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Looking for a new favorite home away from home

Discussion in 'Off-Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by cruiser, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002
    My wife and I have made 25 trips to Las Vegas spread over 172 days/nights since May, 2002. The first 7 trips to Las Vegas (33 days total) were spent at the Tropicana. For trips 8 thru 25, spread over 139 days, we stayed only at Stations Casinos (Sunset Station, Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, and Aliante Station). Our last 5 trips, since October 2010, were spent staying/playing only at Aliante Station for a total of 36 days/nights. Aliante Station had become our favorite home away from home. We will continue to come to Las Vegas twice a year (8 days/nights each trip) until I retire in 2-3 years at which time we hope to visit Las Vegas more often.

    When we return to Las Vegas in 2013, we hope it'll be to play/stay at the new Aliante Casino. When we stayed at Aliante Station in October, 2012, we had each maintained our President level good through June 30, 2013 at Station Casinos. In addition, for the past two stays at Aliante, our host sent a car to pick us up at the airport and at the end of our stay, then had a car take us back to the airport.

    I don't know if Wifey and I are in the system yet at the new Aliante Casino but I've been told that when we contact the new Aliante for a possible return to Aliante in 2013, they would see that we had maintained our President level at Stations. I will be contacting a host at Aliante around March 1, 2013 to see what they can offer my Wife and I to return to Aliante in May, 2013. I also plan on contacting our host at Green Valley Ranch to see what they can offer us for that same 8 days/nights.

    If we don't stay at the new Aliante Casino, then we'll most likely stay at one of the Station Casinos. Sunset Station no longer has 100% VP slant-top machines so they're out. We enjoyed staying/playing at Red Rock and GVR in the past but Red Rock doesn't seen to want anything to do with us so GVR would be our first choice.

    Regarding GVR, does anyone know the state of their 100% VP slant-top machines. We play mostly FPDW and we like to set the speed to max. Are the speed on these machines adjustable? We also prefer playing in the NS section. How's the drink service been lately at GVR?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.