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List of places to eat recommendations, GF+Short trip 2.5 days 2 night

Discussion in 'Restaurants & Buffets' started by scc31, Jul 13, 2015.

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  1. scc31

    scc31 Low-Roller

    Jun 13, 2014
    Hi all,

    We're all about the Eats on this trip! + Gambling, show, possibly club.

    Quick info about us: Flying in Sun11:20am leaving Tues 5:55pm. Staying Encore. GF + ME. We're frugal but we also have no problem spending $100/person on a nice dinner if we're filled and given high quality food. (IE: Japanese resturants, Mitchelin star resturants, Tapas, etc etc). Just won't want to eat that much fine dining in one short trip if possible.

    Here's what I am looking at for a couple days. Only recommendations I'm looking for are the ones with a * by them.

    Sun- Lunch (quick bite @ Shake Shack. I'm 5minutes from an InNOut at home always wanted to compare), *Dinner 1 (fancy Dining $100-$200 range)

    Mon- *Brunch (Sometihgng like Serenpidity, Breakfast Club or Bouchon), *Dinner 2 (Either Wynn buffet or something quick/random since I plan to watch LOVE on that day or like a nice dinner for ~50ish with a nice ambiance that'll get us in the mood for a show.)

    Tues- Brunch 2 (One of the 3 mentioned at the top and/or Wicked Spoon) prior to leaving since we got a full day prior to having to head to the airport at 3pm'ish.

    Brunch 1 Question: As oppose to the 3 listed, anyone have any MUST eat places at Vegas for Brunch? I'm planning to go to the pool too so I'll hope that the brunch place is around Encore/Wynn property so that I can plan the pool time around the meal time.

    Dinner 1 Question: So my question is pretty much, any fine dining recommendations? At the top of my head and from the VMB TR's here are possible candidates for restaurants I haven't tried and read a lot about as "must" tries:

    SW Steak, Nobu, Giada, Bazaar, Sinatra just to name a few. Primarily if I wanted to spend $200+ It'd be the first two at the moment. Giada seems a little bit more reasonable price with a nice ambiance as well, but I've read their food is mediocre at best. Just food for thought.

    Dinner 2 Question: Any nicer ambiance restaurant that won't break bank? Cuisine doesn't matter but as long as food as above par, price is below that of Dinner 1 and it's around the Mirage. Since I'm not there to spend over $500 on food for two people on 2.5 days of vacation, I do want a nice ambiance that is more on the line of affordable of $50/person and romantic prior to a show at LOVE. I know this might be stretching since it's the strip after all.

    Brunch 2/Random dining questions: Any places that I must try out if I'm hungry late at night or in the middle of the day based on if I'm in the area? Some "secret" place hidden in the Forum Shop or Cosmo SecretPizza deepest corner? Or perhaps the Venetian or Planet Hollywood has some nice restaurant hidden in them that I've never heard of. This can also be my last meal to kill time before going back home on the last day.

    Of course this is all a month in advance and nothing will be set in stone until the day or two before or what we're craving to eat while there.

    I'll just throw this in because I don't want to start too many threads about me, but if you had a must try drink, what would it be? Would really like to try a bunch of cocktails as well.. sometihng like the World Famous Verbana (SP?) drink @ Cosmo.
  2. kittyglitter_mm

    kittyglitter_mm Low-Roller

    May 30, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    As Sunday has the best brunches, I would not go to Shake Shack then. Best Sunday brunches include Wynn Country Club, Jasmine at Bellagio, Sterling at Ballys, and Mozen at MO. you could do Shake Shack later in the evening.
  3. wam

    wam Low-Roller

    May 5, 2003
    new york
    two other sunday brunch recommendations are border grill in Mandalay Bay and verandah in four seasons. both excellent brunches. ate at sinatra once and loved it. stack at mirage is another excellent restaurant and they used to have a price fix menu before the show. check that out as well. just double check the times and cost and menu of the price fix.
  4. Bommen

    Bommen High-Roller

    Feb 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    A lot of the places you have mentioned are really good and i would choose were to eat based on location since its more convenient. There is some great dining in the Wynncore and V/P area so no need to really adventure outside those resorts during your short stay unless you are looking to save money. But since you seem to be on a budget and are looking to save some money on a few meals but still eat well I'm going to make a few recommendations on that.

    First of all i would do brunch when you arrive since there is some good deals going on Sundays and my recommendation would be Border Grill @ the Forum Shop location, if you sign up through their newsletter you will get a BOGO that is valid for their brunch which makes it a great deal. Also other great bargains for fine dining during certain hours are Milos @ Cosmo (12pm-3.45pm for lunch) and Julian Serrano @ Aria if you go during their bar menu hours 1130am-530pm.

    For cheap eats around Encore i would recommend Stripburger, not a fancy place at all but their burgers and shakes are super solid and its located right across the street. You also have Grimaldis at Palazzo if you feel like having a good pizza. For late night eats maybe you should look into to Peppermill, its close and less then a 10 minute walk from Encore and its an iconic place that serves decent food 24/7. In the Venetian area you have Grand de Lux as a 24/7 cafe.

    For fine dining i would try to fit in SW since its just great and the lake of dream experience is pretty cool as well for a first timer. Either way you mentioned a lot of great restaurants and I'm sure you will have a great time and meal whichever you will choose.

    Have fun and enjoy your trip!
  5. iamsomedude

    iamsomedude Low-Roller

    Apr 10, 2014
    A place that is not Las Vegas, but I wish it was.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    For the brunches on the weekdays, I would recommend the Wynn Country Club. Make sure to request a table next to the window with a view of the waterfall when you make a reservation.

    For the expensive dinner, you won't go wrong with SW Steakhouse, Andrea's, or Mizumi (teppanyaki) at the Wynn/Encore.

    For the less expensive dinner, you're probably better off eating at the Fashion Show mall's restaurants as said previously. Unfortunately, I'm not too well-versed with the restaurants there, but a place like Maggiano's might not be a bad choice.
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