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CET Diamond Lounges

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by jackincols, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. jackincols

    jackincols Guest

    For those of you that are Diamond and above with CET, I'd like your opinions on which Diamond Lounges you prefer and which you think have the best snacks/finger food? What time does the one you like open?
  2. mrstealth

    mrstealth High-Roller

    Aug 7, 2009
    Midwest - Sister Bay, WI
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The food selection in vegas is pretty much the same at all of the diamond lounges. Chips & Dip & Veggies & desserts, and wings during the hot food hours.

    My favorite is at Ak-Chin in Phoenix by far. I prefer the sliders, but the surf & turf is also good. Great food and drink and view overlooking the pool.

    Of all the lounges on the strip the worst is probably at the Flamingo (it's off the stairs leading down to the habitat) in that it has no bar, and is fairly small. It's nice though if you just want to grab something quick and go. They have a great self service coffee/tea center as well.

    The 3 I like best (in order) are Paris, Caesars, and Planet Hollywood (on the second floor). The paris lounge is known for it's martini's and specialty drinks and has great service.

    I believe they open at 1pm on weekends and 4 or 5 during the week. The hours are clearly posted on the door of each lounge. You will need your id & valid diamond /7-stars card to enter. You are allowed 1 guest, and the guest must be over 21
  3. Kickin

    Kickin Flea

    Aug 10, 2012
    Caesars lounge is pretty nice. For food they had more than just the typical wings and cold stuff, they had things like gyoza and noodles and more. Also some nice salads and desserts along with other small snacks. We walked in for a drink and a light bite before a concert and ended up eating so much we ruined our post-show dinner plans.

    PH was much simpler with wings as the only hot food if I remember correctly. The positive was it was usually pretty empty whereas Caesars was very crowded. Those are the only two in Vegas I've been to. They have a couple of computers in there you can use if you want a flashback to 1998.

    Keep in mind the hot food is only served for a small window, something like 4pm-6pm. Pretty weak but hopefully someone else can confirm the exact times.
  4. sybgal

    sybgal VIP Whale

    Apr 19, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The food is limited now. When we were in LV last week....went to Paris....at 6pm they had wings and fried ravioli along with several types of chips, dips & very good guacamole. All kinds of desserts....pudding, cookies, individual cakes, etc. This is a great place to get a good margarita....bartenders do their job well.

    Flamingo had the wings but also had all the veggies including lettuce and many made small salads. Chips and many dips along with usual desserts. Drinks are decent but not as good as at Paris.

    Harrah's was surprising....had hot queso & chips....really good / wings / chips & several dips / same desserts. Just got a Malibu & cranberry here but it was good.

    Been a while since I have been to Caesars and didn't didn't care for Rio at all....reminded me of a high school cafeteria & lights too bright where Paris & harrah's has the feel of a lounge....especially paris....a nice lounge...

    Oh - the hot food was posted at Paris / Harrahs from 6-8 or 5-7....can't remember which but other things were out when they opened at 4.
    Impatiently Waiting....
  5. paperposter

    paperposter Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    basicaly all the same , always chicken wings and one other thing that they offer for around a 2 hour window.

    also munchies like greens,carrots nachos and coookies that are up there during all the time

    the i like least is ph.

    otherwise there the same to me
  6. Carol1113

    Carol1113 High-Roller

    Jan 10, 2010
    Sylva NC-in the Smoky Mts
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I believe the time is 4-6--but could be off maybe 5-7.
    Last week at Harrahs they had boneless ribs and shrimp plus the munchies and great desserts--and have to say it was very good--LOL-filled up and didn't need to go to dinner.
    Also I feel they have a great variety of drinks pretty much anything you ask for:wink2:
    Birthday trip to the Mirage
  7. Julie888

    Julie888 VIP Whale

    Oct 7, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Caesars is definitely the best for atmosphere and food. The warm foods come out at 4:30.

    Based on the lineups there, many have this opinion so there can be a long wait for entrance.

    Flamingo, Paris and Harrah's have had better hot foods lately. Many folks are content to make a light dinner of it. As a place to sit and relax, Flamingo has the least character.

    PHo isn't too busy and hasn't had much in the way of snacks.

    I haven't been in Rio for a while. I enjoy sitting by a window and looking out. It is on the second floor and accessed from the high limit play area. You take the elevator up.

    Weekends can be darn busy at any of them.

    A better time to go can be after 6. You can have a nice break with drink and dessert. Sometimes all I want is a good coffee in P&Q. Nothing says you can't attend more than one in a day.

    Friday and Saturday the DLs open at noon.

    If lineups are long, Seven Star have priority.
  8. HOUtoLAS

    HOUtoLAS High-Roller

    Jan 31, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I like the ones with bars, so Harrah's, Paris, and Caesars.

    For sporting event watching a single game, then I like PH for the 109 inch TV in the back. Now if there is multiple games to watch at the same time, then its Harrahs. PH does not have a bar.

    Rio doesn't have a bar, but has a nice view.

    Flamingo is not my favorite. No bar. They have a few club chairs in front of TVs on the wall.

    I think it just depends where you are like the Bally's, Paris, PH area, then choose Paris. Across the street, then go to Caesars. Quad or Harrahs area, then choose Harrahs. Flamingo might be a toss up, as Caesars or Harrah's. I will go to the Flamingo one for a quick bight to eat and a drink, but it is hit and run for me there.
  9. jackincols

    jackincols Guest

    Thanks for all of the responses. Nice to hear they post the times for snacks.
    Just looking for an option to go to if I'm not real hungry for dinner and this info gives it to me. Thanks again.
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