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Borgata AC July 3rd - 5th 2013

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by spunky96, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. spunky96

    spunky96 Tourist

    Jun 16, 2009
    Long Island, NY
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We decided to drive to AC from Long Island since we hadn't done that in a while. We figured it was a good way of celebrating our anninversary July 4th. The drive was around 3 hours which wasn't bad at all.
    Check in was fast and the lines very short. We booked a standard room and it was clean but the view was terrible. We booked this room to ave some money since it was a holiday weekend and we are hardly in our room so the view wasn't that big of a deal. The bed was comfy but the pillows were not. They didnt seem to be standard size and were tiny. Two pillows were too high when laying down and one was not enough. This explains why i saw a woman on line in front of me while checking in with her own pillows from home.
    The hotel is clean and big but we seemed to have chosen the wrong weekend to go. It was full of kids!!!!!! This hotel is not kid friendly at all! There is absolutely nothing to do for kids, no arcade, no movie theatre, no kid retaurants nothing, nada. The only thing to do is go in the indoor pool. My husband and I had planned to relax with a drink in hand poolside during the day before we hit the casino but the pool full of kids made that impossible. The kids took over the whole pool and were jumping and splashing all over the place. Sure they have adult pool hours but they are at 6am and who wants to use the pool at that time? This is my one and only complaint about this hotel. For such a nice, fancy adult like place (which is why we chose the Borgata) the amount of kid ruined it. As a parent myself I will never understand why parents chose to stay in a place that has absolutely nothing for children.
    Anyway enough of the rant, months later it still urks me though.
    We decided to try the buffet since i love them. The buffets close at 9pm so we got there by 8:30. They never replenished the empty food so we missed out on some choices but still had to pay full price. That didnt make sense to me. We should have been told that they stop replenishing the food by a certain time. Closing at 9pm meant they no longer admit anymore people but still serve food just not all of it. The food we did eat was good but again wished we could have tasted everything they had. The desserts were only ok and i ordered coffee to go with them which was horrible. Tasted like it was made with dirty water but luckily they have a starbucks on the property.
    To sum it up we would definately chose this place again if we go during the school year. It was close enough to the boardwalk by a short drive. There are also other hotels/casinos in walking distance. I may try the buffet again if i arrive earlier but while on vacation we usually dont eat dinner early. I would definately get the same room. It was worth the price we paid. We had debated staying an extra night but to book another night the price was 3 times as much then what we had booked the room for and decided against it. So book early for the best rate.
    The casino was like any other you would find in AC or Vegas. Good amount of table games and slots. Non smoking areas too.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.