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March 2013: 3 hotels, 367 beers, and Vegas rain!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by tmaas21, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. tmaas21

    tmaas21 Low-Roller

    Dec 2, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Just returned home from Vegas. Instead of doing a play by play of the trip -- I will try to categorize it for this report. Will see how it goes....

    Myself and 7 friends. 6 male, 1 female. All coming and going at different times. I'm the most degenerate and come first, and leave last. Everybody is content to do his/her own things and rally at the sportsbook table when they are ready.

    Southwest direct both ways. Approx 3 hours each way from the good old Midwest. Flight out was long --- really long. Must have been fighting headwinds that were blowing in the snowstorm that we missed by a couple days. Return flight was faster. Both flights completely full. Was the first on both "bump lists" but never got my name called.

    Hooters for one night. Was impressed by the cleaniness of the room. Tacky feel with the pine wood all over the room....but I think they use "tacky" in their slogan -- so I guess they won't be offended that I thought so. LOL. Went to the pool complex and used the hot-tub. Found out that the pool complex is open 24/7/365. I didn't know that existed in Vegas. Pool complex is nice...really nice....with several pools and two hot tubs. Pools ice-cold, too cold for me to get in. Stuck to hot tubs.

    LVH for three nights. Alert, Alert, Alert!!!! The Elevators were working again!!!! Something I never thought would happen again. Got a high floor room in the Central tower and it was nice. Nicer than the last couple I've stayed in. Reaffirmed my belief to not write off the LVH completely.

    Plaza for one night. Nicest room I've ever had downtown. I guess you'd call it a mini-suite???? Had a wet-bar, a walkin closest, etc... Very nice comp. Was in the South Tower and had a Strip View.


    -Ruth's Chris at Harrahs: Absolutely fantastic. Obviously pricey, but one of the best filets I've ever had.

    -Hooter's 311 wings: Love em.

    -LVH sportsbook deli (2x): Comped both times....excellent snack food.

    -LVH buffet: Comped, very decent buffet.

    -Oscar's Steakhouse: Ate with a pal here on a full comp. Excellent as usual.

    -Subway: LOL.

    -Grand Lux: Awesome, as usual.

    -BW3's: LOL.

    -AM/PM gas station: 2 for 1 corndogs still great as usual. LOL.

    -Cosmo Secret Pizza: so-so this time around.

    more to come later.....
  2. ez369

    ez369 High-Roller

    Feb 3, 2008
    Sugar Land, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Surprised to hear that Ruth Chris is already opened at Harrah's! Looking forward to hearing about the renovations from the former Range and overall ambiance and service!
  3. tmaas21

    tmaas21 Low-Roller

    Dec 2, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    This trip usually coincides with the major conference tourneys, but this year our work calendar shifted and we were forced to go the week of the minor conference tourneys and the last regular season games for the big boys.
    Too be honest --- Wednesday night and Thursday were extremely slow and painful in the sportsbooks. Saturday it picked up and was like any other day we've been. Just hard to bet the smaller conferences that you have little knowledge of.

    The LVH cocktails gals were happy to see us return --- as we always treat them well. $5-$10 a round. And we take them as fast as they'll come. Service is fast, allowing us at least 2 rounds an hour, most of the time 3. Noon-1 is our gals lunch and she always has us lined up before she takes her break. Great service there.

    Sports betting was basically a push for the weekend. Some in our group bet 22/game others 55, others 110.....all the way up to 550. Nobody really bigger than that.

    Horseracing is a hobby that keeps us busy during slow times in the book. We are favorite bettors and love to bet win tickets. Lost wages every time. LOL.

    Video Poker:

    I made a vow to play VP this trip and try to grind....but I can't say as though I did. I'm kind of disappointed in myself.
    I played at the VP bar in Hooters for a couple hours while drinking and eating wings. Then moved to the floor, where the pay tables were better.
    I also played at the LVH, where I found really good paytables on the machines in the sportsbook.
    No notable hands. No royals. No 4ok. I stayed at the .25 level, max coin, probably 6 hours total. Net loss was probably around $400


    Played craps at Hooters, LVH, Golden Gate, and MSS. Nothing notable. I press, and every time I'd things pressed to double, I would 7 out. Just couldn't break through. Hit enough points along the way to keep things together though. Didn't get killed.


    Played at LVH, GG, and Plaza
    Probably played 10 sessions.....9 of those sessions were at $25 base units. Won $$ at least 7 of those 9 sessions. Other two were probably break even.
    The last session was the last night of the trip at the Plaza. Decided to start playing for real --- upped the ante.....and lost, and lost, and lost. Rated at $402/hand when I finally got up and it wasn't pretty. Should keep me in the good graces of Plaza bosses though. Damn it!!!!!


    Let's start off by stating the fact that I AM NOT A ROULETTE PLAYER. I am well aware of the inherant dangers of those tables and I pride myself in not getting sucked in. But.......after reading certain reports by certain people on this board....I find myself watching for 17/20's. I bet...I lose. I bet....I lose. And I kick myself for such foolishness.
    Interesting sidenote --- upon walking into the Venetian for Grand Lux, I pass a table with the following board: 17, 17, 0, 20, 0, 17. No -- I'm not shitting you!!!
  4. Dr. Dollars

    Dr. Dollars Tourist

    May 30, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You're shittin me!
  5. JDinTN

    JDinTN MIA

    Dec 21, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Going up from $25 betting the entire trip to $400 bets the last night must have been nerve wracking! Sorry it didn't work out for you at those higher amounts but sounds like a fun trip. Thanks for posting your report.
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