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Local casino and more Karma

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Chat' started by LVHooked, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. LVHooked

    LVHooked High-Roller

    Jun 5, 2012
    Fairview, Pa.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30am, drank coffee and read the board, that gave me the itch to gamble. Showered and out the door by about 7am. Headed to Presque Isle downs, its about 10 miles away so no big deal getting there.

    Hit a .50C quick hits reel machine and lost twenty fast, maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Bought into a $5 BJ table for $50 and played solo, did pretty good and tipped the dealer a lot. At one point a lady stopped and talked a minute but didn’t play. A little after that they came to refill the chips, so I went to have a smoke and the same lady stopped me, and told me my phone had dropped out of my coat pocket. I thanked her a bunch had my smoke and went back to the table.

    After just a little bit a guy bought in and I started losing, I pulled $100 over and played down to that. Colored up and went to a craps table. That went ok at first, but then three shooters sevened out fast, and the table emptied.

    I stayed, and had the crew explain dark side betting to me. It was a blast, I was winning and tipping good so the crew were into it. First time I ever heard a crew yelling for a seven. People would walk up and look but never play, does dark side betting keep people off a table? lol I had a few rolls where someone betting numbers and hardways would have made a killing.

    Our daughter and her family were coming for diner that night, so we had to leave by noon, so my wife could cook. I left the table with $60 so I could play some more BJ. But had a lot of fun for forty dollars.

    The lady from earlier, had grabbed 1st base (where I had been) so I sat next to her. After playing a while I noticed she had stopped playing the side bet, and only had 2-3 red chips left. I figured I would cover her side bet till she lost, or bought in more. The second time she hit the match with the dealer that paid 30-1
    I should also add that she was a rather large women, she hugged me and almost lifted me out of my seat. I have never seen anyone that happy over thirty bucks. Lol

    The very next hand I hit the match on two dollars ($60 win, tipped the dealer five and had a $1 bet on him) and got a black jack. Karma all the way around. After that both of us were winning most of our hands, but before long, my wife was behind me telling me we have to go, colored up $254 left the dealer $4 and headed home.

    Not a big win but lots of fun in a short time, and my wife lost $80 on slots. This was only the second time I played the tables here, but I noticed hardly anyone tips the dealers. Is that normal at most non vegas casinos? Or are people in Erie Pa. just cheap. LOL
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