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"D"Almost Had To Cancel Vegas

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by SeeUNVegas, Sep 3, 2016.

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  1. SeeUNVegas

    SeeUNVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 7, 2014
    Des Moines, IA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thought I would post this out here as I am sure there are at least a few that can relate and I am sure others that actually have had to cancel. For the last 10 months I have been helping arrange the next trip to Vegas for myself and 16 others leaving on September 15th. There was a time I would arrange an annual trek of about 10-15 of us, but it got to the point that herding cats would be a breeze compared to putting up with the attitudes. To alleviate that problem, I have been going solo for the last four years and it has been an absolute blast. Besides the normal break from the work life this was going to be a dual celebration weekend but then a trip to the specialist, an MRI and a referral to a surgeon put it all in jeopardy...

    We will start with the celebrations. The first being a celebration for me, better known as "D" to the inner circle because evidently Dave is to hard to say when you are drunk, I will be reaching the 25 year anniversary of visiting the great city of Las Vegas and in preparation, I have tried to heighten the experience from my normal stay at Bally's and NYNY. My play this last year qualified me for 3 nights at both Caesars and a Diamond Suite at Monte Carlo. I then saw Kevin's email and changed the Caesars stay to the Terrace Suite at Cosmo, thanks again Kevin! Several hundred dollars in free play, resort credit and other free dinner/buffet/entertainment offerings has me well on the way towards an enjoyable trip.

    The second and most important is the coming of age of a 21 year old and her first steps into the desert. Her mother and I have shared some of the greatest fully clothed memories I have of the city and when we get the whole gang back together, we still find ourselves in tears rehashing the good ole days. Now keep in mind her daughter has been hearing the retold and embellished stories of what her Mother and I have done since she was 5 years old and her first trip to Vegas just had to have "D" there. How could I say no? Then...

    My youngest son has been a very good athlete his entire life and love's baseball more than air itself. He has pitched forever and holds a high school record for throwing a no hitter both as a freshman and sophomore. This last season was his most impressive on the mound which says a lot with the career he's had to date. Going into his junior year, he already has schools sending him offers and was looking forward to skipping basketball to focus his entire off season to the sport he loves. In July, after a baseball showcase in Omaha, he informed me of some discomfort in his shoulder. As any parent of a pitcher will tell you, this is pretty common and we shut him down to rest. Six weeks later, rather than feeling better, he informs me that the "pain" is still there and maybe getting worse. A trip to an orthopedic who then sent us for an MRI just to rule anything out followed by a phone call three days later to meet with a surgeon. Then at T MInus 352 hours until wheels up, we are sitting on the edge of seats, surgery means I cancel Vegas. Thankfully, there is a small frayed area that surgery would only make worse. Pain is caused by front of the shoulder being stronger than the back causing deceleration stress on his bicep. Long paragraph summed up, he needs some PT to stretch out the front muscle and new techniques to strengthen the back. Best news, in six weeks he will be able to start slowly building back in some throwing and be ready to start the season.

    Bestest news, I am still wheels up in 291 hours from the time I am writing this. Thankfully I didn't have to choose between his surgery and Vegas...he was on the verge of losing! Just kidding, his surgery would have had to wait a week. If you are still reading, thanks for listening as I needed to let it out so I can focus on the best weekend of Vegas since the last time I went. If you are there the weekend of September 15 and hear someone call out "D!", I probably just created another story again. Say hi as I always like meeting fellow board followers.

    See U N Vegas!
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