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Slots How do these bonuses work?

Discussion in 'Slots' started by SoCalMon, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. SoCalMon

    SoCalMon Low-Roller

    Mar 29, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    How does it work as far as how the machine picks which station gets the bonus? on the progressive games that are linked with other machine stations? Like Titan 360, the volcano or piggy bank game (WMS) that has 8 machines linked together with only one machine getting the progressive when it gets to the top, etc. How do these work in picking what machine gets the jackpot or to the bonus? What I am more concerned with wanting to know about is Titan 360 because its unfair on how it picks what machines goes to the bonus rounds and leaving the others to a tease for hours.

    I have been watching Titan 360 lately and play games near it and it seems like it favors 2 or 3 stations at a time during a certain hour and then changes at another hour, but a lot of times leaves 2 or 3 stations out for like 2-3 hours straight. Like on Thursday night, I did not hear station 1 go off at all from 9:30-1am in the morning with station 3 getting it only a couple times within 3 hours, station 7 got it back to back 2 minutes apart in the 12am hour and thats the only time I heard that station went off since I have been to the casino (9pm-1am). station 4 also hardly went off. Station 5 I only heard a couple of times. Station 2, 6, and 8 I heard contentiously over and over again with 8 not going off since 11:30pm.

    How do these bonus rounds work as far as picking what machine goes to the bonus round? especially in Titan 360 where not all the machines have equal chances of getting to the bonus round. The machines that don't get it, I saw a lot of teasing over and over where there would be a key in the 1st reel and the 5th reel have nothing or the lock just spinning around and disappearing.

    I am not going to play that game anymore if its going to not give all the machines equal chances in getting it. People could be spinning at the same exact time and only a certain station number gets it. Station 2 got back to back a few times too. I am noticing some type of pattern where some machines get favored for a certain amount of time and it takes a while before it shifts to other machines to favor. Not just a few machines should be getting the bonus, all of them should be. This thing goes off on average at Pechanga every 3.3 minutes and all the odd numbers and station 4 were getting were just the key in reel 1 over and over. I was on station 7 for a while and all I kept getting every 2-3 spins were a key in reel one and I got this back to back before too and kept teasing me. Its frustrating. So many people kept getting up and leaving because of it.
  2. WrongWayWade

    WrongWayWade VIP Whale

    Sep 20, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You're kidding, right? They'd program it so the odd numbers are better or #2 is better or #8 never wins? You REALLY think they'd do that? Why would they bother?

    You've looked at a TINY sample of the results and trying to perceive some overall pattern. You'd need tens of thousands of observations before you could ever presume to identify any kind of bias.

    Random distributions are ALWAYS clumpy. If the bonuses went off like 1,3,6,4,2,8,7,5, THAT might be evidence that it was rigged and NOT random.

    If they actually did something like I just described to 'smooth it out', THAT would be unfair because after 7 results everyone would know that #5 was due, and they'd have fistfights over getting that seat.

    It's not impossible that if you bet more per spin your chances of hitting the bonus is more, but I seriously doubt it. Usually if you're not betting max coins the total dollars you can win in the bonus are proportionally less, but your chances of hitting it stay the same.

    Bottom line: in answer to your question, who gets the bonus and when it happens is chosen RANDOMLY. Please do not confuse 'random' with 'evenly distributed'. They are two COMPLETELY different concepts.
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