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Downtown D Sept. 9-13

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jimbucc, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. Jimbucc

    Jimbucc VIP Whale

    Apr 1, 2003
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Got a good deal with Southwest for our flights out of Cleveland. Used the Las Vegas Advisor book for the D and upgraded to a Corner King. Stayed on the 25th floor. Nice view towards the east for the full side of the window and a view towards the Stratosphere on the corner side window. No problems with slow elevators during the week. Maybe weekends are different.

    Our flight down had a layover at Midway Airport Chicago. We had to sit on the plane in Cleveland for about a half hour because they had to replace netting in the cargo area. Got to Chicago in time to grab a bite and and move on. Flight from Chicago to Vegas was pretty much on schedule. Landed just in time as a thunderstorm was approaching with some nasty lightning. Got our luggage with no problem. It's still free with Southwest to check luggage. A car rental bus was waiting and it was raining outside. It rained on and off for most of our stay. Brilliant sunshine on Friday the day we left. Still wasn't a total washout. Being cloudy kept it cooler.

    We rented for the first time with E-Z Car Rental. They had the best rates for this trip. Payless would have been a close second. Actually Fox was cheaper but I don't want to do the double shuttle thing because they are not located in the rental facility. No high pressure sales for insurance, gas, or upgrades from E-Z. I rented a compact car and ended up getting a Chevy Impala. I guess they were out of compacts. The car had 12,000 miles on it. I would rent from them again.

    All the employees at the D were very friendly. After we checked in, we went to the player's club to update our address and e-mail. They informed me that I had 2 ten dollar food vouchers for my wife and I. That worked out great because it was after 7 P.M. and we were tired from the plane and didn't feel like going anywhere. We ate at the D Grill on the second floor. Decent Reuben Sandwich with fries and a big brownie ice cream desert. We stayed on the second floor to play video poker. They have some full pay coin machines up there. My wife was playing a nickle deuces wild machine. After about ten minutes she yells to me to come look. I figured she got 4 deuces but to my surprise she had a royal flush. It required a hand pay because the machine wasn't going to spit out 4000 nickles. Sweet. For Sigma Derby fans, they still have it on the second floor of the D. People really get excited playing it.

    We went to the Gold Coast Tuesday morning for the breakfast buffet. The Young At Heart Tuesdays for the over 50 crowd gets buy one get one. We did the Orleans for dinner. All you have to do is put 10 points on your b connected card to get the deal. We also went out to the Suncoast for 7 times points. I pretty much stayed off the strip this trip. We did go in the back way off Koval to The Quad. The gigantic ferris wheel is up in the back there. Not sure when it is going to be up and running. The Quad casino really has changed. Doesn't look at all like the old IP. Texted Snickerboob but she didn't see it until the next morning. Sorry we didn't hook up. My wife and I met her a few years back at Casino Royale.

    Wednesday morning we did the Main Street Station buffet. We played a little at Binions where I got my 4 deuces wild hit. I play mostly DDB and dabble a little with DW. Now I need my 4 aces playing DDB. We went out to Sam's Town for 7 times points. Got 4 four's with a kicker. Just as good as 4 aces. Still waiting for my wife to hit 4 aces or 4 deuces. She hasn't gotten anything good since the royal flush. While we were out Boulder Highway we stopped in the Skyline Casino. http://www.skylinehenderson.com/Home.html
    I got on their e-mail list and they sent me an offer for a free t shirt. Nice friendly small casino with no player's card. Just decent VP pay schedules. We got our t shirt and played a little while. We then headed over to Sunset Station for the dinner buffet. We use the MRB book for the 2 for ones. They have a TDW machine there that pays 3000 credits for 4 deuces. We didn't hit it.

    Thursday morning we did the Palace Station buffet. For the most part we play at b connected properties and stations properties. With the 2 for 1 buffets in the MRB and the points on our cards we eat for almost nothing. We drained our points at Sunset Station so I had to pay $4.99 for this breakfast. :wink2: The new bar is nice with mediocre VP pay schedules. Full pay VP still exists in all the Stations I went to. We headed over to Tuscany to stay on their radar. Our cards were no longer in the system so they gave us new cards. Usually once you have a card you don't get freebies to get back into the system but we got a funbook and $5 free slot play. There was a $5 match play in the book so my wife played red and I played even on the roulette wheel. Something like 34 red came in so we both hit our match plays. Then my wife hit 5 out of 5 numbers on video keno, so we made a few bucks there. We then went on to Silver Seven which is still basically the same old Terribles.

    From there we headed out to the Suncoast for more 7 times points. Finally my wife hit 4 deuces playing DW. It was dealt to her. I told her the day before it has been a long time since she hit deuces that it probably is going to be dealt to you. From there we went to Red Rock for the dinner buffet. I'm starting to get buffeted out.

    Friday we have to go home at 3:10 P.M. We did the Fremont breakfast buffet. Drained our b connected card points. I am now officially done with buffets. For now. Until I'm hungry again. Which at the time feels like never. We played some $3 BJ at Fremont. Wife lost but I won. Went over to The Cal to play the nickle progressive upstairs. I told my wife it looks like neither one of us is going to get 4 aces this trip. I go to sit next to my wife at the bank of carousels and the machine terminal is out of order. The next machine has a guy just leaving so I go to the next one over. I start playing DDB and the cards are being dealt at the slow speed. There is no speed control button. I don't care that it is set on slow but it's our last day and I need to play faster. I'm thinking about moving but I feel like I was drawn to that machine so I stay. You know how us gamblers have our little quirks. So on one of my hands I am dealt a jack and ten of diamonds along with an unsuited ace and two garbage cards. The jack and ten of diamonds were the first 2 cards dealt and the ace was the last card. For some reason I thought about holding the jack ten but I held the ace alone. With the slow speed I watch ace ace ace come up to match my loan ace without a kicker. Finally hit my 4 aces. A few hands later I watch in slo mo 3,3,3,3,Q being dealt to me. I got a chance to still get the kicker and throw the queen away and get an ace kicker. Nice haul for a short session. :thumbsup:

    We then went to play a little at South Point because it's near the car rental facility. Filled the tank up and returned the car with no problems. Got to the airport and the departure screen shows our plane on time. Go through security and get something to eat at Burger King. Most money I have spent for a meal in Vegas is always at the airport. The buffet did wear off and I needed to eat something for the long trek back to Cleveland. Go to our gate and see that the 3:10 departure is now 5:10. WTF :grrr: Oh well. Now we won't get home till after midnight. At least we had a direct flight going home. Plane got off the ground around 5:30 P.M. and we landed safely at 12:15 A.M. Three hour time change sucks going home.

    All in all we had a successful trip. We came home with $95 less than we left with. That included food and tips. The D was fine to stay at. The room was very nicely refurbished with a nice comfy king sized bed. The bathroom was still outdated with an ancient jacuzzi tub. When we checked out, I was charged the resort fee. I told them I made the reservation long before the resort fee took place. He promptly corrected the invoice. The parking garage is always a trip at The D mainly because the first 7 levels are for valet.

    I found myself not even caring to do the strip at all this trip. I didn't even do much of downtown. We played at D, Main Street, Cal, Fremont, Binions, and Four Queens. I know nothing compares to Vegas, but maybe the fact that we now have a casino in Cleveland and I get free play there every week, the Vegas charm isn't as great. I don't think I will be back until the Downtown Grand is done, SLS or whatever the old Sahara is going to be, and the evil empire gets done screwing up the area around Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd.

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  2. sassykat

    sassykat Tourist

    Feb 21, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you for the report.
  3. teacher1

    teacher1 Low-Roller

    Oct 12, 2004
    Thanks for posting--nice trip.
  4. higgiel

    higgiel Low-Roller

    Dec 15, 2012
    Canton, OH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the trip report. Glad you finally got your Aces. It's frustrating playing for several days and not hitting them. Nice job for your wife hitting the royal on the first day. And coming home down less than $100 is as close to a win as we can hope for sometimes. Welcome back to Ohio - just in time for the cool weather. :wave:
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