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Finally bought my tickets on Southwest with a price I could live with

Discussion in 'Getting There & Getting Around' started by vwhiten, Jun 25, 2015.

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  1. vwhiten

    vwhiten VIP Whale

    Aug 10, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I have been watching SW prices for a couple of months. Kept my fingers crossed that I could snag a reasonable airfare. I had my return flight locked in several weeks ago with my Rapid Reward points for both me and my husband. The sales Southwest has had out of Austin and San Antonio have been a joke at the very least. You think that a company with roots to Texas would cut as some slack - lol. I even contemplated flying out a day or two earlier. I looked at adding 2 nights to my MGM stay and called the VIP line with my confirmation number. They wanted more for those two nights than all my other 5 nights together.

    Today I found a flight out on August 1 - my original desired departure day. Leaving Austin at 3 pm and landing in Vegas @ 4:50 pm with one stop and no plane change in Phoenix - $166 - so I grabbed it. My husband is a little down since it is not a direct flight and arriving later in the day. But I have 8 drink coupons for Southwest - I told him it would be o.k. I do have tickets for Carrot Top at 8 pm and hope there are no snafuus so we can make the show. I had wanted to take a limo with stops for drinks and goodies from the airport - but I'll save that for another time. Seems a little much to take a limo from the aiport straight to MGM.

    Good luck to everyone else and just keep on checking. It seems that Southwest fares change daily and maybe even more often.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.