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Impromptu trip to Prairie Band Casino in Mayetta KS last night

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by ajp, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. ajp

    ajp High-Roller

    Apr 6, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Couple of buddies shot me a text last night as I was about to head to bed asking if I wanted to hit the local Indian Casino Prairie Band Casino. Since I didn't have to work till late the next night I figured why not. It is about an hour drive from my house to the Casino and they swung by to pick me up around 9. There isn't much to see during the drive, but we all were a little hungry so we stopped at the Casey's in Silver Lake, KS and grabbed a pizza and soda's for the rest of the drive. We scarfed it down and kept on driving and made the casino just before 10pm.

    When we went to park there was no one in Valet so we had to park our own car, and the lot was very full for some reason. As we walk in the door it is retirement home central, there were probably 100 people swarming the players desk with an average age of 70. We soon found out they were doing there monthly free drawings for free slot play and such. We wade through the sea of old people and head back to the gaming tables where we find things much quieter. First stop was the craps table with 10x Odds. Table looked really good everyone was sitting on good money and they appeared to be in a good mood. Waited for a new shooter and threw down $5 on the pass line, point set at 9. Drop $10 on the odds, and $6 each on the 6 and 8 with a $5 field bet. First roll is a 6 and I press my bet to $12 so I have $1 profit at this point, things are looking good. I drop another field bet for $5 and a 7 comes off. There goes $38 on that roll, mind you I only brought $100 cash. Next roll I do the same thing and the point is 5, but yet again I lose before I make a single dollar, but manage to lose the whole $100 without winning a single dime so I walk away. Hit the ATM for the other $200 I had in the budget for the trip.

    They had single deck blackjack for $5, but it paid 6-5. The table was empty, this should have been a clue, and the only other table was $25 a hand. Sat down with $100 and lost 5 hands in a row to a bust card 4 times, and dealer blackjack on the last hand. Yeah this trip is going super, I walked away from that table real quick. So now I am not sure what to do as normally I am a craps and blackjack guy and both tables are ice cold for me. Buddy wants to play some Roulette so I sit down on a 00 with him for $25. Betting hard around the 17 and 20 but not hitting anything, with the final $5 I bet black and hit to put me at $10. I play two more spins betting around the 17 and 20. Both spins I don't get anything, and call it good. Buddy stays for one more spin, of course what hits? The 17. :grrr: This trip is turning into a bust real fast. I am now down $150 of my $300 budget. Next buddy says lets go hit the paigow table. It is $10 minimum but you can play all night on one bet. Things are back and forth but never really get ahead or behind for about 45 minutes. I did see a guy at the table hit a 9 high paigow with a $10 sucker bet out that won him $1000. According to him that win put him up about $100 for the night, ouch. Eventually I lose my $50 and I have $100 left.

    At this point we have been at the casino for about an hour and a half and none of us are doing great. I am down the most at $200, another buddy is down about $50 and the other is about even. Finally we sit down at the three card poker table. We sat and played for an hour or so just back and forth not really winning, but not really losing. Me and one buddy both get up to use the restroom and leave buddy 2 on the table alone playing, we walk back right as he hits a straight flush for around $225 in profit. We both are super happy for him, and looking at the clock it is pushing midnight and we are all tired after having worked all day and been up since around 6am. So I am down $200, buddy 1 is even, and buddy 2 is up $150. We agree to play a bit more but leave by 1am since we have the hour drive home yet. Well I went on a tear, I was betting $10 on the pairs plus, $10 on the ante, and blind betting $10 to play. It was a great run of card, I was hitting straights, flushes, pairs everything was going very well. I got back to even and was up an extra $30. I colored up 3 blacks and with the remaining $30 I bet it blind. Well what a day, the dealer hit trip 4's. We took that as a sign to get out of the casino.

    So finally tally for the night, I left even minus the $3.75 ATM fee. Buddy 1 us down $60, Buddy 2 is up $100. Hit the cashiers cage get our money and run out the door. Make the hour drive home and get in bed around 2:30 or so, all in all a fun little impromptu trip.
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