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Bat Country Bucket List

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by Raoul Duke, Jul 3, 2015.

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  1. Raoul Duke

    Raoul Duke Tourist

    May 2, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    First time poster.

    I will be going to Vegas 5 times over next 8 months for conferences. (Paris—7/15-7/19, Cosmo, Caesars, Wynn, Bellagio)

    Four Previous Vegas trips: Aria, Wynn, Encore (all for conferences/work) and MGM (family Vacation). In the past these conferences usually take up a lot of my time as I am often doing a presentation or going to multiple meetings. When I do gamble I play BJ, baccarat, craps, and VP.

    I haven’t had a chance to really explore Vegas. Never been downtown.

    With these upcoming trips I am attempting to minimize attendance and commitments in order to finally have a chance to enjoy Vegas

    Essentially I’d like to create a bucket list to be accomplished over the course of these 5 trips. I am soliciting recommendations.

    In return I will provide trip reports and detail my debauchery. Will provide chip and VP porn for your enjoyment. TR will not necessarily be posted live as I find it is usually best to wait a day and consider the implications of my posts.

    Key info for recommendations:
    Have markers set up at Paris, Cosmo, Aria. Prefer not to travel with more then 10K in cash hence the markers were set up. Not a high roller—will throw down more for better BJ and VP odds but can really enjoy a table with other low rollers if we have a good group and dealer.

    Likes: Beer. BJ (inc Free Bet), baccarat, craps, VP; Aria, MGM. I can appreciate a good bar with good VP and kill several hours there. Good food at reasonable prices although I will drop some cash on a good steak. Smoking (when drunk). People watching (lobby bar at 4 AM—fend off hookers and watch the drunk girls in too high heals return from the clubs—hilarity ensues!).
    **I seem to have some unexplained curiosity despite no exposure to the following: SLS, Cosmo, Downtown.

    Dislikes: Smoking (when sober). Slots. Wynn/Encore—just do not like it. No good reason for said opinion. 6/5 blackjack (will trigger acts of violence if encouraged to play). Drunk assholes. Attempting to walk mid strip Fri/Sat night.

    My “working” bucket list from South to North:
    Working Title: Bat Country Bucket List

    *???—Denotes open to suggestions at said location. May just pass on these casinos all together.

    Mandalay Bay—Foundation Room for a quality drink and view of the strip
    Luxor--Carrot Top (he amuses me—sorry); Tender
    Excalibur—???; nothing looks appealing unless I feel a need to harass the bachelorette parties
    Tropicana—play some table games just so I can say I did before this goes the way of the Riviera.
    NYNY—Gallagher’s steakhouse; Rollercoaster (again)
    MGM—Beacher’s Madhouse (they had me at “flying midget bartenders”)
    Monte Carlo—The Pub (Beer flights)
    Aria—Free bet BJ; Five50 Pizza
    Planet Hollywood--BurGR
    Cosmo—Bond Bar; Secret Pizza; Marquee night club
    Paris—Chateau Rooftop
    LINQ-TAG bar (appreciate good beer and willing to briefly tolerate shitty pay tables); High Roller
    Mirage-Beatles Love Circ De Soleil; Revolution Lounge
    Casino Royal—play cheap craps and drink cheap beer
    Venetian/Palazzo—Imperial Baccarat (just want to see the format); Rock of Ages
    Circus Circus—dress up like HST. Walk around property and drink until I blackout. Have friend record events.
    SLS—see Tropicana
    Stratosphere -Level 107 Lounge (other view of the strip). Observation deck to see God’s view of Gomorrah.

    Off Strip
    Rio—Voodoo rooftop
    Palms—Video Poker; Ghost Bar
    Hard Rock—pool; pink taco

    El Cortez—play some 3:2 single deck
    DTG—see Tropicana/SLS
    The D—Vintage slots and sigma derby
    Golden Nugget--???
    Golden Gate-???
    4 Queens-???
    Main Street Station—Pee at (on?) the Berlin wall
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Not open for further replies.