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Baltimore Inner Harbor

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Camp Rusty, May 9, 2014.

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  1. Camp Rusty

    Camp Rusty Low-Roller

    Feb 24, 2012
    Orcas Island
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Thanks to everyone who helped me with the Baltimore dining and visiting tips from the Non Vegas Chat section :beer:

    We arrived a half hour early on Southwest from Seattle to BWI thanks to a great tail wind, 8:30PM vs. 9:00PM. BWI has a remote car rental lot like McCarran, shuttled out and soon enough through Enterprise had a nearly brand new black on black Malibu. Only 200 miles, still had that new baby smell. Only $92.00 for four days.

    Attached the Garmin to the window and headed out. Traffic was mellow that time of night so no panic'd lane changes needed.....did however have to circle the hotel a couple time to get on the correct side of the road for the garage.

    We stayed at the Renaissance, had a room on points through AmEx, expecting low floor city side but the very kind woman put us in a top floor, twelve, corner room facing the harbor. We were directly across from the USS Constellation, amazing view. Thanks nice registration lady !

    Original plan was to cab it over to the Fells Point area for dinner but we found that one of my original walking distance pub ideas had their kitchen open until 11:pM on Fridays. The Pratt Street Ale House had mixed reviews on Yelp, but reading between the lines the grumpy posts were mostly from people going there before games or lunch time during conventions expecting rapid service.

    Anyway, for good or bad that was our destination and after a butt numbing flight a little urban hiking sounded great. Only four blocks really, took two blocks to get the feeling back in the legs though ! We arrived just after 10:pM and thought it was great, we "tourist" pretty well, not demanding and patient and our server did amble a bit in the beginning but picked up the pace after a few minutes.

    They brew their own beer and I had the "Draft Punk Ale"......not bad for an IPA, Mrs. Rusty had martinis. We sat amongst a bunch of locals and watched the NHL game, ate above average pub grub ( the Hog Wings are excellent) and left around midnight, I toted a growler of the ale back to the hotel. We opted out of a pub crawl around the harbor, though there were plenty of people still out and about having fun.

    Headed out the next day to see the relates up north at noon. So, in conclusion.....

    Southwest- tiny butt numbing seats

    Enterprise- nice new car

    Renaissance Inner Harbor-Excellent hotel and staff

    Pratt Street Ale House-above average pub grub, friendly sorta' slow service, decent site brewed ale

    Inner Harbor- very tourist friendly and totally walkable, what Seattle's harbor wishes it could be
Thread Status:
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