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Comps on top of free rooms?

Discussion in 'Comps' started by hokdo, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. hokdo

    hokdo Tourist

    Apr 27, 2012
    Fort Worth, Tx.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    MGM is comping me 3 nights in one of their stay well suites(which I'm confident is a regular room) and I'm curious how much I need to gamble to maybe get a show comped or a nice meal? I know I need to "pay back" the room comp but that should be no issue. Just curious what my average BJ bet needs to be, I'm bringing the wife too who plays slots.

    Should I gamble mainly at MGM or will my other mlife gaming help count, I know the MGM would rather see me pay it back at their place.

    I figured I would ask the experts.
  2. notfromconcentrate

    notfromconcentrate Perhaps the only Vegas-obsessed millennial

    Jul 19, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My understanding is if they're giving you a front-end comp, the expectation is pretty high for you to be "playing it off". A rough mental calculation tells me you'd have to clock at $200 average bet for five hours per day to live up to that expectation.

    Meal comps, by comparison, are not as difficult to get. I feel like if you were to ask the pit boss or your host if you could have a meal after you're playing, and your average bet is "in range", getting those comps won't be extraordinarily difficult.

    Personally, I see there being three incentives for them to be relatively loose with meal comps, from their point of view...
    - If it's an MGM owned restaurant, they have very little expense to give you a comped steak/average bottle of wine for two... because all you're costing them is supplies and labour - so while you may pay $150 for apps/steak/wine at retail, that likely doesn't cost them more than $50 in direct costs
    - In doing so, it keeps you on the property, which makes you less likely to gamble elsewhere. Looking at this from a dichotomous point of view, if they were to deny you a comp, you then stand to go to, say, Caesar's palace and have a meal there. In that situation, they may have saved $50 in direct costs - but now you've not only got a sour taste in your mouth from a denied comp, you're also at another place you can play, which is definitely what MGM doesn't want. By comparison if they were to give you a comp, you have one less reason to leave.
    - This is also bound to add to your side of the "expectation". Meaning that if you're playing x amount to get comped a room, then you also have to be playing x amount to get comped a meal. As long as that continues to be demonstrated as good value to you, "lighting that fire" with a couple of free meals is worthwhile for them to at least try.

    This is only based off of my general understanding of comps. Perhaps others who are MGM players can chime in a bit more here.
    Visiting Cali. But would rather stay in Vegas, and fly in/fly out!
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