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LVH- Not what it was under Hilton's direction

Discussion in 'Off-Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by RossW, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. RossW

    RossW North of the 49th

    Nov 1, 2003
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I was a regular here in the good old days, I don't come around to often anymore, I guess life's just busy these days for me.

    My affection for Vegas is as strong as it was all those years ago, I just don't have to post about it on a regular basis anymore, I guess.

    I just thought I'd add my thoughts on LVH - The former Las Vegas Hilton.

    Hilton didn't renew it's contract to continue operating this property about a year or so ago. I was always a big fan of the place when it was under Hilton's umbrella. Resorts International I believe operated the place for Hilton and to the standard of Hilton.

    Since it's gone independent, I don't see it as good as it once was. I did get a comp deal this trip that was quite generous to say the least with what was included. No issues there for sure.

    My beef is in the gaming and some of the other amenities that I was accustomed to using. Slots were tighter than I've ever seen them at any casino. There was just nothing there. Not too many bells and whistles filling the air of the casino floor. Years ago, I 'd generate a lot of play on the bankroll I would take down to LV, that would keep the mailers coming. This year, it was an expensive 2 days there.

    The other 2 days of the trip were at the Tropicana which is going in the right direction whereas LVH seems to be going the other (the wrong direction)

    I'm wondering as it's an independent place now, does that play on the whole casino being more tight issue??

    The other issue I had was the Spa. It was a great place years ago, well run and looked after properly. This year it was like it was just opened up each day and nothing was done to make a Spa visit enjoyable. No one around really to ask for things, no ice water washcloths for the steam-room. Sauna not very hot, whirlpol tubs not that hot. Bottled water put out but not on ice. No fruit and juice in the TV lounge anymore, just coffee now. AACCK.. :nono:

    I'd never go back I don't think to use the Spa. $16.00 for those facilities is way overpriced. I should have asked to get the admission comped but just never got around to asking.....:cry:

    Just some thoughts.

    I've been to LVH many times over the years, under Hilton I was always happy, this past trip, LVH put a bad taste in my mouth.

    If I do get any more comp mailers, which I suspect I will. I'd stay there again but I won't gamble the slots, I'd move to another property to do that.

    Anyone else have any other thoughts or experiences since the place has gone independent?? Positive?? Negative??

    Lets hear your take on since it's gone the way of the independent operator..



  2. kitson

    kitson VIP Whale

    Apr 20, 2004
    hi ross!

    good to see a post from you, as a long time veteran here, it does put some perspective on properties compared to what they once were.

    have had no reason to go near the lvh since we quit attending the magic clothing show at the lvcc, we still go to the clothing markets, but have no need for what they show at magic, and the horribleness on many levels of the lvcc. the hilton itself never really had much to draw us there, except we were in the neighborhool, and have not seen anything positive the last few years to get us over there.
  3. tatterdema

    tatterdema VIP Whale

    Nov 10, 2001
    Seattle WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    All I can comment on is the spa. I used to use it every visit to Vegas because I am Hilton Honors gold, and the spa visit was comp'd. I noticed the deterioration in the spa that you mentioned a couple of months before the change over. My last visit was about a week before the change, it is was pretty bad. I had to go through a dozen lockers before I found one that was semi clean. Like you said, the water was just dumped in a container, not even iced. That is the simplest thing to do, just dump a bucket of ice in there... and there were towels and sandals laying all over. This was 3 in the afternoon, and it did not look as if anyone had picked them up all day. I have not been back since, and now knowing I would have to pay $16 to use it, I definately wont.

    Now I am wondering if I can use the spa at the Tropicana free of charge with my Hilton Honors status?
  4. chef

    chef Resident Buffetologist

    Apr 20, 2002
    Hi Ross,
    Like you, I am long-time LV Hilton frequenter and have also noticed changes.
    The biggest change is on the casino floor. That place is dead, with little effort being made to breathe life back into it. That was most noticeable after the name change.
    Can't comment on spa, as I haven't used it for a year or so. Enjoyed it before that.
    I've stayed there 2-3 times this year and have another visit two weeks (5-niter) from now. Previously, I used the $129/4 nite offers, especially handy for weekend stays.
    I still enjoy staying at the LVH. The room quality is perfectly fine, I like the nightly $10 Go Green rebate for not using maid service and it is always quiet. Another plus for me, is the location away from the Strip, but close enough to easily access it.
    As a runner, I love having a relatively unimpeded 2-mile loop I can do around the property and adjoining convo center. Can't find that staying DT or on the Strip, or off-Strip for that matter.
    The pool hasn't changed any over the years. Again, I kinda like the old-school laid-back atmosphere of that area.
    A huge plus for my son and I is the Sportsbook at the LVH. Still one of the best in town. We are jacked up about spending the weekend watching football there or the theatre that is opened for NFL games on Sunday.
    Check-in is a breeze and have never had to wait for a room to open up, no matter what time of day I've shown up. Elevators fast and efficient.
    Lest we forget, the LVH is on the CAT #108 route with direct transportation to and from McCarran.
    The buffet is not a good value, but is filling in a adequate manner. We'll use our $10 Go Green coupons to eat there on the last day for free.
    Bottom line, room quality and value are what keep bringing me back. Still a big fan of the place.
  5. keno60

    keno60 VIP Whale

    Jan 14, 2008
    south padre island texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    the rooms are usually a great value, the buffet is a little overpriced unless you have some sort of a comp. VP is very good, but the club points don't add up to much compared to other off strip casinos.:wave:
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