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Caesars Windsor Halloween mini-trip report

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by ams722, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. ams722

    ams722 Side Bet Shunner

    Aug 27, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Since May I've been gambling at Caesars Windsor as my "local" casino. I live about 50 minutes away in Ann Arbor. I used to gamble at the three Detroit casinos, but since I've gotten my passport, I cross the border and go to Ceasars.

    I find Caesars Windsor to be extremely generous with comps. They have the same point/Resort Credit setup as the Vegas CET casinos, but they have some kind of special giveaway/promo going on almost every day of the month. Halloween was a 10X Resort Credit day - they usually do this once a month. I always try to go on these days. Basically, you earn 10 times the amount of Resort Credits you would normally earn.

    So about a month ago I received a random offer for Halloween night comped. They always give me just about any weeknight I want comped, but never weekends. So seeing that they offered me this I jumped on it. I was already planning on going there to gamble on Halloween anyway!

    So I headed out right after work on Friday. The drive was (thankfully) uneventful. Border crossing didn't take too long (thank God. I despise waiting forever to cross the border).

    Left my car with the valet. There were a lot of cars being dropped off so it took a little bit.

    Check in line wasn't too bad. Maybe a 10 minute wait. I was given a room on the 17th floor of the Augustus tower. Caesars Windsor has two towers, Forum and Augustus. I'm not sure which one is better. But my room was pretty nice. They gave me two beds which I didn't need but that was no big deal. The beds weren't that comfortable. A little hard for my tastes.



    So then it was time to gamble! I am such a low roller at Caesars Windsor. They have $5 tables for everything (even blackjack).

    First - I hit the Crazy 4 Poker table - my game of choice lately. I had a $10 free bet that I used right away, and was dealt a 5 card straight so that was a $30 win on the progressive, and $50 on the normal game. I dropped down to $5 bets and just kind of played with those winnings. I got back down to my buy in and went to dinner.

    I went to the buffet for dinner - this was a huge mistake. I thought the buffet was completely awful. I've eaten at the buffets at the Detroit casinos and they are so much better. SO MUCH BETTER. The selection was horrible. And what they did have was so bland. Ugh. I should have eaten somewhere else.

    After that debacle I went back to the casino. Time for more Crazy 4 Poker. Made like $100.

    Moved over to the blackjack tables. This was a $10 21+3 table. First hand I was dealt a 3 card straight flush. I didn't play the side bet and the guy who was playing it was a little upset. Thankfully the other people at the table agreed that it's a sucker bet so he kind of shut up after that. Table was up and down. Some good shoes and some bad ones. I cut a really bad one and got down to my last bets: I doubled a soft 15 against a five. I was dealt a face card. Thankfully the dealer busted and I got paid. I built my chip stack back up to my buy in and decided being even was a win.

    Back to Crazy 4 Poker: gave about $50 back.

    Over to Pai Gow Poker. They have two tables of EZ Pai Gow Poker at Caesars Windsor. I LOVE THIS GAME! Seriously, this version is so much better without the commission. To make up for it, when the dealer gets a queen high pai gow everyone pushes (even if you have a jack high pai gow - which someone at the table did). In all the time I've been playing it I've only seen them get a queen high like 3 times. I can't believe this version hasn't caught on more in Vegas, it's so much cleaner and more fun to play.

    Played that for a while. Left the table even. There is a friendly woman who I've played with a couple times there. She was saying how she comes just about every day and plays Pai Gow. She was betting two spots of $150 a hand. That would be the life! lol

    So after I while I left the table (even again). It was getting late so I wandered around for a bit. Couldn't really find anything that interested me so I headed back to the EZ Pai Gow table. Everyone had gone by that point. I gave back my other $50 in winnings and decided it was bed time.


    Woke up and headed back down to the casino around 9:00. It was really dead. Hardly any tables were open. One craps table, one roulette, one UTH, one Pai Gow (regular, not EZ), one Mississippi Stud, one S21, and a few blackjack tables.

    I sat down at a nearly full $10 BJ table. First had I'm dealt a 2-4 against a dealer's 6. I hit and get an Ace for a soft 17. I hit again and get a 6 for 13. I stand. Dealer pulls a 21 out of his butt. One foreign guy blames me for this. Says I shouldn't have hit my soft 17. I raised my voice at him and told him he was wrong and that he better not tell me how to play. Everyone agreed with me (because I was correct). He was just a grump. Kept whipping black chips out of his pockets and betting the perfect pairs bet heavily (DUMB DUMB DUMB). When the relief dealer left and the regular one came back, he goes "Are you gonna pay me now?" And the dealer goes, "Are you going to learn how to play blackjack correctly?" The table burst into laughter.

    I left that table even. So I was even for this little mini-trip basically. But I went and exchanged my Canadian currency back to U.S. - so I was now down about $10 due to the exchange rate differences.

    The promo they had going for Nov. 1 was a "Lucky Envelope" promo. Basically, you wait in a long line and grab an envelope out of a huge tub. Most of them contained $20 in freeplay. Which is what I got.

    I put it into a VP machine. Played JoB. Turned the $20 freeplay into $20 cash and left. After turning it back into US dollars I was left with $18.

    So total win for the mini-trip is:

    +8 dollars
  2. motownbob

    motownbob Low-Roller

    Oct 27, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey , ams , We also really like the Ceasars Windsor property . I 've been going there since they only had the one tower . This casino / hotel is IMHO the cleanest and best run property around , And I have been in casinos from Aruba to Las Vegas . They realize that they have to offer more to intice us from the USA to drive over , and they deliver . Freeplay . gas cards , gifts , etc .
    The two towers have very similar rooms , with the Augustus being newer . I like the Augustus because we valet , and the Augustus check in and rooms are directly above . Very convenient . The only pool is in the Forum Tower . Good luck next time your there ! Bob
  3. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report! Surprised that most players sounded like they had a decent grasp of basic strategy on a Fri. night. Most ploppies aren't going to hit soft 17, at least I would think.
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