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Late Trip Report - Fumbling around in Vegas for the SuperBowl

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by flippinout, Sep 26, 2015.

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  1. flippinout

    flippinout Tourist

    Jan 1, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So I've found myself back in a familiar routine over the past couple of weeks. It's always the same sequence of events for me when I have Vegas in my sights:

    Book a trip to Vegas > > > read a million trip reports leading up to the trip > > > Go to Vegas but never actually write my own trip report.

    So after reading far more than a reasonable amount of TR's for a trip that is 2 1/2 months away, I figured I should take a stab at my very own TR.

    I'm sad to say my last Vegas vacation was for the Super Bowl of this year. It's been way too long. But at least the past 7 months have given me almost enough time to fully piece together what happened while I was there. Almost. Some of those memories will forever live with the streets of Vegas and the alcohol that once occupied a place in my bloodstream.

    Will post as replies

    - - - Updated - - -

    Let's get to it. Jan 31 – Feb 3 for the Bowl that is Super.

    Some pre-trip details:

    This was our 2nd consecutive trip for the Super Bowl. It was me, my buddy (who shall be referred to as Skippy, for no particular reason) and another friend who I shall call Spanky (again for no reason. I promise, don't read into that one too much).

    Skippy and I had gone to Vegas for the superbowl in 2014. As expected, it was a glorious experience.

    Skippy and I have wives who are very close and we regularly hang out altogether. So throughout 2014 Skippy and I gradually kept referring to our trip to Vegas as the "annual Superbowl trip" in front them in the hopes that it would be accepted as such and that we could make a habit of watching the big game in Sin city. Of course the ladies saw right through our attempts, but them being the wonderful gals that they are, they seem to have humoured us for at least one more year. And considering we both had wives that were two months pregnant at the time, we knew we owed them big time. Thanks ladies, you both rock.

    Game on!

    We had stayed at Hotel32 at the Monte Carlo in 2014 as I was there on a comp and for their "big game party". We liked hotel32, and I've stayed there multiple times, but their party was pretty lame. So we made a point to stay elsewhere this time round. More importantly we wanted to watch the game elsewhere and didn't care about whether or not it was free. We're in Vegas afterall, if we're willing to drop $100 on one hand of blackjack then who cares if we had to spend that much to watch the game in a good atmosphere.

    Spanky was a new addition to the annual SuperBowl trip. He's less of a degenerate gambler than Skippy and I, but we try not to hold that against him. He likes his football and he likes his booze, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

    First step was to book a comped room. Second step was to book another comped room. And then third step was to book another comped room. Only in Vegas.....

    I had a booking at Planet Hollywood first but decided to make another booking at Hotel32 since I'm getting to that age where I don't feel like staying in a room with more than one other person. Heck, most of the time I don't want anyone else in the room with me if it's not my wife. And even then I..........wait....better watch my words if I want to keep this as an annual trip.....

    I figured S&S could stay at PH and I would crash at Hotel32.....but when Cosmo offered me 2 nights comped (despite my playing only once and for barely any time) I figured why not have a 3rd room available. Afterall, when in Vegas it's nice to be able to stumble into bed quickly when the need hits you like a freight train. So this gave us many options on where to crash depending on where we were when the need hit us. Cosmo was booked for day 2 and 3.

    S&S had found better flight options leaving the night of the 30th (were able to use points), so they got there the night before me (damn them!!!) and stayed at SLS. They were planning on driving out to some park or something nature related on the Saturday (these sorts of activities are not part of any Vegas itinerary for myself, unless there's some park that has maple bourbon flowing from taps in the trees and blackjack tables manned by wildlife, count me out.)
  2. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great start....looking forward to your report.
    Bruno Mars Concert Trip
  3. flippinout

    flippinout Tourist

    Jan 1, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Day 1 - The Arrival

    Flew Westjet out of Toronto. 11am arrival in Vegas. For those who fly Westjet, I highly recommend the "plus seats". Extra room, priority boarding, seating in the first 3 rows, free food and drinks and it's not much more than their regular fare. It's not first class, but for the extra few hundo it's well worth it in my books.

    Preflight I went online and put down 3 wagers on NCAA hoops and also took the Habs in NHL for $250 each. I figured let's get this trip started early. And in true degenerate fashion I won't be able to watch or follow the games since I'll be in the air (no wifi on Westjet), so I'll find out if lady luck is on my side when I land.

    Flight is the usual – I can't sleep even if I wanted to due to excitement, time doesn't go by quickly, and I watch a couple of Will Ferrell movies on my tablet.

    Check the scores when I land and I've gone 3-1, so I'm already up $500. Great start.

    Get to baggage and am happy to see that my suitcase is one of the first ones to hit the carousel. Great start.

    Grab my suitcase and look for a limo guy with my name on a sign - nowhere to be found. Bad start.

    Ok, don't panic, I'm sure they're here somewhere. Sometimes the hotel32 drivers have a sign with a Belaggio or other MGM property logo on them, so it's possible I just looked too quickly trying to find a hotel32 sign. I walk around looking at the 8 or so drivers who are standing around and still no luck.

    I Call Hotel32 who put me on hold and then come back to me 3 minutes later to tell me that my driver will be at my baggage carousel within 5 minutes. Ok, I can deal with this. I'm up $500 already, I can fight the itch to get to my hotel ASAP. What's another 5 minutes?

    When 5 minutes becomes 20 minutes, I start getting irritated. There's no better feeling than arriving in Vegas, waiting here aimlessly is killing my non-alcohol induced buzz!

    So I call Hotel32 again, get another assortment of apologies, and my driver is finally there about 10 minutes later. I've gone from being one of the first people to get their bags to being the last person still there. But who cares, I'm on the way to the hotel! Life is good.

    Check in was quick and painless as it usually is and I call the business desk to have them deliver the package I had pre-delivered. I always get a case of Mercy (hangover prevention drink) shipped to my hotel so that it's waiting for me. Those come in handy in Vegas, at least if you remember to drink them.

    They deliver it to my room in about 10 minutes, just enough time for me to do a minimal amount of unpacking and brush my teeth.

    The room is just a standard room at Hotel32. Nothing too special, but modern and definitely a few steps above the regular rooms at Monte Carlo. Last trip in May they had me in a suite, but considering it's Super Bowl weekend and I seem to remember low playing them last May, I'm not gonna complain.

    Now it's time to gamble! By now I've texted Skippy about a dozen times and they are on the way back from whatever silly park adventure they were on. Naturally I've insulted him in a number of different ways for doing such a thing when there's booze to be drank and cards to be played.

    So down to the Monte Carlo casino I go with all sorts of visions of converting my newfound $500 into $500,000.

    I promptly lose my newfound $500.

    Oh well, that's ok, I'm supporting the Vegas economy!

    Of course I need to mention the fact that NONE of the tables on the casino floor were offering 3:2 blackjack at Monte Carlo. Not a single one on the regular floor. I could hit the high limit room, but didn't quite feel like betting $100 a hand right off the bat. They wouldn't lower it to $50, so in my rush to gamble I accepted the 6:5 on the regular floor and lost $500 before I could finish my first drink. Maybe I should have just stayed in the high limit lounge.

    Walked over to the HIT lounge to grab a cocktail - a boulevardier - and then took it over to the MLife desk to get my freeplay loaded on my card. Went over to my good friend Slotsky the slot machine and pumped in my freeplay along with another couple hundo.

    It was good to be back. Slotsky is one of those slot machines that just make me smile. The sounds, the silly ducks, the Russian accents - what's not to like? I remember getting a TITO for $60 more than I had put in, but considering I had a $150 in freeplay as well it wasn't a great result. I'm not complaining though, I was in Vegas and the Boulevardier had made me feel nice and warm inside.

    Skippy has texted me a few times saying they're ready to meet up. I needed to meet then at Planet Hollywood so I could check them into the room there which was under my name.

    So I start to walk through the terribly named "street of dreams" shops (if you dream of overpriced shops with poor selection, it has come true) and make my way over, walking through Aria and stopping at the Ellen slots to check them out. I figured with the Spunky Ellen the slot machine had to be fun and was eager to try them out, but I was wrong. And that's not because I lost, I actually broke even. But the game itself isn't really fun - even the bonus rounds I played were lame. One less machine to lose my money on I guess.

    Make my way to PH, meet up with the boys and get them the room keys. We have a quick chat about what games we're gonna bet on (Raptors, Warriors and Flames puckline it was determined). They head up to the room ask me what I'm gonna do. I stare them dead in the eye and just shake my head slowly. I'm in Vegas idiots, when you're done you can find me at a gaming table with a drink in my hand.

    Off to blackjack where I get an energetic and friendly blackjack dealer. A young guy who looks like he knows how to party when he's not on the job. There were some first time players that came on and off the table and he would try to help them along, explaining to them what strategy would call for in each situation. I really don't care if someone plays by the book or not - it all evens out in the long run. I've been screwed over just as many times as I've benefited from someone staying on 15 vs a 7, so I don't sweat it. Maybe I should start ignoring strategy though, because I promptly lose $400 before S&S return from dropping off their bags in the room.

    We hit the sportsbook to make our bets then find a roulette table where we can all play and that is manned by a great cocktail waitress. Play for an hour or so with one of us (not me) winning some money and the other two leaving the table with a bit less money but a lot more buzzed.

    I remember playing Top Dollar for the very first time at this stage. I can't say I'm a fan of reel slots and this one didn't really appeal to me. The bonus is entertaining but all in all I didn't love it (though that didn't stop me from trying it again. And again. And again.....)

    We have a reso at Gordon Ramsay at Paris so we decide to head over to Paris to play some cards before. The casino was bumpin' that night - I don't typically find the Paris casino very lively but tonight was a different story. We play some BJ and I remember that the drinks were coming fast and furious. I'm sure the $20 tip for the first round helped as the CW kept a close eye on us and made sure we were well lubricated. Thankfully this magic elixir was also a lucky one as I recouped some of my previous losses here. Up $700 on that session.

    It was time to head over to Gordon Ramsay Steak. Naturally a roulette table on the way found us making a quick pit stop and I won $200 on a couple of black bets. Go to the restaurant and in typical Vegas fashion they tell us to have a seat by the bar while we wait for our table.

    I have to head to the washroom and tell the guys to order me an old fashioned. I thought I found the washroom but it was rather odd, there was a man standing behind a table and he dealt me some cards and then took some gaming chips from me. Several of them in fact. Then he pointed me towards the actual toilets which was nice of him, so it was basically like paying someone $700 for directions. A bargain.

    Go back to the restaurant and the old fashioned is ridiculously large. It's not a proper old fashioned that's for sure - there was some sort of fruit that shouldn't be in there. But it had A LOT of booze in it. I almost wonder if they had ordered a triple old-fashioned (if that's even possible since they typically have 2-3 ounces of bourbon to begin with) as it is served in what looks like a stemless wine goblet. I chug it when they tell us the table is ready. Things didn't exactly go uphill from here.

    We sit down, get the spiel about the steaks, how amazing they are, how amazing their chefs are yada yada yada. I order a bottle of the Beaux Freres Pinot - a reliable wine that doesn't break the bank. Of course at this restaurant it's priced above where it "should" be (think it was $180) but S&S seem happy with it when it comes.

    Here's what I remember:

    1) Wine comes. We drink it.

    2) Appetizers come. I eat mine (beef tartare)

    3) I enter the I'm groggy, can't see straight, shouldn't be in an upscale restaurant type of drunk.

    So I get up and stumble out with the thought of my comfrotable bed at Hotel32 in mind. No word to the boys about the fact that I'm heading back to the hotel. They must assume I'm hitting the can. But I'm on my way to my bed.

    This of course involves a walk through the casino. Which then of course means I play something. And for some reason I think to myself that this would be the appropriate time to play a game I had never tried before - Pai Gow. I had read a little bit about it and a buddy explained to me how he liked playing it, so I had made it a goal of mine to play it this trip. Just not when I was so drunk that I had just walked out on an $80 steak before it even arrived.

    Well this certainly wasn't my proudest moment, I remember the dealer dealing me my 7 cards, me looking at them as though there was Chinese written on them, and then me asking her if she could please make my two hands for me. Needless to say, I lost. Now I don't know how many hands I played. I hope just the one. But who knows.

    I remember getting outside and being upset about the length of walk back to Monte Carlo. I walked in through the Cosmo casino and walked all the way towards the check-in area. I had never been this way before but I somehow thought it was a magical shortcut. I also thought that getting into a random elevator was a good idea. I remember the elevator opening and me clearly being in a "staff only" area that looked like some sort of storage space. There was an employee there who I must of begged for help as I was so desperate to get out of there and into my bed.

    Needless to say I know I didn't take the safe way home. I do know that I crossed West Harmon by way of the street itself, not by bridge. Thankfully I made it to my room, but magically 2 double cheeseburgers and 10 chicken McNuggets made their way into my hands. Oh the convenience (and danger) of the Monte Carlo food court......

    Nap time.
  4. dgriff1971

    dgriff1971 Newbie

    Nov 6, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report, looking forward to the rest. I'm heading out this year for the superbowl and am interested to see where you go to watch. I've always ended up paying for one of the parties and have enjoyed most of them.
  5. flippinout

    flippinout Tourist

    Jan 1, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Day 2 – The Bowl that is Super

    Wake up. Remember that I should feel pretty terrible right now. I don't feel good, but I don't feel terrible. I spot the empty McNuggets box and 2 empty burger wrappers and start to feel bad about myself. I notice the massive ketchup stain on the bedsheet and feel even worse.

    Well, it's not like I've ever been all that mature in Vegas before. And I didn't even eat my meal at Gordon Ramsay so the McDonald's was just a highly caloric dinner. No biggie, it's time to get over it and get ready for the SuperBowl!

    We had resos for brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, so I text the boys to see if they're up. They are gradually waking up and are going to hit the Paris sportsbook to make bets before we eat.

    I feel guilty about running out on the bill last night - my departure didn't include a goodbye. I'll make sure to apologize and square up as soon as I see them.

    Oh right – I had sports bets that I need to check. Golden State had a great comeback and somehow managed to cover the spread, the Raptors won and the Flames covered the puckline. Based on how much money I have left in my pocket this is a very good thing. Doesn't look like I donated too much money to the Vegas economy afterall.

    Head downstairs and hit up the Bridesmaids slot. I must look pretty cool playing Bridesmaids by myself on the day of the Superbowl. I feel even less cool when it takes $100 from me.

    I text the boys and they're on the way to the sportsbook at Paris so I make my way over. I find them in the long line of people waiting to make bets. Instantly I apologize for desserting them and ask how much I owe.

    Well apparently I ordered more than just one bottle of wine as it was over $300 for my share alone.

    I hand over the money while complaining about the fact that I didn't even get to eat my steak. They then proceed to ask me if I'm being serious. I'm completely lost at this point.

    They reveal that I in fact did stay to eat my steak. I devoured it in 2 minutes. I also proceeded to find a way to get many macaroni noodles from the mac and cheese sides in my wine glass, water glass and basically everywhere.

    The waiter apparently told Skippy and Spanky to check the roof for me tomorrow when they can't find me. It was the Hangover movie in the making in his mind.

    At this point I am having a full blown moment of embarrassment and a feeling of unease as I realize that I clearly have moments of the night that I just flat out don't remember. I have had very few moments in my life where I get blackout drunk. And at 34 years of age I am mostly past the days of drinking for sport, I like to tie one on but remembering the night the next day is typically on my to-do list.

    I hit the diamond line at the sportsbook to bypass the masses and we all get down our wagers. I take Seattle and the under along with a whole bunch of poorly valued prop bets.

    Off to Mon Ami Gabi for brunch. I've had dinner here about a dozen times, but for whatever reason have never done brunch yet. Man was I an idiot for missing out, it was fantastic. This will become a regular occurrence for future Vegas trips, everything was delicious. The three of us piece together last night's events, go over our wagers and take stock of our losses (yes, we all lost) from the previous night.

    After brunch Spanky decides he needs a nap, so Skippy and I head over to PH to play some cards before we head over to Rock Bar in the miracle mile shops for the game. I don't remember if we won or lost, but I assume we lost. I know we also made one of many trips to the Willy Wonka slot where we made one of many donations.

    We head over to PBR Rock Bar where we have seating for all three of us reserved. It was $150 a head if I remember correctly. When we get there I can tell it's gonna be a gong show as I can see more than one person at the hostess stand are complaining about them losing their reservation. And we've already paid. And yes, they've lost ours too – our name isn't anywhere on the list.

    Thankfully I had been emailing with the manager so when I mention his name he comes over and sorts us out. I tip him a 20 and he seems very appreciative. He brings over a bucket of beers for us even though technically the all-you-drink didn't start for another half hour. We text Spanky and tell him to get his hungover self over as the party was starting.

    When he gets there I walk across the street to the Cosmo to see if I can check in before the game starts. I had a 2 night comped stay and when booking it I opted for the $30 upgrade into a room with a terrace and fountain view. About a week before the trip I got an email from Cosmo with a link that gave me various upgrade options. For $50 I could try to upgrade to a wraparound terrace suite. This didn't guarantee me that room – it simply would be given to me if it was available. Considering the room was going for over $1,000 on the Cosmo website for Superbowl Sunday, I assumed it wouldn't be available, but when I get to the counter I'm told it is. Score! The room isn't quite ready though so they'll text me when it is. No problem, I'll check it out after the game.

    Back to RockBar for the game. This was a great decision and ended up being just about the perfect venue to watch the game. It was a thriller. As someone with a heavy investment on the Seahawks I went from thinking it was a sure thing to being absolutely punched in the gut. Skippy was also pissed – he slammed his beer down and stormed out after that horrendous play call on the last play. Truly a pathetic ending.

    We chat with some other guys there about how terrible of a call Pete Carroll made and start putting together the first few paragraphs of a letter we intend to send him asking for a full refund on our wagers.

    Head out to the casino floor at PH and I convert my $200 FP into $500 cash. Decide to head over to Cosmo for some gambling and drinking (and to go check out the room).

    We head up to the room and we are floored by just how nice it is. The wraparound suites are huge and with the balcony it's unlike any other room in Vegas (at least that I've stayed in). I go to the washroom and when I come out Skippy and Spanky have decided to play hide and go seek and are nowhere to be found. They think the room is so big that it's the only appropriate thing to do. Well Spanky is found in a kitchen cabinet and Skippy was behind a curtain. It's so nice to be amongst mature friends.

    We grab a Red Stripe from the fridge and plunk ourselves on the couch to watch some post-game coverage. I don't care what explanation Carroll gave, that was a ridiculous call. You have arguably the best short yard rusher in the game for crying out loud. Oh well, time to go make some of the money we lost on the game back in the Cosmo casino!

    We start by trying our luck out on Roulette. Spanky (the non-degenerate gambler) cashes in $200 and hits a number immediately, banking him a $175 win. Now get this – instead of doing what intelligent gamblers like Skippy or myself would do and press harder and increase your bet size, Spanky does the "prudent" thing and immediately colors up and keeps his winnings. This concept causes my brain to go into overdrive for a minute or two – even the dealer has a look of shock on his face. Spanky says something about not wanting to lose it all back. He's acting as though the house has the edge in roulette, which I'm sure isn't right. Right?

    So I keep playing and lose two $200 buyins. Time to find some blackjack.

    I must say I was shocked at how high the limits were at Cosmo. Talk about feeling like a tiny tadpole in a giant ocean. I could only find one BJ table at a $50 minimum, everything else was at least $100 with most even higher. I sat at a table with a great dealer and some great company. I got an hour and a half of play before I busted out. One of those times when you lose $500 but aren't even mad because you genuinely enjoyed yourself.

    After BJ I hit the Ellen slot again even though I had already determined that it sucked. I think I thought to myself that I must have just gotten it wrong the first time round. How can someone as chipper and fun as Ellen have a boring slot machine afterall!?!

    I'm sure the casino execs were chipper when she promptly stole my $400.

    Hey is that the Titanic slot machine I see! Let's set sail to an island full of winnings!

    You sunk my battleship Cosmo. This was another relatively boring machine, though a bit more exciting t han Ellen. It got me for another $400.

    Skippy is also having his bankroll chomped up by the Jurassic Park machine, though at least he seems to be enjoying himself. He loves hearing that T-Rex roar.

    At this stage I'm annoyed by my lack of luck and the 12 hours of drinking have made me a wee bit sleepy. So off to my room I go. When I'm up there I decide I should enjoy the great room a bit so I crack a beer and order room service. Mow down a burger and some other appetizer that I don't remember and hit the hay.
  6. flippinout

    flippinout Tourist

    Jan 1, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Day 3 – The Departure

    Why can't I get any sleep!?! This wouldn't be so bad if I could at least think about all the money I had won on this trip, but being hungover and not being able to sleep past 430 am while also remembering how terrible the gambling went the day before isn't a nice way to start the day. I don't give up and stay in bed until 730ish, but I was not falling asleep. Very frustrating.

    Today is the day Skippy and Spanky leave for home. They are on a red eye flight at around 11pm, so the plan is that they will check out and leave their bags in my room. Because most of my stuff is at Hotel32, I'll sleep there for the night.

    I text the boys and for some reason they are also up. We meet at Cosmo and I can tell that Spanky is not in good shape. The poor soul looks like a wreck dragging his suitcase along. I tell him it's the gambling gods punishing him for quitting while ahead.

    The walk from Cosmo to Monte Carlo seems to take forever. Let's face it, Skippy and I aren't in much better shape than Spanky.

    We drop off the bags in the room and go in the Hotel32 lounge for some food and coffee. We need to figure out what we're going to do for the rest of the day even though we're feeling so rough around the edges and we're kinda broke now.

    So we decide to go gamble and drink.

    Down to the Monte Carlo and we slot around a bit. Losing $100 at a time on various machines. Skippy finds himself a Monopoly machine that decides to pay him $600 on one of his last spins and all of a sudden he's rejuvenated.

    We decide to go find some food and hit Nine Fine Irishmen at NYNY. Very average meal (I've ate here before and enjoyed it, this time not so much).

    Time to gamble a bit inside the most glamorous hotel and casino in Las Vegas – the Excalibur.

    This place always make me chuckle. But I don't mind the casino floor. Very laid back and I've had some luck in the past. And something about being in that castle just makes me laugh, in a 'look at me I'm in a giant tacky castle' kind of way. You know how it is.

    We start off with a bit of roulette. Even Spanky decides to use some of his hard earned winnings from last night. I must admit this was one of those times that I'm playing without really having fun, simply because my body is undergoing all sorts of symptoms from the lack of sleep and overabundance of booze from the past couple nights. I'm playing but it feels like it's more just to pass the time. Hopefully the Corona's we are trying to enjoy help.

    We eventually all bust out from roulette. Skippy is determined to hit another decent win on some slot so he hunts for a Monopoly machine. Can't find the same one but manages to find a different one that takes some money from him. Planet Moolah does the same to me.

    Since we had plans to bet on and watch the Raptors game at Monte Carlo, we head back to MC to get down our bets. I head upstairs to grab drink tickets from the room – when I get downstairs I see that only Spanky is in the sportsbook.

    I ask where our partner in crime has gone and am told he has gone for a walk……which I know means he has gone right back to that Monopoly slot machine. 60 seconds later my phone rings and it's Skippy telling me in a very excited voice to get over to the Monopoly machine because he's in some sort of crazy bonus round that is paying off. We run over to see him at $1,200 and that puppy just keeps going up until it hits $2,500. Needless to say he's ecstatic and we were pumped to finally see one of us get some big luck.

    Now I know $2,500 isn't a huge jackpot, but considering Skippy didn't even touch slots until I introduced him to Ghostbusters for Superbowl XLVIII it's fun to see. It's his first handpay ever. Meaning he's pissed when he realizes they're keeping 30%!! And doesn't love that etiquette calls for him to tip either! However, he's got himself a nice chunk of cash and we're all happy for him.

    We head back to the sportsbook for Skippy to make a wager and then hit the let it ride table (Spanky who is still hurting stays in his comfy chair in the sportsbook). Skippy has never played LIR and instantly falls in love. It really is a stress free game that doesn't typically drain you of money too quickly under "normal" circumstances because of the slow pace of play.

    At this stage we're realizing that our trip is coming to a close. I don't think anyone is all that upset at this stage as we're a little beat up from our Vegas nights, but it's still always sad to know you're almost at the stage where you have to go back home to reality.

    Skippy decides to be a stand-up guy and buy us dinner at Yusho inside Monte Carlo. Having never been here before it was worth trying. I can't say I would go back, but it wasn't a bad experience. Just not one that left you wanting more. Average at best.

    After dinner we all go back to the same Monopoly slot to watch Skippy try to find more riches. It isn't meant to be, but he only gives back a couple hundred before calling it quits. Oh yeah, and the Raptors didn't come close to covering the spread, instead they lost outright.

    Around 9 we decide we're sick of gambling (well, I'm just sick of losing money) and sick of drinking. So we go up to the room and chill for an hour before S&S head to the airport. Say our goodbyes and I watch a bit of TV and phone home to talk to my lovely wife. I get my first good sleep of the trip and before you know it I'm on my way home with another Vegas getaway down the hatch.
  7. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I was happy to read I'm not the only one who can't remember eating while drunk. I did the same thing on my May trip.....must be a Canadian thing. I really enjoyed your report.
    Bruno Mars Concert Trip
  8. jamesxnj

    jamesxnj VIP Whale

    Oct 12, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report!!!
  9. B S

    B S MIA

    Jul 16, 2015
    Thanks for doing the TR and the recap! Sounds like a good time. Possibly see you out there in Feb!
  10. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report! Sounds like Skippy didn't too bad at least!
    Quick Birthday Trip! LOVE via myVegas!?!?!
  11. bshowell

    bshowell VIP Whale

    Oct 3, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyable read. The macaroni noodles in the wineglass is pretty hilarious even if you can't remember doing it.
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