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Caesar's Windsor first time and Kevin James!

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Raptor, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. Raptor

    Raptor High-Roller

    May 27, 2011
    Southern Ontario
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This was my first time to Caesars Windsor and I really enjoyed it. Have been wanting to go for awhile now and for 3 years I've lived 2 hours away so finally made it happen.*

    Friday: 2 hour drive, stopped at Capri Pizza in Windsor and really enjoyed that. Have read great reviews and London really sucks for pizza other than one great place "Formaggio's". Booked a full river view room at the Waterfront Hotel (7 minute walk from Caesars). Caesars wanted $489 for a room, I don't think so. Checked in and thought the room was pretty decent, the view was pretty nice overlooking Detroit. Got changed had a few drinks in the room then headed to Caesars.*

    Nice little walk there, got in the elevator to go to the casino. The door opens we walk out and there's Kevin James getting on the elevator! He was on the phone but we said hi and he waved and said hi back. He just seems like a pretty nice guy. We headed to the bar, grabbed a drink and walked around. Went to get a Total Rewards card which I haven't used in almost 2 years since we stuck to M Life last trip.*

    Went to play some roulette before the show, just placed 2:1 bets some $5 $10 bets. Was down $20 and chased a few times with two $20 bets and was down $60. Was having bad luck and decided to chase more to get my $$ back. Won 3 straight $20 bets and finished even. Headed to the show, very nice venue there. I'm a huge fan of both Gary Valentine and Kevin James, they were both great. I was a big King of Queens fan so I loved that I got to see them both. I read reviews that they didn't put on a good show but I thought it was excellent. ‎

    After the show we grabbed another drink and I headed back to the roulette table. Played close to even for quite awhile but couldn't get on the plus side for the life of me. Ended up chasing a colour and kept losing. Kept upping the bets and was down $60 then won a $40 bet to get back to within $20. Then I lost three straight $20 bets and was feeling like I'd had enough. I'm not a high Roller and I often end up even but I put $80 on black and thought well....I'm leaving even or down $160. That's almost out of my comfort zone but I could handle that.*

    Bet on black for $80, won the bet cashed out even for the night and was pretty happy considering how poor I did all night. Grabbed a final drink, walked around some more and headed back to the room. Enjoyed the night views of Detroit and the river before drifting off.*

    Saturday: Woke up enjoyed the view sipping a coffee then headed for the included breakfast. It wasn't the best or the worst I've had but was more than adequate. I've stayed many nights at Hamptons, Elements and Fairfield's and those breakfasts are far superior to most hotels that include breakfast. I've learned to appreciate whatever you get since it is included and have always made due with whatever they have.*

    Back to Caesars for a little bit of roulette before heading home and was hoping to turn my luck around. Same story, no good runs and I was even or close most of the time. Again found myself down $40 and having really bad luck again. Won two $20 bets and was back to even then placed a $2 bet and won to be up $2 for the trip. Decided that was a good way to end it and headed out. ‎

    I felt quite fortunate to be leaving not down a few hundred dollars. I guess I did have the luck when it really mattered but I'm often playing on house money at least for some of the time. This trip I was always chasing to get back to even but it did end well and that's all I can ask for. It was free entertainment and I did have a good time! I really enjoyed the Caesars property and I will go back when there's another show I really want to see.*

    I doubt that little of play will garner me much for future room discounts but a little something would be nice. 2 years ago I had a 5 night comped stay at the Flamingo but ended up getting really sick and barely played. I'm not sure if they blacklist me for that or if it starts fresh now since I haven't played at their property in a few years?

    ‎Next trip to Windsor I'd like to play some $5 blackjack at a real table. Still working up the courage and have been learning strategy online playing my vegas. I only play roulette at the automated tables too, I guess I'm just comfortable with that and I usually have a good time. Thanks for reading. ‎

    - - - Updated - - -

    Not sure why my phone adds a * at the end of most paragraphs...haha
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