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Horseshoe in Bossier City

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Kobra2848, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Kobra2848

    Kobra2848 VIP Whale

    Oct 30, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Our plans for Memorial Day was to hit the beach but with all the Sargasso grass on the beach we had to do a plan B. Checking the rate calender I saw I could get Monday and Tuesday night free in a King Suite. After a short 6 hour road trip we arrived and were given a room on the 15th floor facing the front. The room was really nice and my wife remarked on how clean it was. It had a table with four chairs , sofa and a chair. After dropping the stuff it was down to check out the casino. The layout is on three levels as the casino is a boat with the middle level having all the table games the top level dollar slots and all the penny slots on the lower level. I played Bonus Poker Deluxe while the wife played an assortment of penny slots. The drink service consists of waitress's taking drink orders and another waitress pushing around a big ass cooler on wheels. They only had domestic beers but I found if I order from a waitress I could get an Amber Bock. The first day no big wins or losses and we finished of the night with a burger from Ounce which was wonderful.

    Day two we were going to check out the other casinos in the area but it was raining so we spent the whole day at the Horseshoe. We had lunch at the buffet which was pretty good. The only thing that my wife didn't like was the shrimp which is weird because you would think they would access to good shrimp. I also noticed they had crab legs at lunch both chilled and warmed. I finally found the 50 and 100 play video poker hidden in a corner and played a couple hours cashing out even. I also sat at a penny machine next to one my wife was playing called Pride of Africa and played for two hours cashing out around 300 bucks. I also played a Lil Red Riding Hood for over an hour before hitting a bonus cashing out up 150 bucks. We had reservations at the steakhouse that night but the wife was not hungry because of the buffet so it was late night burgers from Ounce to take up to the room. Burgers were still good but I asked the hostess when she brought me my order for ketchup and she said she put some in the bag. Of course get to the room and no ketchup. They also charge you double if you pay with points which is kind of crappy.

    Checked out at 9 next morning and stopped a Sam's Town on the way home to put a few points on the card. I ended up putting 1300 points on my card playing an Ironman slot that would bonus every 5 or 6 plays. Cashed out even and on the road for home at 11.

    After tips, food and gas I came back almost dead even. I noticed that everyone of the employees at the Horseshoe were extremely polite. We took the wife's Shelby Mustang and I went out to the garage Tuesday morning to check on it and security came by and said don't worry. Where it was parked it was on their cameras and they being Mustang fans were keeping an eye on it. He got a kick out of it when I told him it was my wife's. It wasn't Vegas but it will have to do for the wife until our August trip. For me I fly out Tuesday for two days business three days party on.

  2. HOUtoLAS

    HOUtoLAS High-Roller

    Jan 31, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report.

    I never leave the horseshoe when I go up there. Car gets parked in the garage, and two days later I leave. It's a nice place, and they treat me well. They do have a good crew there. They also have good bonus poker deluxe.

    Next time you go, you should try the steakhouse. It's good. I will just stop in at the bar and order my steak to eat it there. Every night.

    You are correct about the 8 ounce burger bar having good burgers. I can't recall if they also double the price for my food comp allotment on the room. I do see they double when using reward credits.

    I will need to head up there for the 4th weekend.
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