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Laid Back, Low Rollin' Boulder Highway Trip, August

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mdk63, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. mdk63

    mdk63 Tourist

    Jul 29, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    First Ever Trip Report - Nothing Really to Report Sir.

    Spent 3 weekday nights at the Eastside Cannery on Boulder Highway after a breezy 4.5 hour drive. Had $100 free play and one night at $29.95. That's a lot of room at 29.95; but location has to be considered. But, my gal and I were not interested in location but in rest, rest and more rest. We weren't up for the weirdness of Downtown and the whatever of the strip. Plus I only had set aside $300 for gambling. When we get away to Vegas I rest by playing and she rests by actually resting and shopping. We're perfectly happy to go our separate ways for hours at a time and very happy to see each other when join up again. :ssst:

    After running through my $100 free play almost immediately I only rung up $36.00 on an apparently tight slot. Oh well, at least the room is covered; I'll keep that out of the bankroll. Had a quick late dinner at Snaps and had reasonably bad fried chicken while my wife had soup and salad. Covered our immediate needs and we called it a night after a played an hour of Pai Gow and Blackjack coming out just about even and very well served my fair share of beverages. The Pai Gow at the Eastside is no commission! I was trying to figure out what the catch was; but there wasn't one that I could see.

    Slept til noon, grabbed a quick sandwich and caught a movie at Boulder Station (I think), The Campaign. If you're a Will Ferrell fan you will like this movie, if you're not, this one may not do it for you. Comedy has to push the edge of the envelope; but much of this movie was a "shove" of the edge of the envelope.

    Went back to Eastside and piddled around at Pai Gow, poor pay table VP and the random slot machine while my wife went to the room for some much needed girl time, which she never gets at home (nails, magazines, snacks, chick flicks) with our busy household and lives. My attention span for gambling was rather low (guess I really needed the real rest). So, went to the poker room and played a super tight $2-4 limit game. My live poker skills were rather rusty which I know cost me $20+ in bad calls and missed raising opportunities. Was able to hold my own though while putting another dent in the casino's beer inventory. Played for about 5 hours before going back to the room finding my wife as happy as can be.

    Decided to grab sandwiches from the Deli for a late dinner (since her nails where still drying) and decided to make a date out of watching the final episode of the "The Closer" on TV. (Are we cheap dates or what? We just enjoy simple pleasures and each other.) Oh, something happened on the way to pick up sandwiches. Knowing I had time for one more "free" beverage I promptly paid $100 for it at a Blackjack table on my way to the Deli. Now I was down $130, which still wasn't bad for two days but was mildly irritating. But, it was nothing a good sandwich couldn't take the sting away from.

    The next morning we went to Red Rock Canyon to do the scenic drive. I love the desert and really found this fantastic. I would love to see it in the Spring, but still found it quite spectacular. I highly recommend it. I've always meant to go but was never quite in legal driving condition to do it. With the clouds from the humidity in the air it made for some terrific photos; even for this photographic hack. We didn't do any serious hiking because you really need the right gear at this place and we certainly didn't have it. But, what you can see with just short walks from the parking spots along the way was good enough for me.

    Wife dropped me off at Sam's Town on the way home while she did some shopping. Dropped $60 on Video Power waiting to play $2-6 spread limit hold-em in the poker room. So now I was down to $110 with a full 8 hours of gambling ahead and didn't want to make the walk of shame to an ATM. Bought in for $100. This low limit game was ridiculous; in a good way to me. Dealers were good, service was good and seemingly nobody would lay down a hand. That's bad when you can't catch a hand or your great starter hands are getting beat. But it's great if you can get yourself out when necessary and play with some patience. Was down about $30 when I check raised to $12 with some lucky pull it out of your backside flop full house from the big blind and got everyone to call. Don't remember the hand exactly (hmmm, I wonder why) but the play was unconventional, even by my inexperienced standards; but I wanted this table to pay. Ended up winning about $150 from that one hand. Eventually built my stack to $300 until starting a slow decline to $180. Finally walked from the table and lost some more at VP. Got out and did the 1/2 mile walk back to the Eastside Cannery.

    So now the bankroll total is a little better but I've lost track of where I'm at, butI'm feeling a bit better about my vices :beer:. Played some Pai Gow with a really sweet dealer and a really obnoxious, really drunk patron. He was top shelf drunk and speaking vulgarities to the dealer. He must have dropped a big amount otherwise I don't know why the dealer and pit boss put up with him. Put up with that for about -$35 and got out of there and was going to call it a trip as far as gambling goes. On the way back to the room I threw $15 into a random slot machine and hit for a $100+ cash out. Couldn't keep track in my head at that point (hmmmm, wonder why) and went up to the room to find a happy wife and counted out $270 in my gambling stash. Cheap entertainment! Set aside $10 for win a big jackpot at a slot machine on the way out the door (didn't) and called it quits for gambling. Enjoyed the rest of the evening with my wife.

    Got up relatively early for a big breakfast for the ride home. Sailed home in 5 hours in time for a big dinner with the kids.
  2. ardee

    ardee VIP Whale

    Oct 13, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report.

    Great on you for a 5 hour drive. Husband thinks it's nothing too...he used to do courier work for the family business
    in his college days, so long rides are second nature to him.

    Congrats on your wins on the games. Always fun. :beer:
    Thanksgiving Trip
    Christmas in Vegas!
  3. sunny123

    sunny123 Tourist

    Nov 29, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Sounds like a perfect trip.
    Wish I had your strong willpower.

    Love the desert too.
    I enjoy going to Death Valley or Valley of Fire for a gambling break.

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