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First visit to Caesars AC

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by lithium78, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. lithium78

    lithium78 VIP Whale

    Sep 8, 2013
    New Jersey
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We just got back from a weekend at Caesars AC. We used to stay and play at Showboat before CET shut the place down at the end of August and we hadn't even been to AC since then. I guess we were a little sore about losing the House of Blues. However, when CET sent us an offer for a comped weekend, some freeplay, and comped buffets for this weekend, we decided to give them a shot. We had played a little bit at Caesars over 4th of July weekend, but we had never stayed there before or gone anywhere other than the first floor casino.

    CET comped us a premium room in the Centurion Tower and this room was really nice. It was a corner room with one window looking out over the parking garage and the other window with a partial view of the ocean. I liked the marble floor bathroom and the TV built into the bathroom mirror. Nice touches. If you are going to stay at Caesars AC, we highly recommend the Centurion Tower.

    After checking in on Friday night, we immediately headed to the Palace Buffet for dinner. The staff there were very friendly and attentive (our server realized that they had run out of cold Blue Moon and he ran over to another restaurant to grab some for me) and gave us a lot of good suggestions for things to do and other places to eat. The buffet was excellent with a wide variety of international cuisine to choose from. We also appreciated the milkshake machine. Obviously, this isn't going to compare to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in LV, but I thought the buffet was definitely superior to the old French Quarter buffet we enjoyed at Showboat.

    For gaming, I pretty much stuck to slots, because I had been stressfully interacting with people all week at work and I really just wanted to relax and drink and not have to talk to anybody. I had never gone upstairs to the second floor casino before, but I really liked it because it is non-smoking. I quit smoking 13 years ago, so being around a lot of smoke in casinos can be a bit of a problem for me. My wife also has asthma, so she appreciated the smoke-free casino floor. I found some Star Trek slot machines and went to town on them. The only real problem I had was that the drinks service was molasses-going-uphill-in-January slow and that really annoyed me. For the amount of money I was playing, they should have been able to get drinks to me a little more promptly.

    I had a ton of reward credits saved up from Social Rewards and my TR credit card, so we didn't pay for any meals on this trip. We had breakfast on Saturday and Sunday at Cafe Roma, which was downstairs in the Centurion Tower, so it was really convenient. For dinner on Saturday night, we went to Kwi Noodle on the first floor near the casino and their Asian Fusion was really good and really not that expensive. It gave me a chance to try Tsing Tao, which is an imported Chinese beer that was quite good. We also had gelato twice from the Tazza bakery/snack place in the lobby, although they took reward credits at a 2:1 ratio. The Mia Italian restaurant in the lobby is being renovated into an AC version of Gordon Ramsey's Pub and Grill, so there was some construction going on. They say that restaurant should be ready by the Spring.

    For shopping, we paid a visit to the Pier Shops and just browsed because we aren't the kind of people who spring for a $500 handbag. Afterward, we walked a block or so to the Tangers Outlets and got some great deals on designer clothes. There is some really good shopping in AC and it's all within walkable distance if you are staying Center Boardwalk at Caesars or Bally's.

    We never felt unsafe walking around in the tourism area and we didn't see any panhandlers or hobos. There was one street musician, but he was working for a living, so I don't see why anyone would have a problem with him. I don't really understand the comments some people make about AC being a dangerous place. Just don't go to places like Back Maryland and you'll be fine.

    So, overall, we had a wonderful time at Caesars AC. Up to this point, I had been considering changing my play to Golden Nugget or Tropicana because CET closed the Showboat, but we were so pleased with our visit this weekend that we are going to make Caesars our regular casino in AC from now on. And if they keep up the good offers, we'll visit again very soon.
    Harrah's Atlantic City for the Teachers Convention
  2. abrolsma

    abrolsma Low-Roller

    Aug 17, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I grew up In northern NJ and used to take my bartending stake down to AC all the time. I used to love the place for what it is - but there is definitely a loss of energy there now (in my opinion). Not sure if that's because I compare it to Vegas now or that it's just the east coast attitude. :). I always did enjoy the Marina properties and also have stayed at Ballys and Showboat in the past. I remember how anxious I would get walking from the elevators to the main floor at Showboat 20 years ago (my first "home" casino) .. lots of gambling memories there.

    Glad to hear that Ceasars is spending some money renovating. Hopefully, it was just over saturation and with fewer casinos AC will make a rebound.

    Glad you had a good time and thanks for the report!
  3. LandryBalla9

    LandryBalla9 PH Blackjack Degen

    Jun 6, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the excellent TR and an honest take on AC. I travel up there a good bit from DC and agree entirely that it's vastly overstated that AC is dying. I have multiple casinos closer to me, including the new Baltimore Horseshoe (which is very nice however), but AC is easily the best gaming experience outside of Vegas for us East coasters. I'll be at Harrah's AC this Friday actually and will take the TR bus to Caesars as it's beautiful inside.
    Back again :D
  4. ant1433

    ant1433 Low-Roller

    Sep 5, 2005
    I live in NJ and also agree that the death of AC is greatly overstated.
    I think th real test will be when the AC air show is in town. They used to get up to 600,00-700,00 people. Now that there ar eless hotel rooms available, it will be interesting if I can get comped rooms for events like that.

    If you are Diamond, I love the bartenders at Caesar's Diamond lounge-Anthony and Ray They are great guys and have seen everything in their long careers.

    Going to Miss Mia's. Never had a bad meal there. Oh well, will give Gordon Ramsey a chance before you knock it. lol
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