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Hotel recommendation for my first visit to Las vegas/USA ???

Discussion in 'LV Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by Phos4, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. Phos4

    Phos4 Tourist

    Mar 20, 2015
    Hello! Ladies and Gentlemen

    I am a 34-years-old German man and I will fly in september for the first time to the United States.
    Las Vegas interests me for several years now and I am looking forward to my trip.

    Which hotel would you recommend me for my first visit in Vegas?

    Service and cleanliness are very important for me. I am interested in the Wynn/Encore and the Aria. The Cosmopolitan, I'd also because of the terraces, but I've read that the housekeeping is not to be so thoroughly.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to great impressions in the land of opportunity and hope for a nice hospitality.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. katmu

    katmu Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2010
    Some questions:

    Since you are visiting from Germany, I'm assuming that your trip will be longer? Just be aware that rates for most weekends are considerably higher than weekdays.

    Wynn/Encore, Aria and Cosmo are some of the nicest hotels in Vegas so I don't think you can go wrong there. Still, it might help people give you more specific recommendations if you can give us some idea of what you plan to do with your time in Vegas. Are you a gambler, and if so are you more of a slot/video poker player or do you prefer table games, and if so what games do you play and are you a low roller (betting the minimums) or more of a higher roller? Do you have preferences for specific types of restaurants? Do you plan to use the pool, gym or spa? Do you play golf?

    Welcome to VMB and enjoy your trip!
  3. Phos4

    Phos4 Tourist

    Mar 20, 2015
    Yes, katmu

    I will stay seven to ten days only in Vegas.

    I just want to get carried away by the city and have fun. I like to play poker and slots for fun. But I am not a high-roller. I am also pleased with small profits. ;-)
    I want to chill out by the pool, but also make party at the best clubs. Also, I want to expand my culinary horizons. Whether typical American kitchen (fast-food) or fine dinning restaurants. Well, I will check them out everywhere. I do not play golf, but I love going to the gym.
  4. vegasvic

    vegasvic VIP Whale

    Mar 13, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    First time in Vegas you definitely want to stay on the strip. Since you are staying 7-10 days you could stay at a couple different places to save some cash. Perhaps do a higher end place like Wynn or Cosmo on weekdays and somewhere else during the rest of the time. When talking gambling and dining and clubs it doesn't matter where you stay, you can eat and play anywhere.
  5. Auggie

    Auggie Dovahkiin

    Jan 8, 2009
    Burnaby, BC
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Our last three trips we stayed at Aria and its a nice place with nice rooms, good casino, good poker room and lots of dining choices (plus Monte Carlo next door has a few cheap dining choices and fast food places as well). Its located near the south part of The Strip where there is a nice cluster of the big resorts where you will find a pretty wide variety of bars, clubs, restaurants and shows.

    For a first trip to Las Vegas my best suggestions would be to stay on The Strip at one of the resorts and maybe you can save a couple of dollars going with one of the cheaper places, but for a first trip I would spend the few extra dollars and go with a nice place.
  6. CoveredinBeer

    CoveredinBeer Low-Roller

    Nov 25, 2014
    Charleston, SC
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Without knowing your price limit, the Wynn or Encore sound like what you are looking for. Service is excellent. Pools are great. They even have a pool/day club. I'm not a club goer but I know the Wynn night clubs are great because of word of mouth. The suggestion above is good, too. Nothing wrong with staying multiple places for different experiences. And, you can gamble, eat, play anywhere on the strip regardless of where you stay. Go downtown too for a day trip. Fremont street.
  7. Nittany1

    Nittany1 VIP Whale

    Jul 6, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm normally not in favor of changing hotels but I am usually in town 4-5 nights.
    In this case I agree with Vic so you can get a feel for two different resorts and not really waste much time.
    Aria and Wynn are top choices in my opinion.
    Cosmo is also nice but my last stay was marred by some housekeeping and service issues.
  8. DBear

    DBear VIP Bear

    Mar 14, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yes, a budget per day for hotel would be good for recommendations. Wynn, Cosmo, aria are some of the nicest hotels on the strip. With 7-10 days, I would definitely consider mixing up hotels to give you some variety. One north strip and one south strip or mid strip. Saves you from constantly walking up and down the strip as you can just hang in your general vicinity for those nights. Maybe even stay downtown on Fremont street on the weekend as prices will be lower there. Nevertheless, I always switch hotels on my week long trips just to switch things up.
  9. Geogran

    Geogran Texas Tea Sipper

    May 1, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Vegas is not like ANY other place in the United States; it 's around the clock, crazy, glittery, kind of place that you will absolutely love or hate - no in between! So get your party on...

    As other posters said, the strip is the place to be and lots of solid suggestions.

    Wynn/Encore would be great for a couple nights, but after that, mid strip like Aria or Bellagio would put you smack in the middle of a lot of action with easy walking access to many other hotels, casinos, restaurants, clubs, and great night time walks up and down the strip to really get the flavor of Vegas.
    I've stayed at Wynn, Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, Mirage, Bellagio, and Aria and found all to be clean with pleasant service (I lived in Germany for a year and can appreciate your point about cleanliness - Germany rates a 10+ in that department).

    I really like the pool and restaurants at Bellagio with easy access to Aria and many other properties..
    While I like Wynn and Encore properties and close proximity to Venetian/Palazzoi, it is a bit of a walk to many other places further down the strip, so you may need to consider cabs for getting back and forth.
    Definitely plan an evening downtown - Fremont Street, etc
    Lots of clubs everywhere but I don't club so can't speak to specifics.
    Every possible kind of restaurant - my favorite is Le Cirque at Bellagio - and with your length of stay you should have no problem finding the best of the best places to eat here on VMB!!!
    You will find loads of good advice here from others better versed in Vegas than I am - just sharing my experiences..

    Hope your trip exceeds your expectations!
    Ist trip 2018
  10. sukiran

    sukiran Tourist

    Jul 8, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    With the Euro a little weak against the dollar, you might want to consider a mid-level Strip hotel with all the amenities you are looking for -- fine restos, great pool and good location. MGM-Grand is south Strip with easy access to mid Strip and close to airport. An excellent intro to Vegas, in my opinion. Cannot argue against Bellagio, Caesars and Wynn, but you might want to spend your money more wisely.
  11. VegasChic-

    VegasChic- VIP Whale

    Apr 6, 2014
    Vancouver, BC
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Because you are staying for a longer period of time, I would consider splitting the trip, booking 1/2 at Aria and the other 1/2 at Wynn.

    Any of the resorts are HUGE and could take days to explore on their own. If you book for instance at Aria, you could spend 3-5 days taking in everything on that end of the strip - its next to Cosmo, which is next to Bellagio yet in the other direction you can check out MGM Grand etc.
    Half way through the trip if you switch over to Wynn, you will be at the far end of the strip giving easy access to Venetian/Palazzo, Caesar's, Mirage and the volcano's etc.

    Although you can certainly take a taxi to get around, you will no doubt want to spend time walking the strip. Spending some time at each end of the strip would certainly help you save some steps and freshen things up part way through!

    Hope you enjoy your trip, no question you will have a blast!
  12. iamsomedude

    iamsomedude Low-Roller

    Apr 10, 2014
    A place that is not Las Vegas, but I wish it was.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The Wynn and the Encore are on a different level from the other hotels as far as service, hospitality, and cleanliness go, so that would be my number one recommendation for you. The Encore has the Encore Beach Club as well as the XS nightclub, both of which are very popular, so they fit your partying needs. The restaurants are also excellent, and if you do decide to eat there, they have the Country Club, Red 8, and SW Steakhouse, which I really like. I've heard their Poker room is good but not the best, though I wouldn't know, since I don't play Poker there. They do have plenty of slots, like most Vegas casinos, so you should be fine there. The Wynn and Encore are the more expensive hotels on the strip, but you might already be prepared for that if they were some of the hotels you were considering.

    I do have to warn you: 7-10 days could be too long for you in Las Vegas, since inside the Vegas strip, you will generally only be gambling, eating, watching shows, and partying. Walking up and down the strip should last you for 3-4 days, but you may run out of things to do if you only stay within the strip. If you feel like those four things will not be enough to keep you entertained for the whole trip, you should take the opportunity to do other things, like doing water sports at Lake Mead with Adventure Vegas Water Sports, going to a shooting range, driving fancy cars, rock climbing, and zombie paintballing, to name a few.
  13. Phos4

    Phos4 Tourist

    Mar 20, 2015
    Hello! together

    Many thanks for the first responses. You have already helped me a lot.

    Two days ago I picked up my new passport. I am now ready to fly. ;-)

    I will come to your answers again.

    Money is not the role. The price difference between a three star hotel (Stratos) and the Ara are 400€ for a week's holiday (per person). I think the extra effort is worth the hotel's location. In addition, a 5 star hotel has much better amenities. Right?

    I have no limit in that sense. I am just important that I am excited about the start of the hotel. Vegas to blow me away! I think there is nothing worse than when the holiday begins with a disappointment. But the Mandarin Oriental, it must not be now. ;-)

    @ Nittany1
    I will also reluctant to change hotels. Check-In, Check-Out -> Check-In, check-out ... is not that stressful?
    I like the Cosmo, but room service is to be desired. I have read many negative experiences on tripadvisor. Is it true that the people went on strike from housekeeping some time ago?

    Thank you for your detailed reply. Yes, cleanliness and service is very important for me. But one can not expect as a guest star in a 5 hotel? I'm not picky and do drama, if any dust mopped to a surface. I'm not a typical German who likes to complain. In my apartment I put on attention to cleanliness. Why should it be any different in a hotel?

    You're right. The dollar / euro exchange rate is not the best for me as a European. But the price difference is not that serious.

    An example in dollars:

    One week including flights on a journey by two people

    - MGM Grand $ 984 (per person)
    - Aria $ 1,135 (per person)

    + Taxes & fees of $ 203 on the spot

    I hope you're right. I wish very much that I like the holidays in Vegas. Some friends of mine are not enthusiastic about Vegas. You think that there is not much to see in Vegas and you have seen in 2 to 3 days everything and it quickly becomes boring then.

    Of course I want to experience something outside of Vegas.
    I'm interested in z. B. Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and other things outside of the city.
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