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Video Poker I was dealt quick-quads on $1 multiplay -- and threw it away!

Discussion in 'Video Poker' started by CtheWorld, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. CtheWorld

    CtheWorld Tourist

    Jan 28, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Man, I'm an idiot.

    I was in Vegas last week playing lots of video poker, usually 3 hands of spin poker or super times pay.

    For a while I switched to $1 quick quads and was playing 2 hands.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I was dealt 3 of a kind with 2 kickers - Quick Quads.
    The machine immediately shouted out "Quick Quads!" and then paused.
    I've never been dealt Quick Quads before (at least not when playing Quick Quads, I've definitely got dealt what would have been quick quads when playing standard games), so the only time I've heard that before was on the redraw when it's walking through the hands: if you get quick quads it announces "Quick Quads!" and pauses for a couple seconds before moving on to reveal the next hand.

    So for some reason after hearing the announcement that memory kicked in and I was waiting for it to move on to the next hand and announce that one. Well I was waiting and waiting and nothing happened. Eventually I decide it's waiting for me, so I stupidly hit a button thinking that would prompt it to move on to the next hand. Instead, of course, it throws away everything, and I immediately realize what I did.

    After groaning in pain I go find one of the slot attendants (in the MGM high limit room) and explain what happened.
    I wasn't sure if they would do anything, but for $460, it was certainly worth the effort.

    He looks through the game history and at first says I only had QQ on one hand. He is confused about which hand on the history screen is the original hand (despite the big label "original hand") and thinks it is showing that I got quick quads on one of the redraw hands. I walk him through other games in the history to show how it worked, but to little avail (I showed him a hand where I was dealt 1 Ace, and got a second Ace on the draw. But he insists it shows that I was dealt 2 aces, but I decided to hold just one.) But to his credit he kept at it, and eventually played a hand where he picked cards to hold and to throw away, and then checked to see what that looked like on the history screen.

    He finally agreed I had been dealt the winning hand and went off to talk to his supervisor.
    He came back and said they would 'split the difference' and pay me for one hand ($230).
    I didn't know whether to be happy I got anything, or upset that they only paid me half; and I took the payout without complaint.
    [He then went off to get $12 to reimburse me for the test hand he had played. I played while waiting for him and of course lost almost as much as they just payed me.]

    Now in the grand scheme of things missing out on one quad isn't a big deal, but I was so frustrated by my stupid move that I had to stop playing for a while, and then play somewhere else. And for the rest of the night it put me in a bad mood every time I thought of it.

    What do people think about the way MGM handled it?
    There was no machine malfunction, so they probably didn't have to pay me anything.
    On the other hand, I was clearly dealt the winning hand, and I had no intention of getting rid of it.

    The one thing that did make me feel better happened later that night.
    I was back playing at MGM just before I called it a night.
    I dropped down to my last $10 and wasn't going to put any more money in, so I dropped from 3 hands to 2 for my last spin.
    And I managed to get this:

    Getting that when I was expecting to leave with $0 felt like a bonus win and finally took most of the sting away. :^)

  2. VegasDave

    VegasDave Addicted

    Mar 25, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Ouch, sorry to hear about that.

    My buddy and I split $200 buyin playing 3 hand $1 STP ($18 a hand I think) and he got dealt 2 pair. I had been drinking quite a bit and hitting the buttons sporadically, although on point with the hands, but hit is too soon this time. The card that came up completed the full house on the bottom hand, and then of course payment for 2 pair had I not messed it up. About $75 loss, and you bet I didn't keep doing that!

    I think we've all thrown away winners on accident not paying attention, I bet I could think of some more that were just me, but I don't want to have bad memory flash backs
  3. Mirageluvr

    Mirageluvr High-Roller

    Jul 27, 2015
    Ijamsville Maryland
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Tough break, but good ending. I'm impressed with MGM for splitting the difference with you....very impressed, as I don't think most casinos would even do that.
    Let's Ride!
    Make it so, #1.
  4. flyguyfl

    flyguyfl High-Roller

    Apr 11, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Don't beat yourself up too much over it as we all have done similar things. If you had you done nothing about the mistake, you would not have gotten nothing at all, and that makes it makes it a little more easy to digest.
  5. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    From what I saw this vegas trip, I'd be disappointed as i believe you should have got paid in full. I was at M resort on Friday and apparently they have a promo where any quad gets a drawing entry for tix to the super bowl. The wife of the censored VMB word hits quads and she forgets to ask for a ticket and censored VMB word hubby notices. I mistakenly thought at first she actually didn't paid for the quad, so I also recommended they review.

    She did get paid in full however before review, and they did get a drawing ticket for wasting 5 minutes of employees time that was probably worth a quarter or less. And also costs the casino only labor because they must give the prize.
  6. NickPapageorgio

    NickPapageorgio OG of the Sal Sagev Hotel

    Jul 11, 2007
    Yuma, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    MGM did a fine job. A lesser property would have stopped after reviewing the confusing hand history. (indeed, as a multi handy carny game history looks like C++ code)

  7. nostresshere

    nostresshere Mr. Anti Debit Card

    May 4, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We have all made mistakes. It happens.

    As to MGM - totally amazing they would take the time to review and even more amazing they would give you any money. They did well.
  8. cjohnson202

    cjohnson202 VIP Whale

    Aug 15, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I haven't played at MGM since April 2014 when I had my only really bad customer service experience ever at a casino.. At the time I was just short of making gold at Mlife so it wasn't like I was a member that didn't spend any money. My girlfriend and I were playing the two player little green men slot machine, which has a bonus game for both players when one of them reaches three bonus icons. Each bonus icon is worth 2x bonus, so whoever triggers the bonus gets 6x and the second player gets 2 or 4x depending on how many bonus icons they had. I had played this several times before and because it takes so long to get a bonus, my payouts had always been decent. Playing at $2 a spin my lowest payout over 5-Ish times was $70 (because it's paying out at 6x, so that's really only a $12 win). The way the bonus works is like an arcade game where you have a joystick and you shoot spaceships (hundreds of them) with each counting for credits.

    So my girlfriend and I are around each $300 deep when I finally trigger the bonus at 6x. She was at 4x. The bonus starts, and neither of our joysticks work. we can shoot the gun but not move where we shoot. In previous games, I was always around $20 after round 1 of 3. This time I had 12 cents, my girlfriend had just over a dollar. I ran to get a slot attendant as the bonus kept going so she could see what was happening. When the bonus ended, I had just over $5 (total, that's after the 6x) and my girlfriend was at like $12. Clearly something wasn't right. As soon as the bonus was over the slot attendant called the repair guy to look at it. He informed us that this machine was broken earlier in the day and had no idea why they would re-open it. He told the attendant to call a supervisor because we were definitely owed more than what we won.

    After 10 minutes, a supervisor comes and tells us that the machine knows what it will pay out regardless of what happens in the bonus round (which I already knew) and that he understands that the bonus wasn't fun as it was suppose to be, but there is nothing he can do about it. He said because I was a pearl member, in good faith he would give both my girlfriend and I $20. I told him that was bull**** and asked why they would open a machine when it was suppose to be broken. I also told him the players card slot wasnt working and I lost out on tier credits because of it. He took that as me asking for more and snapped back "you're lucky you got $20 from me, now move on". I took everyone's name down and left. I knew that machine owed us both more money and him giving us $20 to shut up and walk away was even more proof.

    I later went to the Mlife desk and explained what happened, hoping they would do something for me. They quickly Investigated with the supervisor and $25 free play was added to my card (but not my girlfriends). I played it, cashed out what was left and moved on. I was flying out that day and left on a sour note.

    When I got home, I contacted Mlife on Twitter about the situation (twitter is great when looking to get something out of bad customer service experiences) and they asked me to email them the details. They wrote back that they couldn't believe that would happen and that i could expect to hear something from MGM Marketing ASAP. So I figured I was going to get some sort of offer for my next trip, maybe a free night or two, maybe some free play, but if marketing was contacting me, I must be getting something.

    Marketing contacted me and I got nothing. They told me that the supervisor had been talked to and told his attitude and the way he handled the situation were both incorrect and unacceptable, and they thanked me for the feedback. I responded and asked if they were willing to provide anything for my next trip after the bad experience and they replied back saying they were not willing to do anything.

    I've been to Vegas four times since April 2014 and they've all been at CET casinos. I had met Hunter on twitter right before that trip (before he was even here) and immediately contacted him about booking my next trip after that MGM email. So far Uncle Caesar has treated me extremely well and I honestly can't see a way MGM would ever be able to get my business back.
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