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Bellagio 10/3-10/6

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by kboltwkreations, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. kboltwkreations

    kboltwkreations Low-Roller

    Jun 20, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    My first trip report so hope it isnt too confusing :wave:


    Arrived in Vegas at 3:30 on Southwest flight out of Texas. Just a normal flight, nothing exciting to report on that. Got our bags, met our limo driver, and off to the Bellagio. We have stayed at MGM the last 3 trips so I was exctied for a change of scenery.
    VIP was really crowded when we arrived so it took longer than normal to check-in, up to the room around 4:30. Havent been to Bellagio in a couple of years so the new updates were nice. Beds were not a comfortable as I remember though.
    Headed down to the casino, played a few slots, won a litte, then headed to the Petrossian Bar for a few drinks before dinner... FYI their French Martinis are dangerous. Had a quick dinner at the cafe, nothing special.

    The highlight of the trip happened this night. We got the table overlooking the fountains at HYDE and it was magnificent. It wasnt a club night so there was not a DJ, but there was a live band. There were 5 in our party and we met and exceeded the table minimum for the night, the drinks we all amazing. Gorgeous view of the fountains and the strip. I would highly recommend this place for a good time. We stayed for a good 4 hours or more.
    Lost some drunken money at the craps table after HYDE then called it a night around 3am.


    The original plan was to grab a cabana this morning for relaxing and brunch, but it was 56 degrees when we got up. Not a good pool day.
    So we, Woke up early and headed down for breakfast and bloody marys after the night before. Grabbed drinks then a quick breakfast at THE BUFFET. It was good. Lots and Lots of choices.
    Played slots for a while, lost, then headed over to the Forum Shops for about an hour.. the night before caught up with us pretty quick after walking that much, so we hoofed it back over to catch a nap in the room before a big evening.
    Got dressed up and headed down to dinner at Prime. Played a little at the tables before dinner, lost again!
    There were 6 in our party so we got a big table and could see the fountains, however we were not on the patio because it was very windy. We have eaten at Prime a few years ago and I wasnt too impressed. This time the food was excellent. Couldnt have asked for better. I had the blue cheese salad, Crab cake and a side. Hubby had a bone in filet (on special) that was to die for! Best steak we have ever had. Others at the table had bone in ribeyes and filet. Highly reccommend this place now!
    After dinner we caught the late show at Aria. I have read mixed reviews about Zarkana, but I thought it was wonderful. No, there isnt a story line and the characters are wacky, but it was very entertaining and had some great performances. The last cirque show I saw was KA and I thought this was better. Took the tram back over to Bellagio and called it a night.


    Last day already :cry:

    Had a light breakfast at the Cafe, wasnt impressed but we go to the cafe alot just because its quick and easy.
    Hit the slots for a little while, lost again, then headed over to Cosmopolitan. This casino is gorgeous! Loved that everything is new and upscale. We might have to stay there sometime.
    Signed up for the Idenity Card, got the Platinum match from our MLife card. Wanted to try the first $100 on us freeplay deal, but didnt want to stand back in the players club line to collect. Played some Roulette, then headed back over the Forum Shops for the ones we missed the first day. Almost got lost at the escaltor end of the shops (just a little confusing with all those floors! :goofy: )
    We were starving so back to Bellagio to try out Olives. The food was amazing as I expected. I had the Ricotta Raviloi and hubby had a flatbread (crispy pizza).
    Gambled the rest of the day and night. Hit the 3 card poker table and got a straight flush (finally win something!)
    Got up and played some blackjack, won some more. Tried some slots, LOST again.
    Decided to try another 3 card table, 3 hands in, hit another straight flush. :banana:
    Grabbed some dinner, then drinks at the Baccarat Bar. Wish we had not gone in there. Its so smokey. Smoke usually doesnt bother me too bad but there is something about that bar, that the smoke just hangs in the air.
    A little more gambling then it was off to bed, because we had a semi early flight.

    Finally hit a $1000 slot jackpot on the morning we were leaving. Played a little more and then headed to the airport at 8:45, and back to reality.
    Really fun trip, but didnt win as much as usual. After all comps, our bill was $10 so cant complain about a "free" trip!!
    Bellagio was wonderful and a nice change.

  2. justmare

    justmare High-Roller

    Apr 16, 2009
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report - congrats on the nice hits!

    Free is always good!
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