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Cp 9/10 - 9/14

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mardaho, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. mardaho

    mardaho Low-Roller

    Feb 1, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Flew out of Appleton on 9/10 No Problems on the flight smooth and easy.
    Carry on Only so we Hoofed it directly to the taxi line. Not bad at all BUT
    when they get to us he says hold on a minute...follow me...unhooks a half
    dozen ropes and away we go all the way down and all the way back to where
    we started and then he sends us to the last taxi stand while others were sent
    to ones right by the beginning LOL. Off to CP no line here either so we walk
    right up to Brian chat a litte as he types away and I ask with a smile about a
    room in Augustus tower with a fountain view. Brian typed away got on the
    phone and kept saying our name and fountain view or pool view. Over and
    over again. Hangs up and a few more clicks and we are off to Augustus
    3187 :nworthy: HHHMMM my directions aren't always the greatest but
    somehow this doesn't seem like it's going to be a fountain view :cry:
    walk in very nice room with a view of........a roof top :grrr: oh well we can actually see the pool off to our left with the mountains behind it and the strip
    to the right so all in all not the worst view we've ever had. And after further review it doesn't look like that many rooms in the Augustus Tower would have
    a pool view more like a pool peek.
    Off we go it's now about midnight on EST but we are ready for a little
    gamble. Find a couple machines and a cocktail waitress and we are set.
    10 minutes later I hit the Major Jackpot on a machine I think called Wicked Princess or Wicked Warrior ... something like that ..anywho I won 363 dollars.
    :beer: Another hour gambling and I am ready for bed with a nice tidy profit in
    my pocket.
    * oh yeah forgot this part . It was around 10 by the time hit the casino floor
    and this place was crazy busy we had a hard time finding 2 machines together
    and this was a Monday night

    Day 2 (9/11) :cry: wake up around 7 because of our body clocks say to. Also
    need to head to the Rio for a Slot Tourney DH is entered in. Jump in a cab at
    the Augustus Entrance and 7 dollars later we are at the Rio. Do the Slot Tourney thing and get out play times. They had a glitch of somesort with people registering the day before so the line was crazy long and crazy slow
    but after about an hour we are set. Play the one session and did pretty crappy
    less than 6000 points. But we are done for the day and now have the day to
    ourselves. Which we use mainly bopping around Total Reward Casinos. Oh yeah and it rained today . Yup leave it to us to vacation in the desert only to get rained on. It only lasted an hour so we stayed in between Ballys and Paris.
    Once it stopped we were off to PH and the Earl of Sandwich ...YUMMY
    Roamed the strip for the rest of the evening with no eventful wins BUT we also didn't get a butt kicking either and I still was working on my first days funds
    plus I had stashed my winnings.

    Day 3 (9/12) Had to head to the Rio again but not as early since we knew
    the routine. Woke up about 7 ish again and lounged for a bit before we started
    our day. Taxi out play in session 1 for the day(did a little better 7000) and then hop a shuttle back to
    Harahs. Today is HOT HOT HOT Roamed around then Harrahs to have their buffet
    before the buffet I played a machine with dolphins on it. I am so bad with names of machined but I know what the pictures are. Got in a bonus where
    I lined up dolphins and the wild symbols which multiply on each line so like
    2x 3 x 3x and won 200 bucks. Took the Shuttle back to Rio for the last session
    Nothing great on this session and only about 6000 points so don't think any great wins our in our future. A lady sitting next to DH had over 9000 each session and in this one hit the double diamonds in 2 out of 5 spins near the end
    to help her cause.
    Shuttle Back to the strip and roamed as far as the Venetian..this place was nuts
    the people -the groups -the tours Found a couple of machines and a couple of
    drinks and just sat back and relaxed. Back to CP for the end of our night had a couple pieces of pizza from the food court. I didn't do very good this day and I
    mostly was satisfied watching DH play, Left to find the Restroom and I come
    back and Hubby is smiling and laughing and chatting with another guy. Well
    I turn the corner and his Wicked Winning machine is totaling up 810 dollars :drunk: Of course after this it takes me awhile to pry him off of the machine and go to bed but we are out of there before 11 ish Most of our days go from 7am - 11 pm Full days and a good 6 -8 hours sleep.

    Day 4 (9/13)
    Last Day... Day to do nothing special until 5 to watch the Packer Game :nworthy:
    Grabbed a couple of Danish and coffee and juice from the Food Court and layed around for a bit. After 9 I head out to the pool. No problem finding a chair at all. And it is HOT had to keep jumping in the water to cool off. After a couple of hours of reading and watching I head back to the room to start my day. Roamed around a bit and went to Cosmo to try the 100 play on us. Did this and it took up a good couple of hours. We both lost our 100 within an hour
    so we had 100 to play on them. This took up another hour or so and I ended up cashing out 70 and DH 90 so for 2 plus hours of play we lost 40 bucks this is a win in our book :thumbsup:
    Went to Burger Brassiere to watch the Packers play and grab some food.
    This place was packed with Packer fans so this was a good score : )
    watched the first half here and had a couple of good burgers with onion rings
    and a couple of beers. I had won about 60 bucks in food comps in the TR program they had a couple of months back so this more than covered this meal.
    Played a couple of machines in Ballys near the bar so we could catch the rest of the game. Awesome Game :kiss:
    Back to CP to finish up our night No big wins to speak of today.
    but all in all we did okay by taking home about 1/2 of our funds.

    Day 5 (9/14)
    Heading out today but not until 1 so this is really nice, we are so used to catching a flight at the crack of early and the later flight is awesome.
    Head to the pool again for our last chance for serious sun action until
    spring : (
    Relaxing morning and then off to the Airport. The Security line is fairly short BUT they only had 2 lines open for the C Gates so this took awhile but we still
    had plenty of time.
    No problems on the ride home land a little bit late and walk past the next
    set of victims waiting for the plane.
    We are meeting friends at North Star Casino so our vacation isn't really over yet.

    Construction at the IP was not nearly as bad as I thought. And the temporary walkays are no different then the ones for the City Center that went on forever.
    IP itself has some construction going on and they moved the check in..not really sure where the real entrance to this place is going to be.

    Porn Slappers and Street(overhead walkway) performers didn't seem as bad as
    in the past

    Most of the Escalators worked except for the day it rained

    CP pool area wasn't as bad as people make out. Granted I was out there every
    day kind of early and only looking for 1 and 2 chairs But even when I left there
    was alot of open spaces On the Day We left we walked around the entire pool area around 11 and there was alot of open seats, and this on a Friday morning.
    When I first went to the pool no one was checking keys but when we walked around 11 we had to show our key.

    The crowds were crazy but Tuesday was a little calmer but the rest of the days were nutzo. No lack of cash in Vegas. Though being the time of year there weren't alot of little kids but I did notice quite a few tour groups following a person with
    a flag or flashlight walking around. Not sure if this is the way to see Vegas what do you do just walk around Vegas in a big group or do you get time to gamble????

    I am still amazed at the people who try to bring drinks...full size hair products and such on to airplanes and then get ticked off when they have to dump them.

    I'm sure I will think of things to add on but I will get this sent first
    Thanks for reading
    I know I live by these Trip Reports before my trips so I hope this helps
    somebody pass the time :wave:
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2012
  2. gongoman

    gongoman MIA

    Apr 21, 2012
    Long Beach,In
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for your trip report:beer:
  3. Ezzy711

    Ezzy711 Low-Roller

    Jul 29, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for taking the time to write the TR. I also love to hear the different experiences. I'm always fascinated by the different takes on Vegas.
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