By now it was lunch time so we walked over to Luxor and gambled some then we ate at Tacos and Tequila before going back to MGM. In fact we ate there twice on this trip. I swear they have the best Salsa in the World! Next we head back over to MGM to get packed up.

    MGM Grand
    When we get back to the room I say listen I’m going to stay here tonight so I can cross it off my list so you can take a taxi over to MBay and she said; No I’ll just walk. Well it was getting late and that didn’t suite me so I said I’d go over there with her and she says she’ll be fine and will text me when she arrives. And by the time this conversation was over she was already packed with one foot out the door. Damn I wish she could be that speedy other times Haha!

    MGM Spa
    Going to a Resort Spa is sort of my thing and I decided that after everything that had transpired I needed to relax. Holy crap I did not realize how far the walk was… Talk about a poor location! Once there I felt it was somewhat of a letdown. Seems they spent some money trying to get the walkway to the Spa all Zen looking but once inside there was nothing really special about the facilities or the decor. I had received a text from my Gal-Pal saying she made it to MBay in one piece. Good to know! Anyway after I used the facilities I went to the Casino to try my luck and we texted each other a few times - her at MBay and me at MGM… Some vacation hua? Anyway I played the MGM Lions Share and a few other Slots but I wasn’t feeling it so I went up to the room (avoiding that elevator) and was in bed by 8:00PM.

    Restless Night
    So I turn off the lights and was afraid it was going to look like the Green Goblin was outside my window all night long until I discovered the blackout drapes. Problem solved. Next I noticed there was a multi-colored glow coming from the Air Filtration system. So I rolled a chair over by it to block the view. I thought I would fall asleep fast but I tossed and turned all night and just couldn’t turn my brain off so I found myself up at 4:00AM taking a shower and packing my suitcase to head over to Mandalay Bay. But it was way too early to go over so I went back to sleep and woke up before 7:00AM and jokingly I texted the following to my Gal-Pal; Can I come home now? I was surprised she responded and said I would check out within the hour and head over so we could grab the breakfast buffet together.

    Check Out - Monday 23rd
    So I tried to check out on the TV but it said the room was in someone else's name. Last I checked my name wasn’t Maria so I went down to the lobby and they seemed a little surprised I was checking out 3 days early but I’m glad they didn’t ask a lot of questions.

    Taxi Ride from Hell
    So its early morning, its cold out and I did not feel like walking to MBay with a suitcase in tow plus I screwed up my knee somehow and was limping so I told the Taxi Stand guy I was taking a short trip to MBay and he hailed me a cab. I handed him a $2 Bill and he says; Hey thanks these are lucky. And I say; I like them too but not everybody agrees that they are lucky and he then said his Dad used to give them to him as a kid. We were having a nice conversation when this jerk off Cabbie butts in and says; I don’t know what’s so lucky me waiting in line for 2 hours just to go to Mandalay Bay. --- Very unprofessional!

    On the way he says; What’s so special about MBay and I say it’s got to be better than this place. So once there I ask; Should I swipe my card now? And he says; Read what it says on the screen. I say the screen is blank. He looks back and then starts cussing and slams the Taxi in park and pushes a reset button and says; How about now? I say; Nope so he puts it in drive then slams it in park again and says; How about now? I say; Sorry not working do you have change for a $50? He then starts cussing again and puts it in drive again and I say; Hey dude how about you do your trouble shooting once I get out… so I ask again; Do you have change for a $50? He then gets out of the cab cussing and yells across to another cabbie asking if he had change for a $50. And he walks over to my door and when he opens it the computer screen boots up… So I swiped my card and got the hell out of there! After all the excitement of our first day over at MGM the rest of our trip was tame so I’m going to wrap this up quickly.

    We went to the Bayside Buffet at MBay for breakfast a couple of times. The food was ok but I felt it was small compared to other Vegas Buffets. We also ate at Raffles Café and The House of Blues. And as mentioned above we ate at MGM Avenue Café and Luxor’s TNT’s a couple of times and also the Grand Lux Cafe at Palazzo as well as various snack shops at GVR and Bellagio etc. Speaking of the Venetian and Palazzo we enjoyed our visit as it had been a year since we stopped in. We’ve stayed at Venetian before but not Palazzo so it is now on my Bucket List for a future trip.

    Michael Jackson One - Monday 23rd
    I’m not a huge fan of song Mash Ups and as far as Cirque shows go this one had it's good and bad moments. It was way better than the Viva Elvis show at Aria a few years ago. Over all we liked the show and there were some lighting effects that were pretty cool and the sets were neat too so we both felt like we were entertained for the 90 minutes. The seats were spacious and you didn’t feel like you were elbow to elbow like you are at some of the other venues in town. It's a show you would see only once.

    We had reserved a car for 2 days so on Monday the 23rd we drove out to M Resort and then over to Green Valley Ranch and later we looked at some new home communities being built out in Henderson. And then on Tuesday the 24th we visited the Palms, Venetian, Palazzo and Bellagio where my Gal-Pal managed to make several wins at the Palms and the Venetian large enough to keep us both going for those days. And on Christmas Day we just hung around MBay, Luxor and Excalibur.

    Spa Mandalay – Tuesday 24th
    As mentioned above going to Spas is my thing so after visiting MGM’s Spa I had my expectations set low. I have to admit I was surprised. The décor was nicely done and when I walked in it had that Wow factor MGM was missing. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t Qua or Wynn or Canyon Ranch but I was still impressed and the only bad thing was they closed at 5:30PM on the 24th because of the holiday so I didn’t have a chance to visit it a second time that day. But no biggie... I enjoyed my visit and felt relaxed afterwards.

    Final Word
    Another Vegas trip in the history books and while we didn't win stacks of cash on this trip she won just enough to keep us going. But I'm glad this trip is over. Especially after the rocky start. Funny how some trips can be more fun than others. Anything more than 3 days is too long for me. February is a birthday month for both of us and it will be here soon enough!

    Forgot to Mention
    While playing one of those large Slot Machines at MBay I was also texting my Gal-Pal when a lady walked up to me and said "Do you mind"? I'm thinking maybe she wanted to play the machine so I asked; Mind what? And she says; Would I mind letting her use my iPhone because her battery was dead. I looked at her very crossed and said NO! And she just walked off! Yeah right I'm going to hand my 64GB iPhone with all my financial and personal info on it to a perfect stranger! NOT!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
  2. TheCanoe

    TheCanoe Low-Roller

    Apr 2, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Cool TR, thanks for sharing.

    I frequently fly to Vegas on Southwest out of Orlando as well. Unfortunately for us, it seems SW is down to one non stop per day between MCO & LAS. they Ed to have an early and late option at minimum, but now it looks like you can only get an 8 am outbound and 1130 am return. Not to mention prices are up :(
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