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HRH/Aria - May 18-24

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jepockn, May 26, 2014.

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  1. Jepockn

    Jepockn Tourist

    Mar 10, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Short review of trip from May 18-24.


    Stayed 1 night at HRH Tower in a Queen Loft. This was just a standard room with two beds a tv and a dresser. It also only had a shower in the bathroom. I booked the room through bookit.com for a queen petitie suite. I didn’t even know the HRH tower had these queen loft suites. Overall a bit disappointed as I thought I would get a room with a tub and separate shower, along with the separate living space. For $49 it wasn’t bad as we came in late into Vegas and just needed somewhere to lay our heads. The room was very banged up and looked like the furniture was dropped down a few floors already. It was nice to have the seclusion from the rest of the complex, however I don’t think I would return to the HRH.

    Stayed 5 nights at Aria in a queen suite. I booked 3 nights through myvegas and 2 through a casino rate. Therefore I had 4 separate reservations. I had a standard King room booked as with the myvegas bookings they would not allow me to try to upgrade. Thus, there being 3 of us we opted for the $20 trick and asked if there were any queen rooms available. We were put into a city view queen room on the 31st floor. We arrived at Aria at 9:30 in the morning and the VIP checkin wasn’t available either, so I had to wait in line. The room was not available yet so we left our bags with the bellhop and went shopping. We got a text around 11 am saying our room was ready.

    The room was lovely as usual however after our first night my GF woke up extremely stuffed up. This usually means there is mold in the room as she is very allergic. Took a look and there was black mold in the shower. I called down indicating this when we were leaving the room for the day and they said housekeeping would clean it. That evening after shopping we went up to the room and our room keys didn’t work, so we had to lug our stuff back downstairs to get new keys. They cleaned the original area we found, however there was still some by the door we noticed later that night. We attempted to clean it our self quickly. I went to the front desk the next morning to inform them, and they comped our resort fees and provided us with 3 free buffets and comped our drinks at the pool from the day.They asked if we wanted to move, however we felt it would be a bit of a hassle. This time they sent a supervisor up and it got cleaned. There was also quite a bit of mildew on the ceiling of the shower. I noticed the ventilation in the rooms didn’t seem to be the greatest.

    Overall I still love Aria. They handled our issue very promptly and remedied the situation quickly.


    May 18:

    Ate at Wolfgang Puck at MGM our first night around midnight. The place was packed and we had to wait 10-15 min. They said they would text, but never received a text. We checked after 15 minutes and they said they tried 10 minutes ago, but we never received a text. We got seated, I had the spaghetti and meatballs, and the two others got a margarita pizza and a white chicken pizza. The pizza’s were good, but nothing amazing and the spaghetti was just meh.

    May 19:

    Ate at Burgr. This was my second time here. Ordered the hells kitchen burger and fries. Overall very good. Nothing that wow’d me, but still very good. Can’t remember what the rest of the group ordered.

    May 20:

    Society Café: Very good meal here, however very pricey. This was my first time trying this place and I would highly recommend it. We got the monkey bread which was awesome and then I had the filet mignon egg sliders which were very good as well. My GF had the red eye breakfast which was very delicious as well. My mom had the standard eggs and hash browns and these were done very well. Overall I would recommend this restaurant.

    Grand Lux: This was our fourth time dining here. We ate around 10 pm and it was completely dead. We ate at the Palazzo restaurant. We ordered the potato spring rolls, Lux Salad, Short Rib Asian Tacos, Grilled chicken and Avocado Salad and the grand lux burger melt. Everything was pretty good except the burger melt which was absolutely disgusting. The bread was dripping in grease and butter, we just couldn’t eat it. We tried taking the bun off and eating it that way, however it was still not good.

    May 21:

    Aria Buffet. Have eaten here around 3 or 4 times and still don’t get why people dislike this place. Arrived around 10:45 am and paid 19.99 each and we got the breakfast items, then the changeover to lunch items. Everyone in my party was very happy with their meals. We left full and satisfied. The only thing which I ate that I didn’t like was the scrambled eggs, but the omelette made up for that.

    Border Grill: Had a Restaurant.com coupon for here. Had 2 margarita’s and the queso fundido for starters. Very good, however not as good as I remember. I also had the beef brisket taquitos which was delicious. Another solid meal.

    May 22:

    Mon Ami Gabi: 2nd time eating here and just as awesome as the first time. Ate out on the patio and was great for people watching. I had a crepe and coffee and my gf had the quiche. Everyone was happy with their meal.

    Guy Fieri: Tried this place out at the quad. I was almost surprised this was the Quad as I walked through there. Overall again this was a good meal, but nothing that wow’d me as well. We got the Triple T fries which were awesome. We didn’t think fries would come with our meals so we got those to share. Then our dishes came out and fries were included as well. Oh well. I got the mac and cheese burger and it was good, but the patty tasted rather burnt. My GF had the pulled pork sandwich and it had a bit of kick on it. It was very good too. My mom had a chicken sandwich and it was rather bland. Overall not to sure if I would return.

    May 23:

    Comme Ca: Had a late breakfast here at around 1pm. Got a lovely spot on the terrace outside overlooking the strip. I had the oxtail Benedict. I never had oxtail before so I wasn't too sure, however I ended up loving it and was probably the best thing I ate all trip. Both other parties got the croque madame. They said it was good but nothing crazy. This was my first time and Comme Ca and I think I will definitely be back.

    Jean Phillippe: Ate here several times for quick snacks and sweets.One afternoon we got a tandoori sandwich to share and it was delicious, another day we got a spicy tomato and chicken sandwich and this was delicious as well. Another day we got a forest crepe and this was great. Got some sweets, such as a napoleon and sticky bun and everything was awesome. Never a bad thing from this place.

    Sambalatte: I tried this place out in the Monte Carlo and quite enjoyed the coffee here. Got a macchiato, Nutella Latte, Regular coffee and a blended Mocha. Everything was very good and I would return here. Everything came to $20 so a little pricey. Nice to sit on the patio in the morning along the strip and people watch here though.

    Overall had some good food, but this trip nothing overly wow’d me like I would have hopped. Here is where I would return:


    Society Café

    Aria Buffet

    Border Grill

    Mon Ami Gabi

    Comme Ca

    Jean Phillippe



    Le Reve: Was not to sure what to expect but I quite enjoyed it. Not as much acrobatics as cirque shows but still a very good show. Very intimate theater. Was also nice that the program was included with the show.

    Blue Man Group: Was a little disappointed with this show, but it was still fun. I wouldn't see it again, but I am glad I saw it.

    Jersey Boys: Second time seeing this show, and once again I was wow’d. Can’t say enough good things about this show.


    We are very low rollers. Will only limit ourselves to lose about 100 per day. The GF did very well on the trip and she finished up about $400. Every time I would go see her she would hit bonuses on the slots. I was addicted to the new electronic blackjack machine at aria. It is possibly because the drink service was so good there. There was probably a waitress going by every few minutes. I didn't do good here. Overall finished down about $150.

    Car Rental:

    Rented through Avis and prepaid the day before after booking and cancelling for several days. Got to Avis and my name was listed as preferred center. Went down there, gave my credit card and id and they said they didn't have any compacts available. They said they can put me in a Ford Flex for no charge. I took this and drove off into the sunset. I walked past a last cursing saying her car wasn't there and she paid 600 for a intermediate. This was my first time using Avis preferred and would probably use them again if the price is right.
  2. smartone

    smartone VIP Whale

    Jul 17, 2011
    Northern Nevada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for sharin' the trip! Sorry you got stuck with one of the "petite" rooms at HRH, they're the rooms right next to the stairwell or elevator and they're less than half the size of the other rooms in the HRH Tower. They're priced accordingly and are a favorite of the younger crowd who'll put several people in them and party hard. It doesn't surprise me the furniture would show it.
  3. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like a good time with lots of good dining. Happy to hear the $20 tip worked at Aria for an upgrade when booking with My Vegas; I have a whack of points and was thinking of using them for Aria in the fall.
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