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comparing NY lottery games vs. casinos

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Chat' started by Gomar, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Gomar

    Gomar Low-Roller

    Apr 18, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Which game has best overall odds of either winning or breaking even on your bet?
    I have made many comparisons of NY lottery and casino games for the last 2 years, and have come to the following conclusions:
    NY Quick Draw 2-spot $10 win on 1:16.7 has best odds for payout. Only one chance to win, however, that is odds/prize = 1.67
    Wed/Thur is 50% days, so it's $15 for 1:1 odds. Just 2 days ago I hit $20 on 10 lines; and once hit $60 on $20.
    Vs. 3-10 spot bigger payouts and more chances but 9 spot $30k - 1:1.38m is worse of any game.

    PB&MM huge payouts but long odds, and lower prizes are nothing.
    PB has PP for $2m - 1:5.1m for $3 [x2-5 is back now] however, SM odds on $2m are better.
    MM has MP for $2 up to $5m for 1:18.5m, but do the math vs. SM: 3.8m x 5 = 19m / 2 = 9.5m
    I bought my last PB and MM tickets; unless I hit $500k+.

    Lotto - I play if jackpot is $10m for lump sum of $5.5, lower prizes are bad.
    Sweet Million - $1m for 1:3.8m, but lower prizes are bad.
    Take5 - not a bad game, lower prizes are good, but jackpot is shared.
    Numbers - $500 1:1000 or $80 box 1:167 [QD 2 spot is better]
    Win4 - $5000 1:10000. I have seen payouts of $100k on $20 bet.
    Pick10 - $500k - 1:8.9m, lower prizes are bad, but 6 chances.

    scratch cards: best odds are $20 and $30.

    Blackjack has good odds and payouts. I often win playing video BJ and Poker.
    Also 3 wheel slots give back often, but the winnings are small, and likewise 5 wheel slots have big payouts but odds are big.
    I often win on Keno, but prefer games with videos and bonus not for payouts but for fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.