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Golden Nugget cancels Ladies week, 500+ ladies on the move!

Discussion in 'The Poker Room' started by allmine1958, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. allmine1958

    allmine1958 Low-Roller

    Dec 25, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Here is the post that Lupe made about what is going on: Ladies, I commend you on being so observant! Here is the scoop from the "horses mouth"... me. Last Friday, I received a call from the management of the Golden Nugget poker room. There was an Executive Management meeting and a conversation insued about the series and "LIPS" was mentioned. The Execs never heard of us and our relationship with the Grand Series. I have to thank Sam, the current GN Poker Room Manager for trying to explain the history we have with the series and why the ladies event was added to the design of the series to be the new home of the LIPS Grand Championship. The management at the time and I were friends and he knew we could fill the house. Together, we developed the event to be the LIPS Poker Queen Grand Championship. We added the elements of the bracelets and the banners to be hung in the room year after year. Over the years, we grew LIPS Ladies Poker Week to include more events such as the Mega Satellite (Survivor), Guys & Dolls, and the tag team events. The GN Exec Management team does not understand 3rd party poker relationships. They only viewed it as a loss of revenue during the series. It is not. It's no secret there is $10 per player added on to the championship fees, which means there is no loss of revenue to the property. There are only benefits to LIPS players involvement in the series, especially when a great many of you are slot and table game players AND make the GN Hotel your home base for Ladies Poker Week. (Surprisingly they are willing to give that up?!) I prepared an overview of our history together and a proposal of sorts for the Exec Management. I asked for and never received an audience from them even though I was told they were going to contact me on several occassions. At some point, you have to understand you're not that important to the property and move on. Sadly, I knew we needed a new venue. I asked the poker dept to remove the LIPS events from their calendar and they did so except for the ladies Championship. It is not right, that event was created as the LIPS Championship but we don't have control over what a property does. It will be all of our job as LIPS players to get the word out on the change in venue. Now you're up to speed. Since this conversation took place only a week ago, I have been super busy as you can imagine. I have relocated the Championship but I can not announce until I have been given the approval. (They haven't publically announced their summer schedule yet either.) I can only say this... we're moving on to BIGGER & BETTER THINGS!! Have a little faith and trust ladies... your travel plans are good, but hotel options may change. I am working on many options for you to chose from, and it's all good. I hope to make a formal announcement very soon and here is what is confirmed for now... Mon June 22nd Noon Binion's Poker Room $200 NLHE Ladies Tues June 23rd 11AM Orleans Poker Room $125 per person NLHE Poker Hotties Showdown (3 Person Teams) Grab your partners and play as a team! 10% of the overall prize pool is reserved for the winning team. The remaining prize pool is distributed as normal. Thank you all for your continued support and please just give me a bit to get everything signed sealed and delivered in plenty of time for LIPS Ladies Poker Week!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.