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Best Low-Roller Comps Downtown

Discussion in 'Comps' started by Verboten72, May 23, 2016.

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  1. Verboten72

    Verboten72 Tourist

    Mar 10, 2014
    Austin TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey everyone...want to pick the collective brain of all you subject matter experts regarding comps downtown. Wife and I are low-rollers and we love the vibe downtown. We typically get decent (by our standards) offers from 4Q, The D and Golden Gate...but we were wondering which joint downtown generates the best offers (comp rooms, FP, etc) for low-roller play. We go to Vegas twice a year and typically share a $2K-$3K bankroll for 3 nights...mostly playing blackjack, craps, pai-gow, some VP and slots.

    In your experience, is it better to focus play in the place you stay or is it better to spread play around different properties hoping to seed offers? If you don't mind sharing the types of offers you get with bankrolls similar to ours, that would be very helpful.

    Also...when we play, we each use our own player's card...I know that most places downtown won't let you combine player's club accounts for comps...but is there a way to maximize our comp rate? Play on one card when possible (VP and slots)? Maybe check with a host and hope they consider the total action from both our player cards? Any suggestions??

    I look forward to all your comments!

    Vegas, baby!
  2. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm a Boyd fan downtown and all three casinos use the same B Connected Card, but others have posted you need a bit of history with them to begin to receive offers. We have almost 20 years of history at MSS, so I can't say.

    I think 4Q is very generous with their offers and points system. We usually give them 4 hours of play, one day per trip and I get monthly 3 night offers and decent FP. This trip it's $150 in FP. Caveat: I play $ VP and my wife quarters on the same card for those 4 hours, so a bit above your level of play.

    I have maybe given GG $100 in action over the last two years and still receive monthly 3 night offers and $15 in FP.
    Our 36th anniversary, an Oct tradition
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  3. mwig

    mwig High-Roller

    Jun 17, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I think two things are critical when generating comp offers:

    1. Both of you play on one card at machines. My wife and I each have our offers but as an example the D is mostly hers and 4Q is mine.
    2. Concentrate your play at one place each day. $5k coin in will get you good offers but $1500 coin in at 4 places won't get much.

    Table play doesn't contribute much to comp offers. A fun trip is more important than comps so if table games are your thing don't stop doing that just for the comps. As far as ease of comps, I would say free rooms are easy everywhere other than Golden Nugget and Downtown Grand. 4Q has the easiest free play and Boyd properties have the easiest food. The D is a nice blend.
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  4. smerrian

    smerrian VIP Whale

    Apr 22, 2014
    South Jersey
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    mwig, I think you got it right.

    Autumn Adventures !!
    Autumn Adventures !!
  5. Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

    May 31, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Your best bet regardless of bankroll, location, or game is to maximize your wagers at a hotel within a gambling day or days.

    Eight hours at one casino per day will generate much higher comps than 4 hours per day at two casinos. Your ADT, or average daily theoretical loss is what most casinos rate your comps. Pai Gow is nearly worthless for comps unless you lose a lot playing those bonus bets and a casino tracks that separate vs. the low advantage main action.

    Blackjack at 4 hours per day is the rule of thumb. They want to spread your average play over a long period to maximize their chance at your bankroll. $25 / hand / 4 hours should get you noticed. Video poker with correct play will get you a lot if you put at least $8K - $10k coin in per day. Slots earns more points, but your bankroll is depleted far quicker.

    If you both play the same amount of money, it's typically better to keep separate accounts to allow you to book back to back offers (say 3 days each). If your spouse or you play just a little, or perhaps one of you play game with minimal comp opportunities (or for a minimum bet that doesn't not result in comps), your combined card play in slots and VP is the better bet.

    A few things I do to keep my ratings current are as follows:

    1. I do not get rated if I am planning on playing a short period, or if I am a green or black chip player and I'm playing red with friends or to kill time.

    2. I concentrate all play within one or two casinos in a day. I typically only play at places I'm staying comped, or at places I want to get comped in the future. The exception are hit and run counting BJ sessions, since the good Strip games will get you minimal comp offers (Bally's HLR, Aria/Bellagio/MGM double deck BJ).

    3. I limit my rated play to Video Poker at 99% plus machines (or lower if the progressive pot makes the game EV 99% +), or blackjack if I'm geared for a long session, which is few and far between. I played mostly BJ on the Strip in the 90s at the Stardust DD S17 game, but Aria / Bellagio want consistent black chip action of $200-$300 for any decent comp offer beyond casino rate. Red Rock will rate you at $75-$100. Most downtown casinos will rate you and offer comps at $25-$50 hand for 4 hours + day average (Nugget is higher).

    The best piece of advice I saved for last. Play what you want to play at a place you want to stay. If your play warrants comps, and you don't chase, you're total Vegas cash outlay will be less what you would have by staying in a "free" room. Once you begin chasing comps, or significantly increasing your bankroll and potential acceptable losses to play long enough for comps, you will end up out more money than if you just paid for the room, food, etc. at your preferred resort. It's better to bet X amount a day that is within your budget and risk tolerance and earn possible discounts or even marginal or no comps than losing more for those "free" comps. You'll enjoy your trips more as well, without the stress. As long as you book directly with the casino (vs. priceline or another reseller), they can comp you on the back end if you warrant it, or if you end up betting far more than expected due to a lucky run.

    This comes from first hand experience, playing more to maintain comps, and deciding to forgo comps or change to a lower tier property I like staying at to avoid pressure. I typically go 10-14 days, and while I can get comped at various casinos to cover the entire trip (assuming I'm not hitting up national parks in the middle), I have recently paid for rooms pre trip for stretches to allow gambling on a set number of days, with the chance to seed new offers on days I am not forced to gamble but run well. I also limit my play to good VP in order to maximize my bankroll.

    Hope this helps with the questions you have. Downtown rooms at most casinos are far nicer than they were a few to several years ago. Comp requirements have not increased due to the fact downtown casinos have trouble selling out beyond weekends and holidays / special events. The Strip has become more comp selective over the past few years after Vegas recovered from 2008-2009, and many comps include resort fees unless you play at a upper end level. Downtown is still a great place for comps for a reasonable bankroll, if you stick to skill games for which you play well (VP and BJ).
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  6. Ace-n-Lucille

    Ace-n-Lucille Tourist

    Nov 9, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Forgive me for horning in here.....but the topic covers a question I've had regarding our upcoming trip.

    (1) I have us booked (so far) at MSS - so looking at Boyd comps. (2) I promise, we will NOT play for comps, we will play however and wherever we feel like it. However, our "gambling history and preferences" usually has us playing mornings and especially night-times at our "home" casino - slots and vp. And of course we'll have some play at the Cal and the Fremont. and (3) I am ONLY interested in back-end comps for our trip. Don't care in the least about future offers.

    So for the best chance at back-end comps, are we better off sharing a card, or having one for each of us?
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