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Beau got my dough

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by jtnorkus, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. jtnorkus

    jtnorkus Newbie

    Jul 6, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report


    This my first trip to Beau Rivage as there are no trips to Tunica from here the rest of this year, Since this is MGM property ,I have to pay. I did get a players rate of $199.00 which includes a $40.00 convenience fee .since I haven’t used my MGM card for tears. This was for August 28,29,and 30th. It’s a 126 passenger plane and takes about 2 hours from Roanoke. I did play in Biloxi about 20 years ago and I’m sure there are many changes .
    I signed up for players cards at several casinos . At that time you gave your s s # when you registered. For their slot card. Someone with the same first and last name won $4250.00 and I got a notice from the IRS stating I owe additional taxes for not reporting the winning amounts in my 1996 tax year. Someone with the first and last name won these amounts and they used my s s # as an id since I was in their records.
    I wasn’t in Biloxi since 1994 and I had to prove it wasn’t me and I wasn’t there in 1996. I found out it is hard to prove you weren’t somewhere at those dates. After a ton of calls and letters .I got it resolved in over a year of frustration and grief. Lucky I was in Vegas on one of the dates that I won in Biloxi. The two casinos were lax in securing proper identification on those jackpots. I found out the man was over 85 years old and gave them a passport for an Id. Not a great feeling to return to a place that caused me much grief and anguish.

    Late start at 7:35 pm with arrival at 8:25 pm central time ,so maybe 3 hours play. They pre load a $40.00 free play for those who paid that convenience fee.

    I know they have poor VP so I’ll play more blackjack if they have decent rules. I know they don’t rate you till you play $25.00 a hand. I normally play 10 and 15 dollar tables ,so I’ll have to take more cash .Started at the Breeze Bar playing the Ultimate X Machines for quarters using that free play of$40.00 which I promptly lost. I decided to put in a Franklin and see how far that ill go. Got a fair amount of play time but eventually lost.

    Hit the B.J. table and found a single deck hand deal for $25.00 and up. Bought in for $500.00 so I would be rated Hit a decent streak and didn’t realize it was a 6/5 for blackjack until I got one. Since I was winning I decided to stay since I only hit two.. Played for over an hour and won a little over $500.00 and quit. Dud have a breath holding hand which I split 3’s then doubled on both hands for a $100.00 bet. Both of my hands were lousy and luckily the dealer busted. Up for the first day although it was a short one Good start!
    Beau is a beautiful casino on par with Bellagio and Palazzo. The casino was crowded for the weekend and approaching holiday.

    Rough night to sleep since I’m hyper and excited after a decent win Tossed and turned and didn’t realize it was 10 am when I awoke. Hit the buffet and had to pay since my MGM play was ancient history.
    Next day was a different srory as my luck faded and eventually gave back the five Franklins playing b.j. I played a lot at the Breeze Bar which was always crowded and tried double triple vp and dd video poker with one quad. Most of my pla y was the ultimate times game with some decent hits. The machine opposite me started dinging which seemed to go on forever . I finally got up to see what was hit . He hit a royal with 2x pay. It took a long time for 8000 dings to play out.

    The ultimate times game is highly addictive at least for me with many highs and lows. With many hours of play I only hit aces one time with a 4x multiplier for 3200 coins and one time 4twos with a kicker for 3200 payout. The net effect was a sizeable loss with machine play and I tried various slots from a penny to dollars. Hit the buffet for dinner and didn’t realize it was crab legs and prime rib day and was charged $32.00 (eek). I will plead ignorance to the FDC BOARD AND HOPE FOR ONLY PROBATION..

    The third day up early and hungry and discovered a 24hr.diner . Another major gaff as it cost me over $19.00 which is above the FDC standard for breakfast. Mercy, I might get ousted from the FDC membership. I beg forgiveness and promise not to stray from our standards.

    Back to the slot area and ultimate times machines near the Breeze Bar area and had a yo yo session again. It seems when you get a 10 or 12x multiplier you get nothing. I still don’t believe that random theory. Played for several hours and lost over two Franklins.
    I skip lunch when at the casinos and maybe the FDC will consider two meal price that I paid for breakfast. I will plead my case.

    Back to the tables and $25.00 bj double deck game with a automatic shuffler and that makes it a fast pace game. Again bought in for $500.00 for a rating. Sometimes you hit a table with no big hitting streak and same for a losing streak so you play for a long time with no wins and no losses. Had a fun table with friendly players and dealers which make it a pleasant game. Played for several hours and got hungry since I ate at 6am. I hit a decent streak and two players had a decent run and I cashed out with a $500.00 plus win.
    The dealer which I played $5.00 for her after every Blackjack win . She suggested I ask for a comp for dinner. The pit boss gave me a comp for the buffet. Place was packed with heaping plates of crab legs for most diners. I was afraid to eat too much hoping I would get a decent nights rest. I quit playing since I had over 10 hours of gambling and got tired.
    Last day we leave for the airport at 11 am and I hit the diner for breakfast. I had enough credits and used them to pay. After breakfast I had an hour to kill so back to triple play dd bonus nickel play ultimate times play. Up and down session and quit after droping another Franklin.
    I lost only $300.00 plus $199.00 for the stay so it was okay and enjoyed playing at the Beau Rivage and hope to go back again.
    Thanks for reading and will answer questions .
  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wow, crazy intro on the W2-G thing! I guess that's one advantage of not having a common last name. I would need to get a W2-G first though...

    And -$300 isn't too bad if you put a lot of action in on Ultimate X, that game definitely is a rollercoaster! Thanks for sharing!
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