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I have 50k loyalty points left, what should I get?

Discussion in 'MyVegas' started by cjohnson202, Apr 27, 2014.

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  1. cjohnson202

    cjohnson202 VIP Whale

    Aug 15, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I leave tomorrow AM for Trip #6. I have used two rewards (2 KA tickets, 1 Mirage buffet)...trying to decide what to use my last 50k on, if anything. I'm headed back in July, so I'm tempted to just save them for the next trip, but if anyone has any great ideas on what I can get for 50k, I'm all ears. I'm splitting my trip between Mirage and Vdara, and keep in mind that the buffet / foods that are blacked out from Friday - Sunday are no good to me, as my Monday - Wednesday is PACKED, as I'm there for a family wedding.

    Thanks in advance!

    (note: my girlfriend still has 190,000 LP with two rewards to use, so if there is anything spectacular I'm missing that is more than 50k, make sure to mention it!)
    Trip #14 - 2 Queen Suite During EDC Weekend (oops)
  2. donfairplay

    donfairplay Low-Roller

    Feb 12, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Not all buffets have a Monday - Thursday restriction

    Any day (except blackout dates):
    MGM Grand, Luxor/Excal, Mirage, Circus Circus

    Monday - Thursday:
    Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Aria (dinner)

    Monday - Friday:
    Aria (lunch)


    Out of all of those options, I suggest MGM Grand because you already have a Mirage, and its kinda sorta close to Vdara (a bit of a walk, but doable).
  3. SeattleJosh

    SeattleJosh Tourist

    Apr 27, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    How about $50 drink credit at Times Square in NYNY?
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