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hollywood columbus 9/24

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by buckeyetodd, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. buckeyetodd

    buckeyetodd High-Roller

    Nov 4, 2001
    lancaster, ohio, usa
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    this will be very abbreviated, not a trip report per se but a few things that happened.

    i had a few hours to spare, waiting for my wife who was in a class so i headed over to hollywood. my brother knew i was going so he loaded up our dad and met me there.

    hollywood is still way behind cincinnati as far as comps and free play are concerned. i've been to cincinnati 3 times and have never paid for a meal. ate at bobbys once, margaritaville once and the buffet once. in the flyers each place mails out, i get either 10 or 15 slot play 8 times a month from hollywood and a 55 free play 8 times a month from horseshoe. that being said, hollywood has this thing on tuesdays where 4 or 5 times during the day they fire up a bingo or lotto type machine and draw out six numbers. if you match two you win 25 in slot play and it just gets better with each number you hit. i was there for one of the drawings and hit two numbers so i got 25 free play which was very cool, gave me a total of 35 to use.

    anyways, we all like to play crazy 4 poker. i've had good days and bad playing it. seems i'm either hitting nonstop or getting nothing. my dad and brother were already playing when i got there and luckily i got a seat. hollywood doesn't open the game until noon usually and its a popular game and fills up quickly. i bought in and thought oh shit, its going to be one of those days. was getting nothing. lost my buy in and bought in again. was down to one bet left from my second buy in when i caught a straight or flush to give me a little breathing room. finally got hot and got all my cash back plus a whopping $35. i only had about a half an hour left before i had to go get my wife so i asked dad if he wanted to go use his free play. he did.

    we walk over to the cage to cash our chips and i find out dad had lost 300 playing crazy 4 which is alot of money to him. i felt a little sick about it but he's a big boy and if didn't have it to lose he shouldn't be going.

    so i ask him what he wants to play and as usual, he says whatever you want. can't get the guy to pick a machine to save my life. i finally decide on some vp, knowing it should give him some time playing with minimal impact on the bankroll. vp with dad is always an adventure. he can't comprehend the difference between credits and dollars. whenever he plays a quarter machine and wins, he thinks each credit should be a dollar. drives me crazy. he also can't grasp the difference in pay tables between the different games. i always play ddb and he don't understand why i get paid more on quads than he does playing job.

    i start heading over to where all the vp machines are and remember that there are four machines over by the poker room and i have had some success on them. we sit down side by side and dad asks if we are splitting like we usually do. i don't mind doing it but it seems i'm always the one forking over half my winnings because he doesn't play using optimum strategy. i've seen him drawing to gutshot straights etc... i've tried correcting him but the guy has played poker for 60 years, you would think he wouldn't do that.

    so i load up my 35 in free play and hit the ddb button. he loads up his 15 in free play then puts in another 20 because we "have to be even to start." i change his machine to ddb and decide i'm going to play mine in between his plays so i can watch him and maybe try to help. about 5 spins in, he gets two pairs, aces and something else and he holds all four cards. i say stop, show him the pay tables and tell him to only keep the aces and what quad aces pay etc... so he just holds the aces and boom, another ace, ace, four for quads with the kicker. i couldn't believe it. he was so excited he was practically out of his seat. he starts doing the split math in his head and i just tell him we won't split since he lost earlier, blah, blah, blah. he wouldn't hear of it so i just let it pass. two hands later, he gets two aces again, holds them, deals, and gets ace, ace, nine for quads again. we finally decide that he will take the 300 out that he lost earlier then we will split the rest. i wasn't going to win this argument so it was what it was.

    i didn't forget to mention how i did on my machine. i ran through the 35 in a matter of minutes, put in another 20 and it was gone it what seemed like seconds.

    so we had a helluva day. i think columbus is improving. table minimums are coming down which makes for more crowded tables but allows more people to play.

    i'll hold dad off for a couple of weeks then have to take him up again. every time i see him he asks when we can go again.
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