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Early Check-in fees and phone call reservations fees

Discussion in 'LV Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by dewey089, Jul 20, 2015.

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  1. dewey089

    dewey089 Guru of Value

    Aug 4, 2001
    averill park (near albany) ny
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    Inspired by comments on this thread,
    I did some research this morning. Some of it may not be definitive. As always, more than one phone call helps. Also, it is official policy and may differ at times from actual practice, but here is what I found:


    This came from a very helpful operator at Vdara who knew a bit about other properties as well.
    Calling and booking directly with the hotel operator incurs no fees at MLife properties. However, the prices are higher at the reservations desk than online. So, it is better to book online.
    Having booked online, a call to Reservations to add or subtract a day would in most cases get the same rate as the online booking. Basically, the hotel desk quotes the reservations desk price, but they have the ability if they can see the online reservation you made (or in some cases want to make) to book at the online rates. So, ask.

    There must be some place booking centrally for Mlife properties and they might charge the phone booking fee. I see that reported here:


    Researching CET I did call a central booking number and the operator said they charged a $15 fee for initial booking on the phone. They did not charge for modification of an internet booked reservation. They did not charge if the caller said that they had tried the internet and could not get it to work. But you have to say that. Otherwise, $15. So, this fits my experience of a couple years back. the way to book this property, even using an offer from Total Rewards, is to book something online and then make the free call to confirm, modify, ask questions, etc.


    CET At Caesar's, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo and Paris the early check-in is $30 before noon, $25 afternoon. At some others the fee was $22.00 for any early check-in before 2 PM. As reported elsewhere on this board that fee might be waived, so it is good to ask. CET only rarely offers a quaranteed early check-in and that must be done by booking the previous night. It is generally, first come, first served before 3 PM, officially, with sometimes some variation,.
    If when you arrive early, you are offered an upgrade, the early check-in fee will be waived.
    If your Player's Card status is Seven Stars, you have the fee waived. If you are Diamond, ask and see.
    MLIFE -

    Confusing the issue is that there are two kinds of early check-ins. One is a guaranteed check-in and one depends on room availability.
    $25 to $40 depending upon property guarantees deluxe room check-in (nothing for the other rooms)

    Otherwise, this clerk at Vdara said there was no fee. Mlife properties will just put us in a room if we arrive early and one is ready. No fee for that. This conflicts with what I heard from Excalibur when I asked their reservation desk. There the clerk said that if it was just a little before 3, no fee was charged, but if it was in the morning, 10 or 11 a $20 fee would be charged. At any rate it depended on the arrival day and time and I should ask the clerk at the desk. Monte Carlo said they had no early check-in fee. If a room was available, I could get it.
    In general, it seems Mlife is well the better property on these fee issues. At Bellagio, for $30 paid more than 48 hours in advance you could get a guaranteed early check-in and be sure of the room in the early morning.
    At CET you would pay $30 only if the room was available when you arrived to check-in early. And the phone fee was much easier to avoid.

    Oh, the operator also stressed that people booking this property should always connect their Mlife Player's Card number to their booking. They get points and also qualify for reduced prices on shows and food. People who do not as yet have an Mlife number can get one easily online.
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