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Table Games hardway bet at Orleans

Discussion in 'Table Games' started by bubbakitty, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. bubbakitty

    bubbakitty native Texan; born and bred.

    Feb 17, 2003
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    October 17-23 I was at Orleans and on the craps table they had a bet for the hard-ways...it was 5:1 across the board. You had to place the bet. It did not lose on the come-out roll. You only lost on a "7". EZ rolls of 4,6,8,10 did not take down the bet. My question for the math-heads out there is how to figure the advantage.....it is 8 FOR 1 on 10 & 6 normally....10 FOR 1 on 6 & 8.....this is 5 TO 1.....i did well although obviously there were rolls "7" out which did not do well.....what is the advantage of not having the ez # eliminate the bet but only paying 50% ? of the regular Hard Way bet.....if any.....thanks...(Hopefully it will be there SuperBowl weekend)
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  2. Armadillo Al

    Armadillo Al Tourist

    Sep 16, 2012
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    The true odds of these are 6-to-1, since there are six ways to roll a 7 and one way to roll your hard way. This means that the house edge is higher than it is on a regular hard way (14.28% opposed to either 9.09% or 11.11%)
  3. topcard

    topcard Older than the Stardust!

    Aug 8, 2012
    Fort Worth
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    ...if I'm understanding the OP correctly, this is a single bet which pays 5 to 1 on any hard-way rolled, with only a 7-out taking the bet down?

    If that's the case, the math would be:
    4 hard way combinations and 6 seven-out combinations.

    So it would seem like the actual odds against you would be 3 to 2... which, of course, we all know cannot be something a casino would do - paying 5 to 1 on odds of 3 to 2.

    If it's a 'per-number' bet, then it would be horrible. They are only giving up 2 of their 8 rolls that kill a hard 4 or 10, (25%) while cutting your payout from 7 to 1 down to 5to1...(28.57%).

    For the hard 6 or 8, they are giving up 4 of the 10 rolls - 40%; and cutting your payout from 9to1 down to 5to1...(44.44%).

    So the house gains 3.57% on 4s & 10s...and gains 4.44% on 6s & 8s.

    Way better to play them the normal way.
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