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It was All a Dream.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sco5123, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    24 hours down and I feel like it's already been ten days.

    I am not sure of the difference between live and semi-live reports except I know for sure that they are as-you-go reports. This is a meager attempt at something of the nature.

    I have never visited Vegas during a semester week, so the moment calls for updates...otherwise, I might not get around to writing one when I get back.

    A la December 2011, this may be a jot-down-type (aka cliff notes) report. I know stylistically I try to make a bulky, full-detailed, minute-for-minute report...this will have to be saved for later.

    Sat Aug 31


    Eyes sunken from the world of comp exams, apartment moves, publications and coursework, I made my trek to my happy place...and I found the weight of that world lift off my shoulders as if I had cracked open a shell of my life and stepped into heaven.

    Even the nap in the flight felt like beauty sleep.

    My skin began to glow and within 24 hours of being in Vegas, my eyes emerged from the depths of my face (lol).

    I barely had a chance to prepare for this trip. Booked the flight, hotels, a few shows, and I was off. Usually 50% of my downtime was planning for Vegas. Now...I wonder what is downtime. Hence, the desire for this trip.

    Upon arrival, I entered the shuttle to my first stop: LVH. All the while I soaked in the sights as people were dropped off at their respective destinations.

    All I can say is, looking out and seeing Vegas, it felt super surreal. I kept asking myself, am I here? 24 hours later I am still touching my arm like is this real?
    I saw there was a super long line when I got to LVH but I had a show at 8pm so I dropped my bags at the bell desk and took a taxi to my destination.

    *Onyx Theatre*
    I was visiting Onyx theatre in the commercial center in a creepy place off Sahara avenue (where Lotus of Siam is, supposedly the best Thai restaurant in the country) so I feared a taxi not coming to pick me back up when I was done.

    The theatre has ample seating with a black box style intimacy. The actors were intense. I saw a Streetcar Named Desire and it was an awesome rendition. Attached to the theatre is a gay shop. Next door is a gentleman’s club. Blazing music all night are two hole-in-the-wall bars such as Badlands (?) Saloon (which is super cool and western/outlaw style) and Green Door.
    I was so happy to find another theatre in Vegas to count on. But the area is still ridiculously sketchy. According to a worker, there is also a Cockroach theatre in the Arts district (but this area also really creeps me out). Thankfully, as soon as a called a taxi, they came to rescue me.

    Stay at LVH was nice and relaxing. Bed was super comfy but housekeeping is a little sketch in the bathroom (what is with Vegas in this regard?)

    I left LVH to experience the Strip. Took the monorail. Completely empty. I thought, what the hell, isn’t this a holiday weekend?
    Stopped at Carnaval Court and they were charging $10 bucks. So I left.

    Dealertainers were not around when I walked in, so I left.

    Bond music was nice but there was no room.
    For the fourth time in history, I arrived at Chandelier and there was basically no music playing. It’s a beautiful space but I always miss this supposed DJ.
    Walked by the Marquee line and remembered why this is some of the best people-watching in the history of Vegas.

    *Monte Carlo*
    Diablo was playing amazing music when I walked by, but I can never get over the eyesore that is Diablos. And you know how I am about aesthetics.
    Brand lounge seemed like it was popping tonight; even had a bit of a line. But really, clubbing in MC? Not going to happen.
    Grabbed a late night fish sandwich at Mcds and headed off.

    *Hawaiian Marketplace*
    This place was nearly deserted on a Saturday night. What’s going on here? But the karaoke was still going on strong.

    It was a really good night, hopping around and soaking up the energy and all the people hanging around. It certainly was not as packed as I expected it to be on the strip on a holiday weekend.
    Walked by Sugar Factory, which, though not a lounge of any kind, is always playing music that I can vibe to. I am giving them a star as an honorary lounge.
    When I pass there, day or night, they are consistently playing something that reminds HEY I AM IN VEGAS ITCHES!! It also helps that it’s a busy section with the beautiful sights of Paris and Bellagio. Uber Vegas.
    Very few of the lounges/bars at Paris had things going on.

    I discovered Indigo for myself on my walk to Ballys.
    This place was so good, lots of people were on the dance floor (all ages) with lots of spillover into the casino. No pretentious lines or clothing.
    I hung out on the outside while summer jams played with a crowd of folk who were dancing on the inside dance floor and outside on the casino floor. What a beautiful and wonderful feeling.

    It was an amazing way to end the night.

    Sun Sept 1

    *Circus Circus*
    Checked out of LVH and moved to Circus Circus.
    A myVegas specialty.
    So for the night I paid $11, which came with free matchplays, rides, midway games etc.
    I got their highest room in the Casino Tower which is absolutely lovely.
    And it’s like a ROYAL purple!

    Off to the beautiful Wynn.
    I never get tired of this place.
    I walked in through the Encore Beach Club side. The line went all the way to the casino. OMG, that line was the highest concentration of stereotypically beautiful people I have ever seen in my life.
    Walked right on by to Wynn casino.
    I started off on a rough spot with my favorite slot from last trip HOOT LOOT. $40 in and very few wins.
    Then I went to my least favorite slot from last trip Michael Jackson. And I won $200 over several bonuses that just kept hitting. Oh, and did I mention I only started with $5 bucks on this machine, which I promised myself I would not play past if the machine ate it up? Luckily, I did not have that problem.
    Dear Wynn, you rock.
    I stopped playing it when I saw the same casino person keep walking by (and watching me) and then the machine went cold. Oh, conspiracy.
    I proceeded to play a number of other slots, particularly China Mystery, buffalo wild, lobstermania, among others, with not so good results. But I only risked another $30.
    I did well on the new Alladin machine, hitting $100 bonus on an 80cent spin, which was so much fun because there are multiple levels to the bonus and you can program the level of intensity of the seat which move and rocks with the bonus. Lots of moving and rocking because I put it on high intensity lol. I can’t wait until movie theaters do this.
    You know how when you win money and keep playing from your stash, your overall profit is not as high as you imagined?
    Well, I started off with $220 and left with $300. Despite some big wins (in my estimation), I kept playing from my stash so the end was not so profitable. BUT! It’s way better than the total loss I always expect. GLEE!

    *Ellis Island*
    Used the ACG $5 match bet coupon and won on black at roulette.
    As I waited for the BBQ restaurant to open (which is wonderfully marvelous) at 4pm, I played nickel VP at one credit per bet. With $2 bucks, I played for an hour. THIS is the life.
    Used the acg 2-for-1 coupon and ate lots of BBQ-ey grub.

    *Circus Circus*
    Back home because of a flash flood warning that never seemed to come.
    Played at the 1cent machines for the white car in the front. These machines were so hot. I would put in $2 bucks and kept playing until I got $13 and proceeded to lose and do it all over again (for a total of like 10 times, putting in $2 bucks at a time).
    Gosh, I wish I kept it…some of the profit. I just kept playing. I played for an hour on $20 bucks. And as the machines grew cold, I noticed the crowds that were swarming them earlier had dissipated.
    I used my 2 free midway games to try to get cute teddy bears, which did not pan out. Which is a good thing I guess because how would I carry that large thing around anyway?
    I was blown away by the free circus acts. I found it better than Cirque. It’s more up-close, short and intense, and most importantly free. Get your acrobatics fill here.
  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good start! And it does sound like you have done a lot already! I have a feeling we'll be running around all over the place later this week too. :eek:
  3. techie223

    techie223 High-Roller

    Jun 17, 2010
    Ottawa Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Happy to see you changed your mind on the whole "I'm done with Vegas thing". Always look forward to reading your reports, since you manage to do lots of things that I would never think of doing.

    Have you researched where all of the theatres are in Vegas? Do you plan your trip according to whether there's a play or act you want to see being performed, or is it just whatever happens to be playing during your trip.

    I too love the BBQ restaurant at Ellis Island and try to get there every trip :beer:
  4. Tammy58

    Tammy58 Frugal Slot Jockey

    Jun 16, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoying your report very much! Can't wait for your next installment.
  5. LolaDoggie

    LolaDoggie VIP Whale

    Jul 6, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Fantastic. Isn't Vegas medicine? It'll heal you in way you didn't even know you were hurt. I can't wait to read the rest of your report.
  6. Alhanalasa

    Alhanalasa Low-Roller

    May 12, 2013
    New Hampshire, USA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds great so far! Glad to hear you are rejuvinating.

    Also, totally agree with you about the line of Beautiful People at the Encore. Stayed there last September, and while I love the property, it's not good for my self-esteem to spend too much time there. :wink
  7. CVG2LAS

    CVG2LAS Tourist

    May 8, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You really know how to soak it in, mix it up, and appreciate it all. Looking forward to reading more.
  8. Kobra2848

    Kobra2848 VIP Whale

    Oct 30, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It seems you have the same luck as my wife. She puts a five in a machine and plays for a hour. I put in a hundred and tap out in 5 minutes.
  9. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Mon Sept 2

    *Circus Circus*
    It’s hot. But I have seen more rain in the past 3 days in Vegas that I have ever seen in all my trips to Vegas. In fact, this trip is the very first time I saw rain in Vegas period. It’s just awkward. But it comes and goes quickly….thankfully.
    It’s also been a little bit cloudy. I am so used to Vegas being hyper-sunny. Sun is still out though.
    I realize I do not like the heat of early September as much as I like the warmth of mid/late May. But at least I can walk outside and for fairly long distances without feeling like I can’t breathe like in August. Early September is certainly tolerable. Not preferable but definitely definitely tolerable.
    I woke up at 3 am today…who knows why? No idea.
    More than Vegas nights, I am crazy about Vegas mornings! I got prepared for my day and decided that I wanted to switch my room to queen Casino tower room so I can compare the two while it’s basically “Free” through myVegas. I so much prefer the King because the queen has a different color scheme (royal purple vs green/brown). The King room certainly feels more majestic. I like majestic.
    Went outside at 4:30am just to check the pool (which happens to be open from 9am-8pm so I was just watching from the outside of the gates really). It’s a tolerable looking pool. Pretty basic for Vegas, so I did not miss much of anything avoiding it.
    What was however awkward was that the pool was not in the tower but was outside in the detached Manor section for CC.
    Which made the walk over there sketchy especially because three drunk guys seemed to be getting out of a strip club limo and little ‘ol me walking around at freaking 4:30am in the morning thought that was GREAT idea (sarcasm)!
    Boy did I feel like I needed to run.
    With all the discussion on the board about “working girls” in plain clothes, I could get mistaken for one (shudder)…especially random walking near the sketchy area of Manor rooms/trailer park at FOUR AM IN THE MORNING.
    I at least got to see the pool. And ran.

    *Four Queen*
    Thought I would head to Gold Coast and then thought against it, since I was now closer to downtown and could go and get my fill.
    I met the most grumpy dealer (you know how I feel about grumpy) and I was all smiles, happy and giddy.
    I think he was mad I was on vacation?
    Anyway, I put down $20 bucks on the BJ table and left with $60. Great way to start the morning.
    Put in two bucks into a couple slots, and left with those 2 bucks.

    I sat at the $3 table with $10 buy in. I was doing good until another player joined me.
    Lost my $10.
    I headed to the electronic roulette wheel with $3 min bet. I put in $10 and I was hitting for a little while on Black because it seemed to prefer Black.
    I kept betting my favorite number :36. And then when I stopped betting it, it came out. Gaming can be ridiculous. Lol
    I was also playing 13, because so far, I had been put in two different rooms that started with the number 13. I thought it was a sign. But the 13 never hit.
    I left that table after about 30 minutes with none of my buy in left.
    I proceeded to put $1 into a couple of slots but there was no fruit.
    I love to play with singles when it comes to slots. A lot of playing slots is purely psychological. If you tell yourself that $1 is really $100 and play 30 cents a spin for 3-4 spins, you feel like…
    1) you are getting your money’s worth;
    2) you find out $1 is enough simply for entertainment value;
    3) you don’t keep your big bills in there and then decide to just play it all the way through because you think, what the heck it’s already in there and it’s a bit of a hassle to cash out now before I have hit anything;
    4) you are better able to determine whether the slot has high/low hit frequency (and make a decision to get out of dodge) ;
    5)you can hop from slot to slot a lot easier without guilt that one sucked all your money; no, instead they all had an equal shot at $1;
    6) and at number 5’s point, using $1 (on multiple slots in an equal opportunity kind of way) allows you to really determine which slots deserve to have more of your money, providing greater entertainment value and greater return (eg, it actually provides either small returns frequently or…big returns frequently. I kinda abhor slots that you play 20 cents per spin only to win 4 cents back, or worse the slots that you play $3 per spin max bet only to find that you could have made that same $5 win betting 30 cents per spin and your bonus play gave you only $10 which you clearly could have received betting 9cents. Not all slots are like this but there are several criminals out there. Of course, no slot is worse than the one that you plunk and plunk and plunk and plunk with nothing to show for it, not even 4 cents returned back to you once.) If I find a happy slot, I stick with it. But I use the $1 plunk as a filter. Of course I have been known to throw in $20 straight through on a whim. (I mean come on, what are we slot players for?!!!!)
    7)you get more than 3-4 spins on your dollar if you get lucky, which is what you are ultimately really trying to gauge anyway: luck. Better to spend less to gauge this.
    7) if you lose in 3-4 spins…uh, who cares? It was only $1.
    8) By assuming the $1 is $100, I assume, however falsely, that this particular machine I am playing with will respond to this $1 bill as it would to a $100 bill. If it eats it up with out sh!tting it out, you have gained your sanity.

    9) If you put in $1 and cash out at $2, that’s a 2:1profit. But if you put in $20 and cash out at $21, that’s a 0.05:1 profit. Psychologically, you *can not* handle cashing out at $21, first of all, and feel like a winner. But if you put in $1 and cash out with $5, even if you make $10,000 in a week, you will feel like a lucky mfer (caveat is that if you make $10,000 in a week, that $5 may not mean much…but it can brighten your mood for at least 3 seconds). Suddenly, you will feel like the slot is a personal ATM.
    10) And if you put in $1 on several machines and usually cash out with a small profit (even if it’s only 50 cents profit), you have now left with a larger profit overall. (If not, you have now left a few dollars poorer).
    11) and most importantly, you tell the casino to kiss you’re a$$..ets.
    The method to my madness.
    But as always rules are meant to be broken, and I just threw in $20 into my least favorite slot from my last trip that gave me luck earlier this trip at LVH. Now, at Binions, the MJ slot chomped my money with little return.
    And as any sane slot player, I continued to plunk down another $20 at the MJ slot nearby (after the other one had just eaten my $20 bucks). Because, you know, that makes sense.
    But on my first spin, BAM!!!! Hit that bonus.
    And I was playing $1.20 so the wheel had higher values.
    I ended up winning $105 on that bonus game. I was so glad because I had only brought $60 total for the day, and I was now officially up.
    I left that slot with $125 bucks. BOOGIE!

    *Golden Gate*
    I jetsetted out of Binions to GG.
    Another stinky, grumpy dealer…gosh people it’s only 6am in the morning. Cheer up!
    I was so happy, like a child. It did not break my mood.
    I proceeded to lose my $10 buy in at BJ.
    Got up and played at the next door table. She was so happy and cheerful and with my $10 buy in, I was able to play up to $60 and check out in under 10 minutes. The power of cheerfulness….do not underestimate it. It’s glory is that win or lose I stay in a good mood.
    Threw some singles at the GG slots and they just ate it up for breakfast with no bowels (i.e. no wins).

    *Las Vegas Club*
    By now it was 7am about and I just love Fremont in the morning, just so refreshing and rejuvenating. My playground.
    It was SO nice that the zipline was not operating. A bit of a nuisance to me.
    Funny playing downtown can be nice (in fact it is nicer than the strip for playing) but I just can’t stay there. Especially because Fremont nights irk me a little (I love the clear, clean, retro feeling of the mornings but the nights get too crowded, slightly rowdy and overwhelming with no particular things of interest to me). Also, I need semi-posh surroundings. You know, like the casino tower king at Circus Circus. Haha
    I skipped over to LVC and played some slots with about $10 and nothing much happened.
    So I bought in at $10 at the BJ table with another bright, smiling dealer. Just made my day. Mid-way, the pit boss came over to ID me as they always do. But before he came back, I had already won $50 and was out of there!
    Again, you see the pattern? If I buy in small, I leave when my profit is much larger than my buy-in…which is usually (unless I lose the small, measly buy-in)!
    I was hitting like crazy this morning…and I was loving it!

    *La Bayou*
    I grabbed all the pennies, quarters and nickels in my bag (which only came up to $1.50) to play here.
    I could have used actual dollars but what the hey! I wanted to *really* plunk down the money this time.
    Apparently they only take nickels and quarters to redeem into dollar form. Since my favorite machine was not taking the dollar form anyway, I just pulled out those 4 or 5 quarters and watched it play. Always a good time. Nothing to show for it, but definitely a good time.

    *Four Queens*
    It was so early in the morning, Mermaids was not even open. So I headed to Four Queens again.
    Some dollars in a machine. Nothing.
    SO I headed to the craps machine, where for the first time, since my trip in December 2011, the craps table was favoring the field (which is the only bet I truly care for). 3s,2s, 11s,10s, and 9s were hitting like crazy. Since it followed my favorite pattern, I jumped on!
    At $1 min bet, I intended to stay for a few hours but since I like the field bet, that required someone else playing.
    Someone else was playing but I do not think she was doing well. So she left after playing 10 minutes more.
    Within 5 minutes of sitting down, I had gotten up to $18 from a $10 buy in. I cashed out at $14 though because the lady left so quickly.
    A couple more slots with nothing and I was off.

    Walked through Fremont to see their $3 BJ table which was packed at 10am in the morning. Nothing to see.

    *El Cortez*
    Walking to EC, I looked inside all of the lounges that have recently sprung up and honestly they look dingy inside. Guess I haven’t missed much not going there (however I do like the 3-story BASS place on the actual side of Fremont).
    Apparently the $3 BJ table was yet to open. I do not even know why I stopped here. EC has been nothing but bad luck to me. Walked right past all the slots and out of the door.

    *Golden Gate*
    Went back to GG for some delicious grub. $6 for 2 buttery pancakes? Yes please!

    *Circus Circus*
    With all the luck of the morning, I figured I would play a little at Slots of Fun. $5 into my fav HOOT LOOT. Nothing to show for it. Plunked another $5. Again nothing. Then I got crazy.
    You know when you just go crazy? Lol You know you are losing and you make a habit of it?
    Several machines later between Slots of Fun and CC (where I know for certain I usually do not have much luck), I was down to $15 total….from the ~$140 dollars accumulated downtown.
    Yikes! Serious yikes. Hate that temporary insanity.
    I was seriously on a high downtown…now I had the funk. You know, the funk.
    Thankfully, I still had major control, and while I was down to $15 for today, I was still up $15 for the trip.
    Not bad.
    I always forget that the Strip is devilish. There are few places I consistently find comfortably lucky on and around the Strip.
    The very MINUTE I step on the strip and play at the average hotel, I lose. That’s just my experience. And I am sure it can change. I guess…maybe everytime…I assume THIS is the day it will change. Yeah right.
    Went to my new room and crashed for several hours. I had no idea I had been out for 6-plus hours at this point. It pays to wake up early.
    Strangely, I woke up in time for a 8:30pm show. BOY, what a rest that was. But I awoke thoroughly refreshed.

    Another good comedy show but certainly not as good as the rest. As for the crowds, there were barely any on this Labor Day (as passersby would say later mid-strip “This place is dead for Labor Day!”)

    Had a fun time shopping here. Bought some new sneakers. Yay!

    Normally I do not eat late but I had only eaten pancakes. Half-order of zesty nachos with extra pico de gallo and shredded lettuce (had an amazing salad at the Quiznos at Riviera earlier as well). Simply hit the spot.
    I tasted the chocolate peanut-butter pancake puppies and they were gravely disappointing.

    This was my first time to walk in here since the comp fiasco of 2011.
    I got my Grazie card and proceeded to try my luck.
    In fact, there was no luck. No luck to be had here.
    And on top of that, the Drinks2u service was only in a certain section of the casino (the deadest section of the casino).
    I did find a nice Wizard of Oz slot that was hitting bonuses regularly…but those bonuses were as high as 300 credits. $3?? Really, $3??
    I had one bonus with 60 cents. Playing with your mind, man, playing with your mind.
    In this section, there was no Drinks2u. Got a nice Shirley temple anyway (gives me a high lol).
    I started playing dollar slots with the $40 I just took out.
    Lose. Lose. Lose.
    I had a thought to take out $100 and keep playing. Again, temporary insanity. Why do you play more when you are losing? Oh, the psychology.
    I decided against it and got the heck out of that place.

    Went to Carnaval Court and the music was amazing….FINALLY! Kill techno.
    But it started to rain and HARD within 10 minutes. I ran for cover at the Quad.
    Lots of people stayed to dance in the rain (beautiful to watch)….but then there was lightning. I’m out.

    An older gentleman had a crowd around him as he danced and gyrated. He was killing it. Honestly. I gave him a thumbs up. He was having fun and letting loose! The epitome of Vegas.
    He danced to several songs and though he was not the greatest dancer, he brought smiles to people’s face. And that, dear people, is priceless. The crowd just grew.
    I saw a BJ table where a couple kept hitting, so I took out another $40 (my prior $40 had gone to Pallazo hell) and joined.
    There was a ridiculous side bet that you win if your cards and the dealers up card make a straight or flush. This happened several times for the couple and immediately for me. Our energy at this table was indeed electric!
    I got up to $120 on that table (from that crazy side bet) in no time but when the dealer switched from Britney spears to Prince, I started to lose. Got down to $50 and switched to Neyo’s table and was down to nothing in under minutes.
    Welp, it was only $40 to begin with anyway. Still the funk started to creep in (though it did not take over), but that was not because I had lost money but only because it was now 2am the and two places I knew would be open and alive at this time was Carnaval Court and the casino (and both had just failed me).
    Taxied it from caesars back to CC…
    More details/responses to come…but the comments do encourage the effort! Thanks everyone :)
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2013
  10. vegasqc

    vegasqc VIP Whale

    Nov 9, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good thing that last entry was only the cliff note version hahaha

    Cant wait to read the rest, glad to have you back
  11. Gino

    Gino "The King of Inappropriate."

    Oct 25, 2009
    Tampa, FL.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoying the TR immensely. As a DT rat, and a morning person "an annoying as fuck" morning person as I've been told, I've often felt like the dealers are pissed at me because I'm on vacation, and in a good mood..:evillaugh
    10 Year Anniversary Trip
  12. Motorhead

    Motorhead Low-Roller

    Mar 25, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the great TR so far sco ! I really love how you bounce around to so many different places every day - I get exhausted just reading as you pinball around!
  13. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Tues Sept 3

    I decided today and tomorrow would be days of no play. Hey! I have to control my budget somehow.
    I ate more Denny’s nachos and GG pancakes lol. What a diet I had. But it was cheap!

    *Monte Carlo*
    I checked out of CC into MC for one night. I stayed on the Myvegas promo and they did not even charge me the resort fee (and I am not sure if this is normal at MC). So, without incidentals, this was as free as Luxor last trip. Yippeee skipee!!
    I found their Mcds food a tad gross and threw it away.
    I spent a couple hours at their marvelous pool. Lots of lazy river laps and sitting in the hot sun.
    God, it’s hot. I do not like this. It’s uncomfortable. Remind me to stick to May. It’s restricting my movement.
    And it rained almost every day thus far. It’s so abnormal.
    I enjoyed the pool but not so much to continue to stay at MC. MC was blah.
    I did not care for the room really. Not bad, not great. I’m neutral. Free room is definitely a great way to sample hotels.
    Of course the casino is not all that exciting but it gives some air of luxury .

    *Golden Gate*
    Went DT strictly for pancakes.

    I went to Clarion today and saw Shades of Sinatra. Pure happiness. Voices were impeccable. And the lady is one of the most stunning women I have ever seen(and she must be in her late 40s/early 50s). It makes me excited to age gracefully!
    The show really sent me back in time and I loved it! I believe this show will not last too long at Clarion and I predict it will get shipped off to a strip hotel. It’s currently comped on Goldstar.com.
    I also toured the place; the room looks like Las Vegas Club room a little. The pool is super basic. The business center is easy to use. They have surprisingly 2 theaters and more shows than most hotels. Truly shocking. Would I stay here? I don’t know. Recently I am feeling like avoiding all off-strip properties.

    *Royal Resort*
    I also saw the nearby Royal Resort. Splendid lobby; sweet Jacuzzi. Super boutique. Otherwise nothing to see here. Move right along.

    Wed Sept 4

    Checked into the God-forsaken Quad for the next few days.
    I swear each and everytime I would not go back…but sadly, there is no hotel that makes me feel like Quad does.
    It is still missing the magic I once felt at Imperial Palace but even as a new, diluted version, no other hotel can touch it.
    It’s still gross. Yes. Am I gross? No. At least I don’t think so. I had the housekeeping come and give the room an extra clean as soon as I checked in…while I watched. But it still did not quite feel right.
    The sad thing is, I anticipated the bathroom being dirty…and it was. Smh. Oh, what we do for love.
    The thing is that I fell in love with IP when it was consistently clean, and now that it is just not, it’s just hard to shake the feeling I feel when I come home.
    As you all know, the only hotels that comes close to IP in my mind in the feeling it gives me is Wynn and Excalibur. I am sure Wynn would not want to be mentioned in the sentence of IP and Excalibur…you probably would not want to hear that either (as they are absolute complete opposites of the spectrum). But it’s true.
    And yet those other hotels are worlds away from the magic I feel when I enter Quad. Oh well.
    Even the taxi driver over to Quad said he had never heard in his whole 22 years in Vegas somebody say that they adore Quad rooms. First time for everything.
    Checked in super fast. Pre-paid my stay including resort fee. Got my 2 queen beds (though I booked a king), pool view (with an obstructed view of the strip yay!), tipped the front desk lady (who also was involved in the scandal with the manager of last December but she was actually nice…I do not forget people).
    Apart from the bathroom, the room was pristine-looking (but hey you never know? I know….gross). There is an issue of cleanliness in ALL (or most I have encountered) Vegas bathrooms that are starting to worry me. In fact, when I stayed at Wynn (5 star hotel) last December, there were hairs in the toilet room on the floor (had that promptly cleaned). The same was true of my stay in Excalibur, Luxor, and Hooters last trip. LVH, Circus Circus, and Monte Carlo had freaking hairs on the floor this trip. However, none was worse than Quad. Yikes! Vegas bathrooms are creepy crawly and the standards of bathroom cleanliness seem to be dropping…or maybe it’s just my luck.
    Anyway, when I stepped into my Quad room, I felt as if I had come home. I did a boogie all the way back to the strip like a little kid.
    I had to stop fooling myself….maybe one day I will be over it, but nothing quite feels like VEGAS to me apart from staying at Quad.

    *Casino Royale*
    Tasted the $1.99 foot long hot dog today. Surprisingly tasty.
    I looked at the tix4tonight prices and realized you can get most of these shows cheaper online.

    I picked up groupon Laugh Factory tickets and toured the place again. Very south beach feel .
    Pool was not as majestic as the pictures looked. It’s just one big pool with nice rocks, waterfalls (purely for aesthetics because you can not swim in them) all around.
    The Laugh Factory show was not all that funny tonight. The headliner did “funny” renditions of several super stars but I barely chuckled. It’s a hit or miss.

    Enjoyed the live band today. MAN are they talented! I usually only come for the DJ but these ROCK STARS did Metallica, Robin Thicke and even Michael Jackson (with the perfect dance moves as well)!

    Thurs Sept 5

    Could not find a good table to kick of my day back to playing.


    Had cheese fries and a hot dog at Nathans with a 50% off coupon. Splendid.

    *Gold Coast*
    Hopped around and could not find a good, near-empty table with good rules and a happy dealer. Settled with a semi-happy dealer and lost my entire $20 buy in quickly.

    I used my acg $10 matchplay and won on BJ. Moved right along.
    The line was too long to get my free slotplay from slotplaycoupon.com so I played through my $20 win quickly on slots.
    I then got my $40 slot play loaded and proceeded to lose.
    So logically I thought what the heck, let’s do some more losing?
    I got $100 from the ATM and bet at the money wheel at MAX BET of $4. Crazy right. Talk about breaking my own rules. I kept hitting the bonuses but it kept putting me right back at $100. So I left the machine and proceeded to lose on several machines.
    There was a Twice the Monkey machine with max 10 lines so I played it times 5 and did fairly OK on it. Wish I had been playing on it from the beginning. I put in $5 and it got me up to $30.
    But I played my $100 all the way down. Got an ice cream cone at Mcds for 64 cents and was off to the Palms pool.
    The cool thing was that I had earned 700 points under 2 hours at Palms and that earned me a free seafood buffet. WOWZERS. I could see the high of a comp!
    I also thought I should stop playing at Palms for awhile to see if they eventually give me free rooms. No more free slot play until I get comps for that play. Lol If they do not fund that play, I will just have to stop playing there for a few years. I have to let my other tiny play fall off anyway lol.
    As I walked to the pool everybody seemed to be hitting bonuses. BELLS WERE GOING OFF. It was 3pm (check-in time), so I guess it was time for the eye-in-the-skies to turn the machines ON. Lol
    Sitting out in the hot summer’s heat was at once relaxing and suffocating. Like a Jacuzzi. You are just not supposed to stay there that long. I left in 20 minutes. I love Palms pool though because their music is usually good but it’s a very relaxing environment, so I can enjoy it like a Day lounge.


    There is now $1 BJ 24/7 at Riviera. They also have $5 and $3 tables. Exciting!!! I always missed Sahara for this reason. I never got to play before they removed it.

    I played on the $3 table because the $1 table was packed. Lost my $15 buy in because the lady dealer gave me six consecutive 4s!!! Grr lol.

    Went back to Quiznos for a Honey mustard caesar chicken salad but they only had the green romaine mix with that purple looking lettuce. So I said no thanks and left.

    Bond lounge was completely empty during the day, so it was my first time to get a good look at it. Nothing to see.

    View bar is beautiful…and small. It shows the sports channel.
    I got the itch again to play. But I was already down $180 for the day. Typically I play about $80 in a day but I guess the feeling of “getting it all out” while in Vegas was striking me especially because I had just done a couple no-play days.
    I took out another $80 bucks.
    I played the Crystal game at max bet of $3 (10x the lines). I hit the bonus and thought I would get 10 selections for orbs. But no. It required 10 orbs to get 10 selections, so I was disgruntled and that started my play-crazy session.
    I played penny, quarter and nickel slots at max bet (which I definitely do not do normally) and lose I did.

    *Hawaiian Marketplace*
    Tasted a $1.50 pancake at Zingers. Gross.

    Booked it to Ballys to catch my $2.50 Veronic Voices shows (thanks VMB for all these tips!!!!!!)
    What an amazing show. This woman is a gem. The line went throughout the casino. Ended with a deeply sincere standing ovation. Go see it!

    Note: Will make my responses to the wonderful comments when I reach home! It’s crazy out here!!
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2013
  14. deadeye

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    Jan 13, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great great report sco thanks for reminding us we can have a wonderful time without throwing around a lot of dough.:nworthy:
  15. Liondownnow

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    May 12, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
  16. travelfiend

    travelfiend High-Roller

    Jan 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hi Sco, enjoying your report as usual. Thanks for taking the time to write up all the detail, makes me feel like I am there.
  17. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Fri Sat 6

    *Casino Royale*
    Whooohooo! $1 ATM. This is a win on the Strip. I took out $60 as I was on a mission to a play a poker tourney this morning.
    I dropped $10 bucks here and lost it promptly. Stupid Crystals (the super bright ones) were not paying me this trip.

    Harrahs slots were calling me.
    I had briefly considered just using the Quad $5.99 ATM because I figured going to CR would end up costing me even though it was only $1. And it did cost me. Another $10 down the drain at Harrahs.

    Straight to the 11:30am poker tournament.
    And it was guess what??....$30 bucks!!! Amazing. It’s 30 bucks all day.
    It was a great way to start off my first poker tournament.
    As I waited for it to start I played quarter slots and again promptly lost $10.
    I brushed up on the betting scheme with the dealers because though I remembered poker strategy (from not having played it in a year or so), I did not remember how to bet (which can be difficult for a newbie).
    My first time playing poker was over a year ago and the last time was my first time.
    My sister said to me over the phone “you’re not nervous about joining a tournament before you have even grown accustomed to live poker?” I said “no, this is even the best (and cheapest) practice! I could play $30 and get $3000 fake chips, which is more than I will ever play in a cash game. Then, I have the opportunity to win $200 1st place, $100 2nd place and $90 3rd place. Win, win.”
    I thought, after all I have just lost $30 bucks in no time on the slots. I would at least spend some time in this tournament. At least an hour if I was lucky.
    The lady announcer said these tourneys usually did not last more than 2.5 hours but the male dealer said that at bigger hotels it could last all day. I figure I will try the bigger hotels one day.
    I got into position and just started the game at 11:30.
    Booker gave me lots of tip for my poker strategy. I played super conservative and only got good hands twice and both were mediocre.
    But by my conservative play, I was able to stay in for 1 hour plus.
    My good hand was queen spade, jack spade. The weird thing is that it looked like the other guy won it after the river was turned but somehow (there is a rule I must have missed) and I won! LOL I think I had a straight. I could barely think straight because I was so worried about betting scheme, holding my cards right, keeping a poker face and understanding how different players were playing.
    I collected a pot of $3000 mid-way from that hand, so then I had $5000 total. I had folded every hand up until then. There was a young lady at the table who must have had over $25,000 (she had the most on the table so that made me happy lol girl power! However she lost before me, doing too many “all ins” with the crazy guys)
    I actually made it to the top 7 before I lost. And I lost very stupidly because by that time the blinds/calls were $600 and above and I only had like $2000, so I did an all-in with a jack heart, 6 heart (super mediocre cards). I paired a 6 on the line up. So I hoped my bluff would not be called. It was only the second hand I played all the way to the river.
    Apparently the guy had a straight. I had not even noticed that a straight could be made. I was trying to pay attention to all the new stuff at once that I was missing the only parts I truly knew how to do. Out I was. But it was an amazing time! The guy next to me looked like Eminem’s brother and he was so nice, so that was cool! One of the guys said, “Good game kid!” LOL Not bad for teaching myself to play poker 2 years ago and only playing online mostly.

    Was it bad that I was obsessed with the Nathan’s here?

    *Golden Gate*
    Had a bit of a cheap buffet today.
    This was the strategy…I wanted pancakes AGAIN (and I am usually no real fan of the food) and I wanted melt-in-your-mouth cheese fries! So I went to Flamingo and then GG (as if they are close together lol). For $11 bucks, I got exactly the kind of food I desired! I guess there are cheaper buffets in Vegas, which require a lot less movement lol.

    *Las Vegas Club*
    I took out another $40 and played BJ with a happy dealer. I was betting $15 average, and as usually happens when I stop flat betting, it was all gone quickly.
    I took out yet another $40 and played BJ on a table with the LUCKY LUCKY side bet (so happy to see this). I put down $10 and $5 on the side bet. I tried to do the reverse but the dealer said no. All I really wanted to do was play the side bet lol.
    After losing the other $40 quickly, I decided to give gambling a break for a few days.
    And for the umpteenth time, it rained! This was really annoying me: rain and super heat. But I made the most of it. Is this normal for early September? If so, I will be avoiding it.

    Went all the way back to take a 20 minute nap.
    Then I met with trigolomane and his girlfriend. They were real nice, celebrating his gf’s birthday between Vegas and Cali. We had a great chat about Vegas and low-rolling. I so much admired the fact that his gf could play $20 only for a few days. Low-rolling makes my heart swoon.

    Listened to the band at Carnaval Court, while drinking a $5 liter of ginger ale.

    Went to sit at Arc bar, right in the front of Paris, and people watch. A phenomenal time, just people watching and drinking ginger ale. I could not finish it though because it was too much.
    Sugar Factory still plays the better music though.

    *Planet Hollywood*
    I lined up for Mentalist at 6:15 to get my free tickets (with $5 box office fee).
    I was just walking downtown when they were handing these free ticket vouchers out. I saw so many free or near-free shows this trip, my heart just smiles…widely.
    It was the second time watching the show and it was no where near as exciting as watching it for the first time. There is some dangerous stuff that he does that really makes me cover my eyes. He has mean humor, making fun of the audience. I am not sure how I like this. But I still wonder how he does his tricks.
    There is something about a show that wears me out for the night prematurely. I love the show but I do not love the tiredness. I fought sleep back at the Arc bar and then inside Paris, to get strength.

    I looked at the Hyde line and the *clothing* and realized this is not the place to have a nice, down-to-earth night out. Walking through Bellagio though woke me up. I feel like Wynn is full of princes/princesses while Bellagio is high class but more a mixed crowd (probably from being midstrip). It was nice people watching.
    Fix and yellowtail were not playing my kind of music.

    Cleopatra’s barge was not open yet for the DJ but there was free live music playing. I think it was Matt Goss. I was so tired I could not wait.
    I paid $5 for a small Shirley temple (I thought the $5 liter of ginger ale was a bad deal!) and took it down for the night.

    Sat Sept 7


    I really enjoyed this long stay at Quad. It really made me nostalgic. I have not stayed in one hotel for this long in a long time. I had a pool view, obstructed strip view and obstructed mountain view. All three in one-sweet!

    I enjoyed the fact that I got to hear top 40s music during the day when the pool was open but got to relax to quiet, serene surroundings in the night. Way to wake you up and remind you you are in Vegas! Perfection.

    I still miss so many things about Quad like the kitschy-ness (sp), karoake club (omg I miss this), the asian theme, rockhouse, the super-retro entrance (my fav jewelry store is also gone too)...but I do appreciate the new things like the catalyst bar and exit towards harrahs. They need a karoake and nightclub quick!

    *Casino Royale*

    Another $1.99 foot-long hot dog. Still enjoyable...and cheap.

    Went to the Mcds and ate half of a cheeseburger and ice cream (they have the good ice cream here! Not the same everywhere)

    Lunch was a total of $5. I call this buffet style lol.


    On the walk from CR, there was a man handing out my most beloved coupons.

    It has half-off Nathans (it used to have half-off Mcds), 4-for-1 MJLive tickets, free Divas tickets (my fav show), 2-for-1 laugh factory, etc...So I asked him for several. Great FREE investment.


    I headed back to the Quad and booked the free Divas tickets immediately. $15.71 box office fee.


    I used the free spa pass from ACG. Since it kept raining outside, I did not want to take a chance with the pool and lightning for the day.

    I took my robe and relaxed. What an amazing time.

    However, this spa must have been state-of-the-art back in the early 1970s. The decor is seriously outdated.

    I enjoyed the bubblies in the warm and hot jacuzzi and chatted with another patron. I really felt like all was right in the world. When I was originally alone in the spa, I even had a spiritual experience.

    I loved the sauna!


    Ran to make it to my 4:30pm Paranormal show, which was a Vegas stop on a European mentalist's international tour. I paid $15 bucks for this ticket.

    At first, I thought when you have seen one mentalist, you have seen them all. But then he started doing CRAZY stuff! Like playing with people's minds so that when he touches one person in one place, the other person feels the touch in the same place (even without him touching them). I have to wonder about these people and whether they are plants. Still a fun time.


    If there was any evening I "felt" solo, it was today.

    I went back for my comped seafood buffet. I may have eaten 5 plates, 3 at the same time. (This did not mean I ate it all; I just tried it all lol) I piled them high in order to taste everything. Truly awesome food and well-worth the $25.99.

    The awkward thing is that everyone in the buffet could see me because the place was so small (but the food selections were rather large). Not only was I alone but I had a ton of food in front of me, switching off plates based on my taste. Some people made pity faces and a few guys winked including this Asian guy (but it's not that type of party).

    I realize why solo people do not like to dine alone. But I...you see I...do not give two squats.

    I smiled at them all and happily gorged. Feast your eyes on this.

    *Las Vegas Little Theatre*

    I paid $15 for this 8pm show. For the last 3 times, these plays left me with a question mark on my face. It was just OK. But at least it was cheap and it was a play (my absolute favorite form of entertainment).

    the taxi dispatch said it would be a 45 minute wait so I started trekking at night on one of the more sketchy roads of Vegas, isolated and with *abandoned* strip clubs. It's bad enough they are strip clubs, but also closed down and abandoned?

    I was not fearless here; I was just being stupid. But considering the last saturday night last trip I called a taxi and waited for 2 hours and they never came....I figured I might be safer making a run for it to Gold Coast.

    Thankfully, the taxi company I called actually got a taxi for me in 7 minutes and the taxi driver picked me up mid-street.

    I initially wanted to go to Gold Coast and take the shuttle back but I was so tired. Something about these shows.

    But I had him drop me all the way back to Quad for $20 freakin bucks. I think it was worth it though because being plopped mid-strip near Carnaval Court on a Saturday night will put back all the life into you! I was suddenly super alert and alive!

    What I loved (and missed) about being mid-strip is that I could walk EVERYWHERE! I rarely took taxis since being mid-strip which was a welcome relief. I guess the money I save on the taxis alone makes it all worth it. I didn't even need a bus ticket unless I was going downtown. I really missed this!


    As normal, the cover was $10 tonight (for weekend;free on weekdays)...and as usual, I was not buying it.


    OMfreakingG!!!! How did I forget how magical and romantic this place is! I fell in love with Venetian tonight.

    I had avoided this place for so long. I thought it was so rude to pull people's comps but since I hear they are giving comps again, I figure I could soften my heart towards them. And I AM SO GLAD I DID!

    I used to think Venetian was so meh. It's amazing how things people do change your perception of them completely.

    Honestly for upscaleness, magic, wonder, elegance, etc, I think Venetian actually rivals my beloved Wynn.

    I am sure most people may disagree, but I truly felt transported to another place. I also LOVED the Carnival touches. GORGEOUS! I could not believe I ignored this place.

    I enjoyed the people-walker into the casino (from madame tussauds). As I recall, I am not too crazy about their rooms, but when I entered their casino, I was struck by LIGHT!!!

    There are few things better in the world than a well-lit casino. I am getting all crazy excited and happy and flushed just writing this. And the chandeliers are so BEAUTIFUL! It was like I was walking in a dream.

    Well-lit casinos make me feel lucky! I almost wanted to take money out and play. But instead I sat and watched people play slots.

    I saw so many bonuses....yet most of these bonuses was for like double the original bet, which is not a bonus at all. Well I definitely had fun walking all over the casino, soaking in the lights and the vibe, people watching and watching slot games. It was so much more fun to watch people play sometimes lol. Better their money. I am glad I learned a new, fun FREE activity in my beloved town. This kept me a busy for a little.

    Then I discovered the Bourbon Room. I got so excited because my best friend would love this place! I texted her, saying that there is a lounge with a huge disco ball, playing 80s music everyday all day and all night *with the music videos* to go with it! I know when she finally makes her first trip to Vegas when she feels stable in her career she will ADORE this place! Me? I like the venue but 80s music is not my thing really.

    Then I went to discover the Rockhouse. It is uber FANTASTIC! It's still grungy but it seems very much *cleaned up*. I ordered a $4 shirley temple with FREE refills!I watched the videos and enjoyed the music. But the music did not make me want to dance much so I left.

    It was beautiful watching the strobe lights from the Rockhouse from the strip!


    I settled on Cleopatra's Barge for the night. I always thought this place closed at 1am but apparently it closesly at 3am. The DJ was on fire tonight!!! He played back-to-back songs I could dance to and shout to!

    But again I had a "solo" moment. Lots of people were whispering and making looks, as I sat in a high table by my lonesome enjoying the music. EVEN Matt Goss himself, the famous Brit singer who came to the lounge tonight and bought everybody shots! Goss' bodyguard came over and asked if I was enjoying myself and I said INDEED! Goss was checking me out (possibly because I was alone lol)...he was also flanked by like 4 women lol.

    Some guys near my table asked me to join them and I gracefully declined. A couple people came over dancing for me (male and female) and I smiled and high-fived them. No, I did not dance but I enjoyed their enthusiasm.

    It was an absolutely phenomenal night. Earlier in the trip I behaved like Angelina Jolie: beautiful and fearless. Now I was behaving like Rihanna: beautiful and shady. Hey! Every now and then I desire a Vegas alter ego.


    BUT! The night was not over.

    The DJ stopped playing at Cleopatra's Barge at 3am...but I was still very much alert and wanting to be in the center of it all!

    I went over for like the umpteenth time to Chandelier bar and there was NO DJ playing. Get it together!

    *Planet Hollywood*

    Something told me to go here.

    And boy, was I happy I did. I once came to the Heart bar during the day but the Heart bar was still going strong with their DJ this Saturday night until 5am!

    It was more of a hip hop crowd here. I can get down with that. Blacks guys dancing with White ladies and White guys kicking it to Black ladies. Oh, Vegas! I am from the East Coast so this was purely a sight to see.

    The music was jamming but since the lights were bright, there was no way to hide and I had yet another "solo" moment to end all solo "moments" ever.

    I sat by myself in the middle of everything, smiling with my arms folded covered from head to toe with a long skirt and a denim jacket (I usually choose one day to wear a short dress and heels but not this trip).

    I was indeed enjoying myself but being around Black people was a whole different ball game. The Black guys were staring and they did not know what to do with me or what to make of me. *Why in the hell are you sitting there by yourself?* is what they seemed to be thinking.

    I honestly did not want to be bothered and suddenly I felt like Nicki Minaj. She always says stuff like "boys are icky". She may be a very sexy woman but she is just not all out there like that like people would assume. She's strong. Boys are not icky but I just did not want to be bothered.

    I am sure no one was thinking about me that hard but one White lady came to me and said "where are your friends?" I lied and said they went to bed. She tried to make me happy I guess. But I was already happy!

    This Black guy, literally flanked by 4 White ladies, came over (while there are all like touching and dancing with him) and tried to talk to me. AGAIN, while he is talking to me, he is literally flanked. I shook his open hand and smiled. He asked "what are you drinking?" I said "I don't drink." He said "That's no fun." I said, "I guess I'm no fun" with a smile. I think he got the picture that I did not want to be bothered. Very attractive dude though.

    Hope I wasn't a buzzkill. *Shrug*

    The music ended at 5am promptly. I spoke to the DJ who said he's there til 3am on weekdays. Exciting!

    On my way back, I believe I saw 3 different Black working girls (beautiful and beautifully dressed in short shorts and high heels, blending into the high-life of the strip as if they were just any girl). They were all talking to White guys. How did I know they were working girls? Uh, they openly solicited. Wow! I never saw that before. WOW, so I guess my fear of being thought of as a working girl might be legit. I ran home.
    Was an epic night.

    I loved that I had the most amazing night I have ever had in Vegas and all for FREE!!
  18. LolaDoggie

    LolaDoggie VIP Whale

    Jul 6, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You weren't lying to that lady when you said your friends were in bed. They probably were in bed, somewhere.
  19. weluvvegas

    weluvvegas Vegas Slot Junkie

    Dec 31, 2003
    Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Girl, you're going to need a vacation from your vacation! I think you must have more energy than the energizer bunny. Good for you!! Love reading about it!
  20. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Note: Again, thanks for the comments! I will get to each and every one!
    Sun sept 8

    *Stage Door*
    This was a walk-in only because that’s pretty much all you can do here. Unless you like having a bar, a few VP machines and sports watching. If you want a chill, relaxed atmosphere for a bar near the strip, come here! But it’s tiny.

    I walked over here waiting to eat BBQ at EI. I figured I would give it a look-see and take pics of the pool and room.
    However the pool was locked to guests only. It’s a cute little pool. Not missing much.
    When I walked into the casino, I saw my fav slot from last trip. HOOT LOOT. And it was calling my name!
    I was not supposed to play until my last day but I got greedy and took $40 out of the ATM (only $2.50 here).
    I headed straight for Hoot Loot. I put in $10 and playing between 60 cents and $1.20 I made $27. Then I put in another $10 and came out with $17. I felt good because I had not used all my money yet and I was already replenished my initial withdrawal.
    I put in another $10 and the machine just ate it up, so I moved over to the machine that I was lucky on this trip at Palms: Twice The Monkey.
    I put in $10 and I was betting $4 at first (for like 2-3 spins) and making low returns like $1 here and $2 there. I changed the bet to 50 cents (and I was not making anything) yet I put in another $5 and then just said whatever I will play $2 bet.
    A few spins in I get two lines of wilds (twice the monkey wilds) with major symbols. I am looking at the screen like…it’s probably going to give me like $4 back. You would think it meant something!
    But! I was wrong.
    In fact, I was floored.
    I won $560 on that bet! I was so delighted! I was so thankful that I decided to play when I was not supposed to. I literally gained back everything I had played.
    Now I was up $610 for the session but even for the trip! AMAZING! Now, it was a truly free trip. BOOGIE!
    Yet I am still shocked that it actually happened.
    I kept looking at the ticket, like is this for real? It was all a dream.
    It was the highest win I had ever made in Vegas (the former highest was $500 on a Wheel of Fortune $1 spin). Not bad for $15 total initial play.
    I asked the cashier for BIG BILLS! Felt like a star. Feelin’ myself.
    However, I proceeded to lose $60 bucks of it at Wheel of Fortune and Wizard of Oz. It’s amazing how losing a small portion of a big win can still feel like a cheat. Lol Even though it’s your own fault.
    I did not even bother checking out the rooms.

    *Ellis Island*
    BBQ land. Ate my fill.

    Back at Clarion to see one of their many shows. Went to see a Black Gospel concert called Ruah at 5pm. It’s only on Sundays. It was kinda scary because the middle-aged minister was doing flips, splits, high kicks and impersonating Elvis. He also seemed high on drugs, sweating profusely. It’s like he was trying to be the James Brown of the strip. He mentioned that most ministers want to stay away from the strip….I see why.
    The interpretive dancers were in mime face but strangely it looked like white face, a bit of a reverse ministrel show at first. The minister’s voice (when he decided to look finally like a serious minister) was phenomenal and so were the others’ voices. And the interpretive dancing was exceptional, featuring adults and children. But I just could not get over the other oddities. They were winners of a Black Gospel music awards show…somewhere.

    Again the $1 table was full. So instead I headed over to the craps machine to lose $5 bucks (although I got up to $18 betting the field, which this machine had a preference for).
    I put in another $5 into a Cops and Donuts machine…got up to $22 and then lost it all.

    *Golden Gate*
    Uh pancakes anyone?
    Fremont night lights were simply so beautiful tonight. I am not sure why I have not appreciated this much until now.
    Saw the Mirage volcano show from the top of the Deuce as I was coming back to the strip. What an awesome view! Also prevents the feeling of scorching heat from the volcano!

    DIVAS was DIVAS. Phenomenal as always. I left before the end though because they have a deep and important message at the end that’s beautiful and wonderfully done…but it ‘s quite sobering.

    Carnaval Court fire show! Juggling bottles of fire is dangerous. Don’t try this at home.
    The DJ was not on so I left.

    Rockhouse was dead this evening. The music was not even playing. But it was open. Strange.

    Went back to Cleopatra’s Barge to relive the magic but there was like 5 people total there. The same DJ playing but the music he was playing was mediocre unlike last night. Went back to the room to sleep.
    Gosh, this reminds me that I MUST do more on-Strip weekends in the future!!!
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