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Belated honeymoon/family moon 8/4-8/7

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sporty8705, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. sporty8705

    sporty8705 VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2007
    Riverside County
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Its been awhile since I have been on here. Long story short, started dating an old ex this time last year, got pregnant, got engaged, lost the baby, got married, got pregnant again.. all this happened between August 2015 and November 2015.. lol.. but anyways on with the story..

    When we got married, there was no time for a honeymoon right away, so we were going to take one during Thanksgiving break, but make it a familymoon, as I or now we have a 5 year old.. but then I found out I was pregnant and that was off the table. I kept getting Vegas offers and hubby said no way since I wouldn't have fun in Vegas since I had ALL DAY sickness, the entire pregnancy, but it didn't keep me from asking..
    Our daughter was born a month ago and I kept asking the hubby to go.. then about a week and a half ago, he caved! My mom and dad offered to watch both kids, if we took my sister along.. so we planned the trip for a week later!

    We had comps at MGM, Harrahs and Westgate.. Westgate was available for three days with free play each day, golf, and concierge lounge...and knowing someone there, resort fees were waived, and we got upgraded to a suite.. looking like a fun honeymoon for hubby and I. (Sister had her own room there)
    Harrahs ended up not being available the time we were there.
    Had comps at all MGM properties, but the comps varied by property. We ended up with Excalibur because they gave the most food and freeplay and we didn't want to waste a good room, so we booked that.

    All set to go until the 5 yr old came home from dads house and decided he wanted to go.. I was against it, but since he has had a super pregnant mom all summer so, I decided he could go and we would focus on him, but the baby was staying home for sure.

    Drove in from CA at about 1030, and stopped at Stateline for gas and kept on going. Got there about 2:30.
    Arrived at Westgate and their computers had just come back up from being down all day, and thank God we had VIP check in, because I was not waiting in a 2+ hour line. Finally we checked in to our 2 room suite, only 1 of the rooms were available then. We went to the one room that was available, dropped the bags and headed for the monorail. Went to Excalibur and my sister took the kiddo to look around while hubby and I gambled and checked in to the room. We messed up the bed, opened the soap and left.. We went to Johnny Rockets and set out exploring more. Headed back to the hotel about 1030. Went to grab our keys for the second room, and the room wasn't cleaned, and wouldn't be cleaned for the night. So a room change it is. Headed to a new floor, to a ready 2 room suite, and would be upgraded tomorrow to a 3 room suite. Headed to bed about 1230.

    Woke up at 9 and rushed off to the monorail to head to Mandalay Bay for breakfast, charged to the room to use the food credit. Decided since we would have extra food credit left over even after dinner the night before and once breakfast was charged to the room so we tried to grab donuts in the cupcake shop in MGM. However, they couldn't get the room charge to go through, and Excalibur claimed we had checked out already, so we had to fix that. That took way too long, so we changed the buffet to Excalibur since the last two times we ate there, I liked it. This time, we got there at the breakfast/lunch change and ate. Sister found hair in a few of the bakery items and hubby complained. They refunded the buffet and invited us back for dinner, yea, no thanks and they said they would pull the items off the buffet, but never did by the time we left 20 mins later. Checked out of Excalibur, all food covered.
    Hubby and I gambled a lot more, then grabbed the kiddo so my sister could go do her thing. We went to M&M, Hersheys, Coke, Ross, etc. Headed back to Westgate to hang out and grab the keys to the 3rd room. My hubby and sister went to SLS to do their promo and I watched the kiddo. Three hours of " the first 48" and snacking. When they came back we argued about dinner, and ended up heading to McDonalds by Mirage at about 930. Ate and watched the Volcano go off, and then watched the fireworks from Caesars go off. Headed to Casino Royale for me to do the lose 20 promo, then hubby and sister stayed to do their promo and kiddo and I headed back to the hotel to sleep.

    Woke up kind of early at about 7 yesterday and headed down to the concierge lounge for breakfast. I have been going to the lounge whenever we stay at Westgate, which is a few times a year, and I am glad that I don't have to pay the 40 bucks per person to eat there. Breakfast is 6-9, and is eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, muffins, danish and potatoes and water and coffee. Then 10-2/3 is cookies and water and coffee. Hot foods and the bar start at 4. Bar has 3 beers on tap and 2 kinds of wine and food. I was really looking forward to it until hubby called to say there was just onion rings and fried mushrooms. Then after that is desserts the rest of the night from 7-9 when it closes. The reason I am disappointed is that apparently right after we left last summer, the took out the made to order omelette bar and other made to order stuff. Apparently a week ago they re-did the hot foods and it used to be fruit and veggies, and sliders and pizza and wings and stuff, but they decided to just do 2 hot foods a day now and alternate between fruits and veggies every other day. I know I got it for free, but I am always open to paying for it when not included, but I feel for 40 bucks a day, there really isn't much bang for the buck there anymore. We did the Circus for the kiddo and he won a bunch of toys that he really didn't need. We ended the day at caesars where my sister offered to watch the kiddo for a few hours so we could go have a date. We ended up gambling and headed back to the hotel.. awhile later my sister came back and we all went to pizza hut and tried to end the night at about 1030, then realized we had to pack. Finally asleep by 1130.

    Woke up at 630 yesterday and ended up hitting the road at 830 after the bell hop took the bags and checked them, instead of bringing them out to valet to the car, and then couldn't find them for awhile. Got home about 130, and grabbed the baby..

    We usually go for 9 day trips, well I used to before hubby. He is good with 2-3 day trips. I felt like there was too many things I wanted to do but couldn't in such a short time. Plus, having just had a baby funds were tight but at least I managed to convince hubby to go!

    Sorry i went on and on, but thanks for reading!
  2. Richard Alpert

    Richard Alpert LOST

    Jul 22, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report! Nice to see you got that Vegas honeymoon!

  3. Sonya

    Sonya Queen of VMB

    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you've had quite a year. Glad you got to take a trip, even if it was a short one. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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