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Enter 1/28 -2/3, Re-Enter 2/9 - 2/11

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by tdhoier, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. tdhoier

    tdhoier High-Roller

    May 9, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So nothing good can possibly come from this trek, but it's the annual Super Bowl venture to The Oasis for way too many days.

    I've been going out to Vegas for the Super Bowl since the 1998 version (ATL vs DEN). I think it's the best time out there even though I've only been on the Strip / At a casino / In a Book for two of those Super Bowls (my older brother has lived out there since 1989 and we always end up watching it at his haus).

    Doing it a little different this time around than the norm. I'm pretty much a Vdara Penthouse guy when I'm out there, but I am all over the map with this itinerary.

    I've literally been to LV a hundred + times, yet have never bothered to stay downtown. Tomorrow and THU Night I'm staying in one of the Design-A-Suites at The El Cortez. My brother is a Vice Cop and thinks I'm a lunatic for staying in this place, but I like the Casino and I know I won't be overhearing Stryper cover bands on Fremont at any point as this little jewel is pushed away from that madness.

    FRI - MON it's the Trump 2 BR Pent Strip View. Great room. Wish it was a wee bit closer to everything...but it's really close to the Peppermill and pinballing your way back home is always entertaining at 6 AM.

    MON - TUE I will be staying at the Vdara 1 BR Pent just to say I did. I'm loyal to the place despite a complete idiot who works at MLIFE VIP Services Aria/Vdara. I had planned on staying here from FRI - TUE and had a reservation. When I decided I wanted to change from the 2 BR Penthouse to the Hospitality Suite (just to check it out), the guy seemingly made it happen over the phone, but actually just cancelled my existing reservation and charged my cc $700 without actually booking the room. By the time I noticed I probably should get my standard confirmation email/PDF, I called and I was informed the reservation didn't exist. By that time, all of the 2 BR's were booked up, so I bailed on Vdara this year.

    They did give me a $100 resort credit for the one night for their ineptitude, so I guess by that point I'll be mummified in the room with the booze oozing out of my pores and eating three orders of chicken cacciatore on the house, n'sh_t.

    Go to L.A. for almost a week before coming back for two nights and staying in an Executive Suite @ Treasure Island (have wanted to check this room out for the last six-seven trips, actually).

    There will be four of us, but scattered at different properties). I'll bring my usual $2.5 G and hope it can make it to SUN. I like to drink, gamble, mingle. I don't go disco dancing at the clubs or waste too much time eating. I'm all over Seattle and I'm hoping the misery that was the final 5:00 of the NFCCG (attached) isn't a bad sign.

    This can't be live. I don't have the attention span for that and am astonished at those disciplined and intellectual enough to do so.

    Sayonara for now, folks. Pack.jpg
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